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No. 12174 ID: 98d3f8
File 136107782938.png - (1.12MB - 892x896 - Original Filename: TheNextAlicorn.png )
Since the last reached the cap.

We wait for Season 4. Everything is gonna be just fine!

Also, Derpy lives!
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>> No. 12175 ID: 65d298
File 136107927488.png - (0.96MB - 713x2000 - Original Filename: oh_yeah__yeah__by_csimadmax-d5v7ona.png )
>> No. 12176 ID: 65d298
File 136108309994.gif - (2.69MB - 480x1350 - Original Filename: 246251__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_pinkie-pie_flutte.gif )
>> No. 12177 ID: 98d3f8
File 136108601215.png - (325.28KB - 400x1513 - Original Filename: how_to_be_a_princess_by_leidenpierce-d5v59sh.png )
>> No. 12178 ID: 9cfc32
Alicorn Dayyoutube thumb
>> No. 12179 ID: 579f34
Remember that episode of pokemon where ash turned into a pikachu at the end and didn't change back until the beginning of the next episode?
>> No. 12182 ID: 65d298
File 136111185715.jpg - (360.24KB - 2628x1868 - Original Filename: have_you_seen_mommy____by_cazra-d5ono2r.jpg )
>> No. 12183 ID: 65d298
File 136111188156.jpg - (338.55KB - 2116x1512 - Original Filename: reunited_by_cazra-d5v7oz8.jpg )
>> No. 12186 ID: e9c629
File 136111618015.png - (585.71KB - 1366x768 - Original Filename: iC7F8ok.png )
>> No. 12187 ID: 65d298
File 136111661932.jpg - (55.76KB - 1280x720 - Original Filename: vlcsnap-2013-02-16-19h46m30s235.jpg )
>> No. 12188 ID: 75d06d
It was a pretty cute episode. Definitely rushed, though--think about what they could have done with the switched-up cutie marks if they'd have a normal-length episode to work with.

I'm not bothered by the way they handled Princess Twilight, but I'm not sold on it being a permanent change yet, either. I can very easily see her making the "I want to live a normal pony life with my best friends!" move at the end of the three-parter. A show about a princess and her best subjects wouldn't be very exciting.
>> No. 12189 ID: 65d298
File 136111760293.gif - (2.53MB - 500x281 - Original Filename: Rainbow-stew.gif )
>> No. 12190 ID: e9c629
File 136111802174.png - (321.92KB - 607x337 - Original Filename: 1361050399082.png )
She did get a bit taller at least.
>> No. 12191 ID: 65d298
File 136111854212.gif - (265.66KB - 396x447 - Original Filename: 1361117860507.gif )
>> No. 12192 ID: 65d298
File 13611185741.gif - (336.15KB - 233x364 - Original Filename: 246464__UNOPT__safe_spike_animated_dancing_gif.gif )
>> No. 12193 ID: 34592e
Pony Thread Simulator v2.5 [It Is Time]youtube thumb
>> No. 12194 ID: f7ae64
I swear this is one of the funniest brony thread sims I've ever seen. The amount of spaghetti from the season finale reactions is just hilarious
>> No. 12195 ID: 58c8cc

MLP fandom ignorant user here.

Why are they RIPing themselves now?
>> No. 12196 ID: b59578

A good portion of the fandom thinks the show jumped the shark with the introduction of Twilicorn and will only get worse from here on out.
>> No. 12197 ID: 34592e
official trailer for human pones

EQUESTRIA GIRLSyoutube thumb
>> No. 12201 ID: dc977f
File 13611393968.png - (558.64KB - 979x895 - Original Filename: winter_chills_by_mewball-d5kkpoa.png )
Well, I'm disappointed, but not terribly surprised. The episode really kinda felt like a big rush job to try and fit the alicorn thing and some semblance of an explanation into this season BUT also without "giving it away" until the last episode. I'm not going to bitch about Twilicorn, but in trying to nail down what made me dislike this episode I did come up with some specific things. Posting because I'm curious what others might think.

(Should we use spoiler tags after an episode airs?)

Why did they show Twilight's casting of the spell that messed things up as a flashback? The phrase "show, don't tell" comes to mind (obviously a flashback does show, but it's not as powerful), and I think the choice was a mistake. Opening the episode with her receiving the book from Celestia would have been a much more engaging start than her fairly random "Everything is perfect" song.

