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No. 52 ID: 8ea280 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 131515004528.pdf - (98.43KB - Original Filename: TCoC_3_Chaps.pdf )
Okay, at the risk of coming off like a total attention whore, I’m planning to go the e-pub route with this story, but first I’d like some feedback. This is my attempt to write a “mainstream” sci-fi/fantasy novel. Hence, the PDF only contains the first three chapters. (I figure if I can’t “hook” the reader within the first 10 sentences, then I should just retreat to my mom’s basement, never to be heard from again.) Here’s the deal: If you are so inclined, I will gladly send you the remainder of the story (approx. 50K words/200-odd pages). A link to my e-mail addy appears on the first page. I don’t care whether you love it or hate it; I’m curious as to your opinions/comments/questions. Thank you.

No. 42 ID: 48a908 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 13137230596.jpg - (42.91KB - 500x800 - Original Filename: Meet The Neighbors cover.jpg )
Hi. I write stuff. People who happen to be shaped like animals fuck in them, usually. A lot, actually. Probably too much to be healthy.

I'm testing out the Smashwords service because a friend of mine says it's worked for him, and he's pretty damned insistent.

So to keep this from going too long:

It's a piece called "Meet The Neighbors". It's got a bit of everything, really--four scenes in 8000 words, and swinging both hetero and homo too, lots of outdoor banging, cocksucking, that sorta shit.. I like it, though I'm biased.

The catch: it's 99 cents to read. I know, paying for stroke fiction is stupid. I'm just trying to make a few bucks if I can because frankly, I'm on the verge of bankruptcy.

Thanks for at least looking.
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>> No. 48 ID: 48a908
File 131378298243.doc - (64.46KB - Original Filename: Topping Off Your Tank (2).doc )
Now with the right file! *facepalm*

Topping Off Your Tank: what ended up being a much longer production than I wanted it to be--6 years, I think it was. A snowcat on a road trip meets his match in a skunk with assets to spare and more than a few minutes as well. I admit, the ending bits aren't very good, they were tossed together for closure. (Rabbit, snow leopard, skunk, wolf, m/m/f, m/f, bi gay -and- straight, public sex, anal, oral, at least two brief orgies and I might have written in some incest)

I have another story ready but it's being printed in an anthology soonish, while another handful of things aren't porn, aren't good enough to show off, or are old shames.


I presume this is an "I'm intrigued" as opposed to a "Are you fucking kidding me" hmmm.
>> No. 49 ID: 60b0db

The former, yes. If just because I could use some way of generating income.
>> No. 50 ID: 48a908

I made 56c on a 99c sale and prices go up from there, so it's workable. The problem of course being I'm horrible at self-promotion. Positively dreadful.
>> No. 51 ID: 8ea280
If I might make a suggestion to both you and Sage? Go to J.A. Konrath's site, http://www.jakonrath.com/writers.htm and download "The Newbie's Guide to Publishing (free download). While it's mostly geared toward traditional publishing and promotion, Konrath does discuss e-publishing at some length. (I'm thinking about going the e-pub route myself.)
Disclaimer: I am not J.A. Konrath, nor an authorized agent.

No. 39 ID: d7c114 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 131269208918.gif - (20.16KB - 99x56 - Original Filename: 1305911652_artist_block_by_nana_beats-d3gs8z6.gif )
Dear readers, at what point does a story become too long?
What is the best way to start a scene? with action, setting, characters?
Where is the best place to put the focus of the attention? The action, the setting or the characters?
>> No. 40 ID: 084e5e
There is no such thing as a story that is 'too long'.
So long as you can keep your reader's interest, then they will keep reading.
The instant you don't do that it doesn't matter if your story is two paragraphs in length or two thousand pages.

The best way to start a scene is at the beginning of it, unless you need to begin in the middle, or at the end.
No, I'm not being a dick. That's just the truth.
You start a scene in whatever manner suits the story and your writing style.
It's generally considered cliche, and/or bad form to begin with a 'character description'.

The best place to focus the attention of the story is the plot.
The action, settings, and characters are simply there to move the plot forward, anything that doesn't move the plot forward is simply mental masturbation and any decent editor worth his salary will cut it out mercilessly.
>> No. 41 ID: aa23b8
** Warning. Possible Ranting Ahead **

Okay first thing. A story becomes too long when you keep trying to add to a plot once you get to the end of the story. Meaning if you get to the end of what you're writing and you THINK that something is missing then chances are there's nothing missing.

