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No. 15 ID: c0cbcc
File 130291568424.doc - (55.50KB - Original Filename: What if.doc )
Restarting the LL story thread from before.

First off the BatB What if story as requested by Sage.

>> No. 16 ID: c0cbcc
File 130291584839.doc - (33.50KB - Original Filename: Late night fun.doc )
Din & JinXSarah- F/F
Find out what the nymphs get up to under the cover of darkness.
>> No. 18 ID: c0cbcc
File 130291625517.doc - (42.00KB - Original Filename: Business in Prism 01.doc )
Business in Prism came about when I had a request to see several LL ladies with one of my own characters. I don't consider them fan fiction for this reason but it doesn't make them any less enjoyable.

1st- Alejandra: reluctance, spanking M/F
>> No. 19 ID: c0cbcc
File 130291631779.doc - (48.50KB - Original Filename: Business in Prism 02.doc )
Business in Prism

2nd Taffy: M/F
>> No. 20 ID: c0cbcc
File 130291645922.doc - (77.50KB - Original Filename: Business in Prism 03.doc )
Business in Prism

3rd Hope: M/F, F/F, teasing

Only 3 have been done but there were a couple of other ideas still left. I can still continue on if people enjoy what I have done so far.
>> No. 21 ID: c0cbcc
File 130291668560.doc - (36.00KB - Original Filename: Daydream.doc )
Second Din & Jin story. This time they visit a tired Taffy.

>> No. 22 ID: c0cbcc
File 130291678446.doc - (42.50KB - Original Filename: Eye of the Storm.doc )
Crest story I did for Chalo based on Ambars "death".

Non pron but if you follow the Crest Warriors you may enjoy it.
>> No. 23 ID: aade7b
I always liked your stuff, bro. If you wanna carry it on, be my guest.
>> No. 34 ID: 56cfe2
Heh, nice work Jaffah. You know what's interesting though? When I download the stories to read on my Microsoft Word program, it lists the language as "English(Australian)" xD kinda funny.
>> No. 55 ID: f5fc5c
File 13329327252.doc - (27.00KB - Original Filename: Hot Night at the Springs.doc )
Yeah, the joys of using an Aussie version of Word ... took me long enough to get back to this.

Anyway, enjoy =)
>> No. 70 ID: 372e49
File 136404224833.doc - (39.00KB - Original Filename: Taking Turns.doc )
Must ... continue ... to write ... follow up to the Hotspring story I wrote for Chalo. =3
>> No. 71 ID: ed81a8
File 13652171472.rtf - (13.13KB - Original Filename: On the Hunt.rtf )
Another story done, this one is Sarah and Geeku. =)
>> No. 73 ID: 52746c
Hey Jaffah just wondering if Could make a request? like Alej & Tootsie end up getting their revenge on Davin and the angels because you got some great stories man
>> No. 76 ID: ce43b4
File 137250343349.rtf - (12.59KB - Original Filename: Going Primal.rtf )
A follow up to the first SarahxGeeku story

Hmmmmm will roll a few things round my head n see ifn I can come up with something.
>> No. 77 ID: 93e9ba
with writing like this Im sure you will
>> No. 79 ID: 1e82a0
File 137376360856.rtf - (8.71KB - Original Filename: First Impressions.rtf )
Just a little family fun =D
>> No. 104 ID: 458e62
File 139617567475.rtf - (52.77KB - Original Filename: Birthday Bumps.rtf )
A birthday gift done for Chalo =)

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