I was a little disappointed with the presentation of Twilight "creating new magic". Maybe I was just expecting something a little different, but seeing her go around singing wasn't quite in line with the "magic" we've seen before. Even the memory spell she used was her actively casting a spell on the others. This time they just went around and she had the right pony perform their right physical task. And then, at the end, she wrote a bit in Starswirl's book about destinies and friendship, but that didn't seem any more extraordinary than what she usually wrote in letters to Celestia.

The mystical rainbow road of flashbacks. I detested this sequence because I thought it screamed "lazy". Any time a TV show or movie throws characters into an indiscernible misty void, it's never a good sign. The writer either couldn't think of anything better, or the animators didn't have time to create anything more complex. Both are pretty poor excuses, and almost any other location would have been better. Personally I think the oft-seen Canterlot hallway with stained-glass windows would have been a great fit. They could have shown all the different window scenes over the course of the series instead of floating screencaps (or combined with, if they really had to). It could have culminated with them coming to a new window displaying Twilight's winged ascension and that would have been the moment she knew what was about to happen. Personally, I think that would have been much more effective than a misty void.

It seems strongly implied that Celestia caused Twilight's upgrade to alicorn, and this also seemed a little disappointing. It makes Twilight's change stand out as more a whim of Celestia than a result of an innate and intrinsic change within herself to something more powerful. Celestia "pulling" her up isn't a bad thing, but after seeing it I realized I liked the idea of her doing it on her own better.

Others will disagree I'm sure, but I thought the reaction of the other mane 5 to Twilight's change didn't quite fit. Only Rarity really seemed surprised, and that passed quickly. Godmodding a character is always more powerful and more easily accepted when those around them (who are now just mere mortals in comparison) react in a believable sense that the audience can sympathize with. For me at least, I would have hoped for just a bit more questioning uncertainty than suddenly "flying buddy party time" (though Pinkie's costume was hilarious). I was also saddened that Twilight didn't say anything when all her friends bend down before her. Compare that to what I think may be the most powerful scene in the Lord of the Rings: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the...youtube thumb I realize the circumstances are different and that Twilight's also shocked, but still...

The very end. Having Twilight suddenly fly off like that on her own, perfectly and with no friends? It just seems so out of place and out of character. Why don't we get to see her first attempt at flying? Why doesn't Rainbow get to help her get the hang of her wings? Why doesn't the episode end with her and her friends? Who knows, but I think it's one last sign of the poor writing lack of any thought that went into the characters in this episode.

It was nice to see (a lot of) Derpy again, but seeing her 4-5 times in one episode after an entire season with nothing made it feel like less of a fan nod than an overcompensation for a poor episode, somewhat disappointing season, and an anti-nod to the anonymous poster who revealed all of this months ago. I'd wager Derpy's 100% gone in season 4.

Some last nitpicking:

> "Give me a hand here and help me fix this mess"
> "The townspeople are furious"

After two seasons of paying close attention to this, it's like they weren't really even trying.

All that said, there were some really great feels in this episode. I loved how much continuity and back-references they included, including all the background stuff. Did they ruin Twilight? No, but they certainly didn't have her grow as a character either (well, except that 2-3 inch height bump, ha ha) and definitely pushed her further towards a Mary Sue. In the end I was just incredibly disappointed that even after the decision to go with the Twipocalypse they went with a very weak story. Larson has written some great episodes so I can only assume this one was hampered by a lot of management meddling, but who knows. Maybe the show has jumped the shark, or maybe I still just have unrealistic hopes for a cartoon.
>> No. 12202 ID: 72d92f
File 136114731393.png - (387.05KB - 475x600 - Original Filename: 246718__UNOPT__safe_artist-pixelkitties_lord-of-th.png )
>> No. 12204 ID: 98d3f8
File 136114803567.jpg - (327.59KB - 720x553 - Original Filename: it_s_not_my_fault__by_texasuberalles-d5utt97.jpg )
The most hated pony in Ponyville? (It's a joke FYI)
>> No. 12207 ID: 260373
Just watched the ep.