Go through what you have done to make sure you got what you originally planned. Any extra that doesn't add to the experience is wasteful especially if it goes nowhere.

Second ... thingy. Best way to start a scene? I start with a place and add characters. Not necessarily the main ones but shove someone there to get the ball rolling. Maybe an expendable Redshirt discovers something mysterious before getting bumped off. Setting up a cause for the story to continue. Sometimes It's the main character doing something to the plot or is relevant to it's character.

Third bit. Where is the best place to the focus of the attention? Well in a way it's all three.

Who is doing what where. BANG. There's your scene. Tell the reader what they need to know e.g

Hero Bob is checking a darkened workshop for clues to some mystery when he's suddenly jumped by an unknown attacked whose features are disguised or is some kind of creature. Startled and in a fight for his life Hero Bob scrambles back and thinks quick before grabbing some discarded tool to use to defend himself.

Now, a reader will not care about little things around the work shop that won't make a difference to the scene like an oil can on the bench UNLESS the Hero accidentally knocks it over in his rush to grab something and the oil spills onto the floor to either hinder his escape or help him by tripping up his attacker.
This post is long. Click here to read the full post.

No. 6 ID: 7df76d hide quickreply [Reply]
File 13025886616.gif - (4.55KB - 100x100 - Original Filename: foozzzball.gif )
Okay. So. Since I noticed Sage tweeting about how there has to be more content here, I thought, yeah, okay, why not. Right? Right.

And then he DELETED EVERYTHING. But I'm a sucker for punishment, so here once again is a three page script I slapped together this past weekend to convince myself I still exist as a writer etc etc.

--- 'Pet Dog'

Page 1

1) Distorted close-up, a WAR DOG [see http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4182198/ and http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4044587 to explain what War Dogs are], Eissen, is seated in a crude wooden chair, hands cuffed rigidly to the armrests, a blindfold wrapped around his eyes. Blood trickles from the side of his mouth and nostrils, shirt - a regular T-shirt, dark grey - is torn open raggedly to expose his chest. Shirt is bloodied in places. There are black marks of cigar burns in his fur - the fur has blackened and curled in on itself, hiding the wounds. Combat trousers, combat boots. Dark room, badly lit. From above - viewpoint of a surveillance camera.

Off-panel (Interrogator): Talk.

Eissen: Eissen Estian. Serial number Cee-Enn-Arr Five Dash --

This post is long. Click here to read the full post.
>> No. 38 ID: 2a79b7
File 131059797044.rtf - (44.13KB - Original Filename: simplethings.rtf )
A piece of fiction about two characters you may or may not know, Troy Salcedo and Jennifer Dixon. Sex happens.

-- Simple Things --

The world didn't have to be more complicated than a white rectangle of sheeting, six and a half feet by five, folded down tenderly over the mattress. The problems Troy was having with the reactor's fuel mix, proton shedding in the fusion chambers, those weren't appropriate right now. Troy's worries about old Fred's cancer eating him up, whether or not the retrovirals would tear it apart, that didn't have to matter. Not even that little four letter word Troy could say, but Jennifer couldn't, was any kind of problem when the world was just six feet by five, flexed softly, and was oh so lightly laced with her perfume.

Jennifer's hands, tawny white at her inner wrist, yellow-sandily furred across the backs and her fingers, dug in tightly at all the mattress's edges, pulling sharp creases into the fabric which she tugged straight a moment later with a perfunctory flick, nude body arching as she did. Her pale stomach flexed and writhed, making dancing s-shapes out of the faint midline of fur running down between her breasts, across her navel, down into the slight wisps of red curls at her crotch, and lower still. It was all a tease, really. He knew that as soon as she caught his eye, when he stopped looking at her body. Changing the bedsheets was just another opportunity for her to tuck her long red hair behind her shoulder, flick up a blunt-tipped ear, and flash white teeth at him. Another opportunity to make him look at her, to enjoy that he looked.

Troy folded his broad ears back, trying to hide the blush, but he didn't have to hide the smile, awkward though it was. Didn't have to hide his nude body, or the way his eyes lingered at her curves, at the way her shoulder flexed as she set her weight on her arm. He didn't have to hide a damn thing. Not his feelings, nothing. "I love you, Jen."

[ For the rest, read the .rtf! ]

No. 5 ID: 6cb915 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 130258274161.rtf - (12.27KB - Original Filename: Dominance.rtf )
Lesbian anthro umbreo and espeon smut.

