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No. 6730 ID: b6c5b9 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
File 133255294195.png - (108.90KB - 433x134 - Original Filename: Thundercats_logo_2011.png )
The next half of Season 1 begins tomorrow morning at 9:30.
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>> No. 8649 ID: f94006

Or perhaps, just to fit in with the "all races working together" vibe, he should get with a lizard woman.
>> No. 11329 ID: 10f80f
Where did this show go wrong? Up to the Petalars episode it had potential, and afterwards...it seriously went downhill.
It felt like there was this constant disagreement among staff in which direction the show should go and it led to episodes being absolute clusterfucks, trying to fit in both episodic plots with lessons in the end, with overarching plots and elements.
And the characterization for everyone except Panthro and Thunderkittens were terrible and inconsistent.
>> No. 11357 ID: d735bb
>Where did this show go wrong?

It tried to be Avatar without understanding Avatar.
>> No. 11358 ID: 29f0e8

From what I’ve heard elsewhere, it also didn’t help that the guy who created the show’s bible got let go right after they finished work on the first two episodes.

No. 11187 ID: c128ad hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 135594907659.png - (108.10KB - 297x333 - Original Filename: 1326163915106.png )
SheZow Happens - Coldfingeryoutube thumb
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>> No. 11201 ID: e4fc10
Shut up.
>> No. 11313 ID: ffd561
If a twelve year old crossdressing boy is wrong, I don't want to be right!
>> No. 11317 ID: 702591

Well, after I found a video that wasn't taken down, I came to the conclusion that that was really dumb and full to bursting with horrid puns.

And also kinda entertaining.

The show clearly takes absolutely nothing seriously, and it has so many puns that there's no way they didn't write them all in specifically because they knew how much it stinks, and it's actually amusing because of that. I like the idea that they set out to violate the audience's collective sense of humor so brazenly.

Great gimmick, by the way. Excellent way to make the show stand out, and not even just amongst kids' cartoons. And one plus of the show being 15-minute episodes featuring zero character development is that Guy doesn't spend all that much time being embarrassed by the cross-dressing thing, and instead pretty much just goes with it because he's a superhero now. Maybe a character arc would be more interesting, but I think the fact that he gets into it fairly easily is just another way the show stands out. And really, why worry about dressing like a girl when your costume gives you super strength and speed and ESP, you have a supercomputer assistant, and your lipstick is actually a lightsaber? It seems like plenty reason why a preteen might not care that he has to wear high heels. Yeah, the car is pink. So? It turns into a submarine. I think he can live with the garish paint job. And besides, how many 12-year-olds own a real car to begin with? So I actually really like the gimmick and the way it's handled.

Oddly enough, one other thing I really liked was the music during the bumpers. I hardly notice bumpers and eyecatches, so for this one to stand out was impressive. Very catchy version of the main theme they chose for it.

Overall, it was idiotically entertaining enough that I do believe I'm jumping on with this one. Maybe just throw it on and half-watch while I'm playing a game or something, but still. I like it.
>> No. 11320 ID: e4fc10
Put it way better than I could have

No. 10732 ID: 65d298 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 135345373918.jpg - (530.73KB - 1580x1600 - Original Filename: 3.jpg )
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>> No. 11090 ID: 58c8cc

Durarara!! reference
>> No. 11091 ID: 65d298
File 135521015322.jpg - (1.55MB - 1920x1416 - Original Filename: just_practice_page_one_by_warrior9100-d4ol6wq.jpg )
>> No. 11092 ID: 65d298
File 135521018157.jpg - (1.26MB - 2150x1500 - Original Filename: just_practice_page_two_by_warrior9100-d4ol7r6.jpg )
>> No. 11093 ID: 65d298
File 135521020879.jpg - (2.76MB - 3106x1651 - Original Filename: just_practice_page_three_by_warrior9100-d4ol8rt.jpg )

No. 10865 ID: 76f035 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 135413974587.png - (573.81KB - 1200x1648 - Original Filename: 1354139329395.png )
Assuming this AMA on Reddit is legit, SWAT Kats co-creator Christian Tremblay himself says so.

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>> No. 10890 ID: 559f31

The whole Q&A took place in that thread, so you can read it any time you wish.
>> No. 10897 ID: 72d92f
The guy didn't really answer anything. He responded to most questions with "something new but faithful to the Swat Kats brand". His spelling sucks, too.