Still not sure I like or agree with the Twilicorn thing, but the whole ep is redeemed by, if nothing else, Celestia's song. I actually teared up a little when she started singing about how proud she was of Twilight.
>> No. 12208 ID: 34592e
File 136115606589.jpg - (3.11KB - 100x100 - Original Filename: rainbowsnerk.jpg )

thanks Sechs, I needed that.
>> No. 12209 ID: 98d3f8

I just rewatched it and with each song I smiled a bit more. Until A True True Friend when I started to tear up a bit more and more with each song.
>> No. 12210 ID: 9bfbef
Taking another look at the episode, a couple things do come to mind.

With the whole Alicorn business, I think a lot of people are complaining/panicking over assumptions. Case in point we have yet to see episodes of Twilight being Little Miss Perfect Mary Sue.

Also, I don't get why people were wanting a episode of Rainbow Dash teaching Twilight how to fly. Rarity flew just fine when she got her temporary wings in "Sonic Rainboom".

I have a feeling a lot the panic will be all for nothing once season 4 comes around and we get Part 2 and 3 of this, for all we know this could simply be a prequel to what happens in 2&3.
>> No. 12211 ID: 98d3f8
File 136117011358.png - (673.30KB - 1024x1715 - Original Filename: liquid_pride_by_gray__day-d5v8x8f1.png )
MFW during the final 1/3.
>> No. 12212 ID: 65d298
File 136120847467.jpg - (430.33KB - 1275x1519 - Original Filename: older_spike_sketch_001_by_deadjoker239-d5uuxxr.jpg )
>> No. 12213 ID: 65d298
File 136120851684.gif - (2.55MB - 720x405 - Original Filename: 1361148123431.gif )
>> No. 12214 ID: 65d298
File 136120856825.gif - (63.91KB - 500x281 - Original Filename: 246768__UNOPT__safe_spitfire_academy-record_songs_.gif )
>> No. 12215 ID: fd2291
People want an episode of Dash teaching Twilight to fly because we haven't had a proper Dash-Twilight episode and they wasted/passed over Read It And Weep's opportunity for one.
>> No. 12216 ID: 65d298
File 136120950483.jpg - (259.54KB - 1300x810 - Original Filename: bow-dash_pinkie-pie_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_pr.jpg )
>> No. 12217 ID: e9c629
File 136121130559.gif - (951.21KB - 500x249 - Original Filename: 1353897865009.gif )
This whole episode had the feels.
>> No. 12220 ID: dc977f
File 136123130749.jpg - (618.27KB - 634x2500 - Original Filename: twilight_s_destiny_by_pluckyninja-d5v8cse.jpg )
>> No. 12221 ID: 5b9d03
>evil Celestia

Yep, sure never get tired of that.[/sarcasm]
>> No. 12222 ID: 72d92f
File 136123291135.png - (744.92KB - 584x1591 - Original Filename: alicorn_void_by_vanderlyle-d5vahf0.png )
>> No. 12223 ID: 98d3f8
File 136123521980.jpg - (679.09KB - 600x4495 - Original Filename: my_life_as_a_princess_by_niban_destikim-d5vcuvp.jpg )
>> No. 12224 ID: 98d3f8
File 136123524931.png - (587.09KB - 600x840 - Original Filename: comic__buffering_by_sophiecabra-d5valac.png )
>> No. 12225 ID: 98d3f8
File 136123543037.png - (630.38KB - 800x3850 - Original Filename: worse_off_by_dreatos-d5vb20j.png )
I just realized. Anyone else notice the continuity error with Cadence at the end? Her new crown magically turned back to her old one the next time we saw her.
>> No. 12226 ID: 65d298
File 136124814095.jpg - (257.10KB - 900x1239 - Original Filename: 248560__UNOPT__safe_spike_sketch_50fb7126a4c72dda9.jpg )
>> No. 12227 ID: 65d298
File 136124816068.gif - (895.22KB - 479x590 - Original Filename: 248375__UNOPT__safe_applejack_spike_animated_sugge.gif )
>> No. 12228 ID: 98d3f8
File 136125014338.png - (625.26KB - 910x910 - Original Filename: Twilight_sun.png )
>> No. 12229 ID: 65d298
File 13612834241.png - (147.22KB - 675x825 - Original Filename: spike_pony_by_c_puff-d52hsyi.png )
>> No. 12230 ID: 65d298
File 136128444420.jpg - (679.06KB - 600x4495 - Original Filename: my_life_as_a_princess_by_niban_destikim-d5vcuvp.jpg )
>> No. 12231 ID: b59578
>> No. 12232 ID: c0cdb1

Comment left there:

>"“Let’s be direct: Hasbro is no longer interested in courting bronies and MLP’s adult fanbase.”