There is biting.
>> No. 14 ID: d4a32d
File 130286954812.jpg - (201.67KB - 1152x883 - Original Filename: Xenofurry.jpg )
You're joking right? I'm one of the most self-avowed xenophiles on /tg/.
>> No. 25 ID: 6cb915
File 130370824842.rtf - (34.25KB - Original Filename: Chrissy and Killian.rtf )
Anatotomically correct human+gnoll lesbianism in one of /tg/ alternate worlds, where about 98% of the population vanished, while half of what was left - out of 138 million - was replaced by fantasy beings in the modern age.
>> No. 26 ID: 07dc00
I enjoyed the fuck out of this. :D
>> No. 33 ID: 6cb915
File 130551065424.rtf - (38.06KB - Original Filename: ManticoreUnicorn.rtf )
Anthro unicorn+feral manticore. Raw, dark fantasy. Biting, blood, minor genital mutilation.

No. 27 ID: 329a22 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 130511447560.rtf - (3.23KB - Original Filename: Excerpt.rtf )
Been wondering for a while if anyone has stuff saved from the many manifestations of Furventure?

Alternatively is there any such similar place on the net today? writing.com and BEaddventure don't really make the cut for me.
>> No. 30 ID: 329a22
Any reason why this file doesn't work?
>> No. 31 ID: 897b9b

Weird. I'll ask Snipa to look into it later.
>> No. 32 ID: 897b9b
File should work now; it was a permissions issue that is now fixed.

No. 7 ID: ee1b42 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 13028142297.txt - (7.80KB - Original Filename: llfaptroll.txt )
>> No. 8 ID: 8f9199
I read every last word of this, and I think you wrote the perfect troll story. It will anger both the fans AND anti-fans of the pairing.
>> No. 9 ID: 192465
>> No. 10 ID: 4733e3
File 130282770761.jpg - (52.63KB - 300x210 - Original Filename: borat_great-success.jpg )
Oh, Sechs.
>> No. 11 ID: 778786
I applaud you and your humor. It was a non stop laugh til the end. =D

No. 4 ID: 508629 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 130257618768.jpg - (14.71KB - 456x380 - Original Filename: 3fb48983-5ff0-4aad-88dc-e2c12cdb3141.jpg )
So hey, I'm kinda new here. I'm making this thread because I write stupid things and I need someone to tell me if it sucks or not. So here is the first piece of wordsmithing.
This is actually part of the backstory for a large world I made up where superheros have existed since humanity first evolved, which means flying cavemen. In my eyes, history remains largely unchanged because faction has it's own metahumans.

June 24, 1845
The African Continent, Uganda province
To His Dearest Majesty William IV
It is with my sincerest apologies that I write to you at this present date to give my long overdue report.
Conditions in the African wilderness continue as expected save for the curious circumstance I will now relate to you. Four days agon, after crossing the lowest reaches of the Nile River our expedition encountered a party of four Germans on much the same quest as ourselves. Upon learning our devices they set upon us with a haste most unseemly and would have overcome us had not Ms. Thatcher foreseen their moves and stepped smartly forward to deliver a devastating blow to the first man’s solar plexus. Had she not done so I believe I would not be writing this letter for lack of any limb with which to write, as the villain had fingers that ended in five inch razor nails. Mr. Ashley engaged the next man, who possessed the most extraordinary talent of being able to light himself on fire without harm. It is a pity that he chose to face Thomas Ashley, the wind god and personal favorite of Your Majesty. I myself took the next two ruffians with my ring, locking them in conjured cages until we had safely bound the others.
Further investigation into the matter reveals that the powers in Germany are beginning to come together under one ruler. The agents we apprehended revealed that the German people may well be preparing to not only conquer themselves, but the rest of the world. At the time of this writing we are breaking camp and Ashley stands by to deliver this message to you personally. Ms. Ashley and I plan to venture deeper into enemy territory in hopes that we might discover more of their plans and hopefully alert the rest of Europe to the threat this new unified Germany poses. As for the geographical survey mission we were originally sent on, I have tasked Mr. Ashley’s assistant Mr. Edward Barker to lead the rest of our team to the predetermined waypoints with the instruction that contact with the nearest British patrols must be maintained. Much has gone wrong and I do not wish to send anyone home in a coffin.

Your Faithful servant,
Sir Wallace Arrington
Chairman of the Royal Investigation Bureau

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