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No. 42 ID: 48a908
File 13137230596.jpg - (42.91KB - 500x800 - Original Filename: Meet The Neighbors cover.jpg )
Hi. I write stuff. People who happen to be shaped like animals fuck in them, usually. A lot, actually. Probably too much to be healthy.

I'm testing out the Smashwords service because a friend of mine says it's worked for him, and he's pretty damned insistent.

So to keep this from going too long:

It's a piece called "Meet The Neighbors". It's got a bit of everything, really--four scenes in 8000 words, and swinging both hetero and homo too, lots of outdoor banging, cocksucking, that sorta shit.. I like it, though I'm biased.

The catch: it's 99 cents to read. I know, paying for stroke fiction is stupid. I'm just trying to make a few bucks if I can because frankly, I'm on the verge of bankruptcy.

Thanks for at least looking.
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>> No. 43 ID: 60b0db
File 131374583152.jpg - (47.65KB - 300x220 - Original Filename: hmmm_wrestling_john-cena.jpg )
>> No. 44 ID: 48a908
File 13137813611.doc - (106.50KB - Original Filename: The Knocksbury.doc )
Now that I've thought about it, since there's no preview (I don't think it's long enough for one), I'll put up some other work here. (It was here before, some of it, but the board restarted.) Should give a fair gleam of what I produce. They may be formatted a little oddly; I wrote some of these for Usenet back when...

A Night At The Knocksbury: The origins of a super-slut character I never wound up using nearly as much as I wanted to. (rabbit, panther, oral, public, m/f)
>> No. 46 ID: 48a908
File 131378150489.doc - (126.50KB - Original Filename: Underhead Compartments.doc )
Underhead Compartments: A space engineer finds what she needs in the pants of her new trainee. (I realize now that I never did exactly describe the lead character...she's a feline of some sort, I suppose. Cat, horse, oral, m/f)
>> No. 48 ID: 48a908
File 131378298243.doc - (64.46KB - Original Filename: Topping Off Your Tank (2).doc )
Now with the right file! *facepalm*

Topping Off Your Tank: what ended up being a much longer production than I wanted it to be--6 years, I think it was. A snowcat on a road trip meets his match in a skunk with assets to spare and more than a few minutes as well. I admit, the ending bits aren't very good, they were tossed together for closure. (Rabbit, snow leopard, skunk, wolf, m/m/f, m/f, bi gay -and- straight, public sex, anal, oral, at least two brief orgies and I might have written in some incest)

I have another story ready but it's being printed in an anthology soonish, while another handful of things aren't porn, aren't good enough to show off, or are old shames.


I presume this is an "I'm intrigued" as opposed to a "Are you fucking kidding me" hmmm.
>> No. 49 ID: 60b0db

The former, yes. If just because I could use some way of generating income.
>> No. 50 ID: 48a908

I made 56c on a 99c sale and prices go up from there, so it's workable. The problem of course being I'm horrible at self-promotion. Positively dreadful.
>> No. 51 ID: 8ea280
If I might make a suggestion to both you and Sage? Go to J.A. Konrath's site, http://www.jakonrath.com/writers.htm and download "The Newbie's Guide to Publishing (free download). While it's mostly geared toward traditional publishing and promotion, Konrath does discuss e-publishing at some length. (I'm thinking about going the e-pub route myself.)
Disclaimer: I am not J.A. Konrath, nor an authorized agent.

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