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No. 52 ID: 8ea280
File 131515004528.pdf - (98.43KB - Original Filename: TCoC_3_Chaps.pdf )
Okay, at the risk of coming off like a total attention whore, I’m planning to go the e-pub route with this story, but first I’d like some feedback. This is my attempt to write a “mainstream” sci-fi/fantasy novel. Hence, the PDF only contains the first three chapters. (I figure if I can’t “hook” the reader within the first 10 sentences, then I should just retreat to my mom’s basement, never to be heard from again.) Here’s the deal: If you are so inclined, I will gladly send you the remainder of the story (approx. 50K words/200-odd pages). A link to my e-mail addy appears on the first page. I don’t care whether you love it or hate it; I’m curious as to your opinions/comments/questions. Thank you.

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