>Well, it’s not like they went out of their way to court them before. They acknowledged them, yes, and tossed a reference here and there to make them happy, but full-on courting?

>Hasbro is a toy company, and children will always be their primary target. Not a group of adults who happened to like their animated toy commercials.

>I don’t want to sound like someone who hates MLP or bronies-some of my friends are fans of the show, I’ve seen plenty of episodes and I loved it-it really proved that just because something is wrapped in a cute, sparkly and brightly-colored package doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for kids, that even adults can enjoy in it. I am just stating the obvious fact that many bronies seem to have missed-they’re not and they never will be the primary target demographic.

>Same can be said for adult Transformers fans-Hasbro may acknowledge them, but they’ll never make them their primary target group-it will always be children."
>> No. 12235 ID: dc977f
File 136130547598.png - (1.05MB - 1280x650 - Original Filename: harmony_by_cuteskitty-d4keyog.png )
[Official Trailer] Bronies extended interviews discyoutube thumb

> I had a vision for the destinies of all these characters. I wanted Rarity to get her shop in Canterlot. I wanted Rainbow Dash to become a Wonderbolt. I wanted Twilight Sparkle to, eventually, become Celestia's successor. I wanted the Cutie Mark Crusaders all to get their cutie marks.

> A little bit more mythology coming in. What the Elements of Harmony really are. And through the series I was constantly laying little seeds here and there to take them to that destiny.

> It's still sad for me that I can't take them there.

I wonder if she talks more about why she left the show in the interviews.
>> No. 12236 ID: 579f34
I take the hidden derpys in this episode (especially the winking one) to be the creator's way of saying "Chillax Bronies. Everything will be fine, just wait for next season"
>> No. 12237 ID: 3d9263
Even without this interview, it actually makes a lot of sense that Twilicorn might have been something the writers decided to do and not an order from Da Boss. Let me quote something I read on the Round Stable:

>This episode just worked for me and it might be hard to laundry-list the reasons why, but one thing I wanted to address is the idea that the princess transition is a clunky Hasbro mandate and the show is suffering for it. On the contrary, I think this move is incredibly ballsy, which is why I still feel it came from the writers and not the toy execs (who are notoriously conservative).

>On these boards in the weeks leading up to this episode, I went on & on about the fact that Twilight's alicorn transformation would be a one-and-done thing and that she'd be back to normal before the end of the episode. I guaranteed it. I even made it my Simpsons Lock of the Week.

>I was wrong, and it's because I was looking at it from a toy-exec perspective. Look, there's no reason to permanently transform Twi if you just want to move some Princess Twilight merchandise. Just have it happen for five minutes in an episode and sell it as a variant. It's the "Battle-Damaged Spider-Man" approach. Not to mention that a permanent transformation makes your old Twilight toys harder to sell, and it makes it harder to air your TV episodes out of sequence. The fact that this is a permanent transformation is nuts.

And let's face it, people have been seeing foreshadowing for this since season one. Hell, if anything, maybe what made Lauren throw her hands up and quit was the fact that Twilight's ascension, if it were allowed to happen at all, wouldn't have the significance it was meant to now that they had to bring in NEW PRINCESS GEROMY and devote a two-parter to her getting married in order to sell toys.

I hope upcoming interviews with the staff will bring to light what all really went on behind the scenes, at least to the best of their ability to not break their NDAs.
>> No. 12238 ID: cc39f8
File 136131806338.png - (622.08KB - 1200x1000 - Original Filename: tumblr_mihhiaTN3n1rpjql1o5_1280.png )
>> No. 12239 ID: 72d92f
Pokemon Re-enacted by Poniesyoutube thumb
>> No. 12241 ID: dc977f

I think that guy did a perfect job describing what's happened to the show over the last season, and why it's happened.


That comment is just a straw man. He's arguing against one sentence that isn't even close to the primary point of the article. And, if the commenter had read the entire thing, he would be surprised to realize he is actually in agreement with the author's point.


> Even without this interview, it actually makes a lot of sense that Twilicorn might have been something the writers decided to do and not an order from Da Boss.

I get the impression from Faust's pause around "eventually" that she would have planned it to happen later in the show's run -- probably as the last thing to happen to Twilight at the series' end. But that's just a guess. I think most people expected Twilight's magical ability to grow over time (which they did show), but that her increase in power would be more graduated and less "suddenly: princess".
>> No. 12242 ID: cc39f8
Fluttershy's thoughts on GalaCon 2013youtube thumb

Who knew German can be so adorable.
>> No. 12243 ID: 79f607
An important message from Fluttershyyoutube thumb
>> No. 12244 ID: 79f607
First Ponies sliding into a box v2.0youtube thumb
Then 釘の箱youtube thumb
>> No. 12245 ID: e9c629
File 136141282878.png - (149.71KB - 550x1013 - Original Filename: tumblr_mijq4iNA0y1r3xauuo1_1280.png )
>> No. 12246 ID: e9c629
SWAG.MOVyoutube thumb
>> No. 12247 ID: c57c24
File 136141784117.png - (1.67MB - 1320x1278 - Original Filename: twilight_s_new_wings_by_pimmy-d5vhcw7.png )
SWAG.MOVyoutube thumb
>> No. 12248 ID: b59578

Related: http://ask-jappleack.tumblr.com/post/43610051199/the-end
>> No. 12249 ID: c57c24
File 136142917866.gif - (797.18KB - 400x225 - Original Filename: tumblr_mijt1sN2mh1r2x0k1o1_400.gif )

I saw that earlier and I wonder what's left. Didn't they say SAWW.MOV would be the last pony thing they would animate? and the blog is over?

Possible header idea?
>> No. 12250 ID: 833134

He did say after Party.mov was released that he would do an epilogue to both the Pony.mov series and the Jappleack tumblr.

Now as of what is left to cover, maybe what happened to the multiverse?
>> No. 12251 ID: 833134

>sees last panel...
>that face...

I'm gonna have nightmares for sure...
>> No. 12252 ID: 65d298
File 136145997682.png - (806.90KB - 660x1848 - Original Filename: starswirlcelstia_by_digitalneo1-d5vouzu.png )
>> No. 12253 ID: ca7fba

Always wanted to see pegasi in the series preening their wings and doing more bird-like behaviors, too bad that never happened :/
>> No. 12255 ID: b59578
Lookit all this mad:


#SocialJusticeGoneWrong #CalmYourTits
>> No. 12256 ID: 34592e
>> No. 12258 ID: dc977f


The hell.
>> No. 12259 ID: b59578
>> No. 12260 ID: c57c24

That oddly syncs up pretty well.
>> No. 12261 ID: ca7fba
File 136148399661.jpg - (57.44KB - 604x453 - Original Filename: f1013d0b_909263d6_2291482-not_sure_if_serious.jpg )
>> No. 12263 ID: c57c24
File 136148415686.png - (1.10MB - 1366x769 - Original Filename: MacroDash.png )
I have the wingest boner...
>> No. 12265 ID: dc977f
File 136149404119.jpg - (187.70KB - 1024x1434 - Original Filename: little_luna_by_twilite_sparkleplz-d5tzou0.jpg )
Poor Woona...
>> No. 12266 ID: dc977f
File 136149406214.jpg - (378.71KB - 1024x2447 - Original Filename: little_luna__by_twilite_sparkleplz-d5vpzp5.jpg )
>> No. 12267 ID: dc977f
File 136149486919.jpg - (120.05KB - 819x538 - Original Filename: ThouArtForgiven.jpg )

Hm, macro potential?
>> No. 12269 ID: e9c629
File 13615018493.jpg - (81.68KB - 845x468 - Original Filename: pinkie.jpg )
This part right here, where she doesn't really know what to do, but senses it is the right thing, for some reason was amazing emotionally.
>> No. 12270 ID: 3d9263
That can probably be chalked up to the writers not being sure if the series would continue past this season back in November 2011 when they wrote the episode. A lot of the episode felt like they were trying to make it work as a series finale (though not hard enough to stretch it out to two episodes to give it the breathing room it desperately needed).

Hopefully future interviews will clear all of this up a little more.
>> No. 12271 ID: ca7fba

I am sure if somehow Faust was still in control and had more creative control, the latest episode would have been handled in a much more 'I am not sure I can do this' sort of way, Twilight seemed to quickly accept it. But I get the time-constraints and all that.

I feel it could have been even better and would have been a fitting end to the series if it was done slightly different. My question is, season 4 - will it involve the mane 5 + Princess Twilight or will some new unicorn be introduced since - well there isn't really that much more for Twilight to do.
>> No. 12272 ID: c57c24

Could always backtrack a bit and the reality hits her later.
>> No. 12274 ID: c57c24
File 13615123265.jpg - (25.38KB - 451x167 - Original Filename: Capture.jpg )

Double good news.
>> No. 12275 ID: 6c8d6a
Now don't get me wrong I like his works and all but his "Oh guys dont go I saw the new stuff it is amazing" does not sound as reassuring when he is one of the people that works on that show. Its like a someone on Diablo 3 dev team at blizzard telling me to not give up on Diablo 3 since awesome things are coming in the future.
>> No. 12276 ID: 34592e
(Vintage) Groose's Theme Goes with Everythingyoutube thumb
>> No. 12277 ID: 65d298
File 136157049541.png - (1.42MB - 1920x1080 - Original Filename: undying_ember_by_havikm66-d5vtbvp.png )
>> No. 12278 ID: 65d298
File 136159182692.jpg - (408.60KB - 900x1617 - Original Filename: 249185__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_tumblr_spitfire_w.jpg )
>> No. 12279 ID: 65d298
File 136159184840.jpg - (823.56KB - 1000x3302 - Original Filename: nbow-dash_comic_tumblr_spitfire_soarin-quo-_wonder.jpg )
>> No. 12280 ID: 65d298
File 136159186912.jpg - (506.41KB - 900x2241 - Original Filename: 250122__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_comic_tumblr_spit.jpg )
>> No. 12281 ID: 65d298
File 136159188839.jpg - (571.93KB - 900x2071 - Original Filename: 250583__UNOPT__safe_tumblr_blood_spitfire_soarin-q.jpg )
>> No. 12282 ID: 65d298
File 136159190923.jpg - (786.30KB - 900x4073 - Original Filename: 251104__UNOPT__safe_comic_suggestive_tumblr_spitfi.jpg )
>> No. 12283 ID: 65d298
File 136159193052.png - (955.85KB - 499x1655 - Original Filename: 251901__UNOPT__safe_artist-pluckyninja_sexy-spitfi.png )
>> No. 12284 ID: c57c24
>> No. 12285 ID: c57c24
File 136159583018.jpg - (205.97KB - 1600x1200 - Original Filename: 2.jpg )
>> No. 12286 ID: 65d298
File 136163363654.gif - (2.41MB - 281x409 - Original Filename: 248427__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_animated_sweat_gi.gif )
>> No. 12287 ID: 34592e
Laughter Song (Giggle at the Ghostly) - ...youtube thumb
>> No. 12290 ID: 65d298
File 136165413338.png - (1.19MB - 872x3328 - Original Filename: on_comparison_g2_crackle_flash_garble_g4_50e5b0aea.png )
>> No. 12291 ID: 34592e
Friendship is Witchcraft - "Foaly Matrip...youtube thumb
>> No. 12292 ID: 34592e

It'll Be OK (original song)youtube thumb

Not creepy!
>> No. 12293 ID: 65d298
File 136165846530.png - (1.17MB - 1383x1771 - Original Filename: golden_rarity_by_toongrowner-d5vyj09.png )
>> No. 12294 ID: c57c24
File 136167300230.png - (1.64MB - 509x4048 - Original Filename: stonebolt___mystery_solved_by_stonebolt-d5vusxr.png )
Mystery solved.
>> No. 12296 ID: 65d298
File 136172390614.gif - (711.67KB - 600x450 - Original Filename: 253815__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_animated_prin.gif )
>> No. 12297 ID: 65d298
File 136172392729.png - (148.29KB - 780x600 - Original Filename: 253849__UNOPT__rarity_spike_suggestive_vector_edit.png )
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