The most interesting thing he did was to comment that the concept of Felina as Swat Kat #3 was a "good idea".
>> No. 10900 ID: 559f31

That question about Felina came from me, by the by. :)

As for his 'non-answers': keep in mind that Tremblay and his crew likely don't have concrete-solid plans in place beyond general ideas of what they want to do this time around and how they might accomplish those goals. Even if they did have solid plans laid out, it makes no sense to show the entire world those plans before the show even gets made.

As for the spelling errors and such: well, I can't explain those.
>> No. 10960 ID: 72d92f
COVER: Swat Kats - Main Themes (Season 1 + 2)youtube thumb

No. 10105 ID: 65d298 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 134982764561.jpg - (76.91KB - 1280x720 - Original Filename: tumblr_mbkzz9P1H21qhansmo2_1280.jpg )
what does everyone think of the new season?
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>> No. 10651 ID: 65d298
File 135291648440.png - (962.63KB - 1280x720 - Original Filename: vlcsnap-2012-11-14-11h47m39s167.png )
>> No. 10652 ID: 65d298
File 135291650822.gif - (1.76MB - 320x180 - Original Filename: Lola-fanasty.gif )
>> No. 10742 ID: d25a89
File 135347281696.gif - (165.70KB - 400x225 - Original Filename: 1353457068322.gif )
Alright, someone finally got around to making a gif of this scene from last week!
>> No. 10743 ID: 65d298
File 13534732477.gif - (1.44MB - 315x177 - Original Filename: Bugs-Lola-Kiss.gif )

No. 10727 ID: ca7fba hide quickreply [Reply]
File 135339171489.jpg - (47.44KB - 500x280 - Original Filename: tumblr_m73opfs3sr1qdsdxjo1_500.jpg )
Moral Orel Special Announcementyoutube thumb

Announced here.
I saw the premiere on Adult Swim I have to say it was very good.

Incase you don't know it's about Orel when he is 4 years old and is sent to live with his Grandfather for 8 months during his Mother's pregnancy with his half-brother Shapey.Who tries to teach him about life. The sets and lighting seemed even better then before.

There wasn't a whole lot of surprises or anything much we didn't already know. It just seemed to deepen the set storyline. It had some good dramatic moments, Mostly with Clay and his father still being at ends with each other.

Not sure if the ratings will call for a revival of the show or not, but it was still a pleasant watch :).

No. 10242 ID: dda908 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 135070855290.png - (311.48KB - 720x720 - Original Filename: rf Trixie does not like Starbucks.png )
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>> No. 10725 ID: a08f92
File 135338925820.png - (893.85KB - 715x1088 - Original Filename: tumblr_mdr8d1tvwZ1rl3dsvo1_1280.png )
On a lighter note... *HEART EXPLODES*
>> No. 10726 ID: a08f92
File 135338974398.png - (745.68KB - 640x2160 - Original Filename: 5930df85b20654ed1ce07ae0dc14dac0.png )

That just reminded me. Those scribbles Pinkie made of the her friends remind me of someone elses style.
>> No. 10729 ID: 65d298
File 135342051881.png - (938.91KB - 1280x921 - Original Filename: tumblr_mdqpliqGGv1r3zlxho1_1280.png )
>> No. 10730 ID: 65d298
File 135342055989.png - (266.52KB - 550x1271 - Original Filename: tumblr_mds0hesLHJ1r3xauuo1_1280.png )

No. 10436 ID: ec10c6 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 135197449027.jpg - (119.89KB - 700x634 - Original Filename: Paperman.jpg )
Putting this in the proper place this time...
Now, who's seen it? Did you like it? Favorite or least favorite character?
Thoughts on the villain? Were you surprised?
Talking about the Paperman short animation is also encouraged, since it was also delightful.
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10479 ID: 3392ee
It's actually a pretty solid film. I'm impressed. And the cameos and references were actually enjoyable instead of in-your-face and gimmicky. I especially fanboyed at the part with the Konami Code. Also, I'm convinced Calhoun is meant to be a mix of Samus and Fem!Shepard.

Though I am still a bit annoyed that Zangief is a bad guy. Especially since I found out they only made him one just because one of the developers wanted him to be one due to horrible experiences fighting against him in Street Fighter 2.
>> No. 10480 ID: 6e46aa
I kind of saw her as the now-defunct protagonist from Starcraft Ghost.
>> No. 10481 ID: 3392ee
I guess she could be seen equally as representing the leading females of a number of space combat games.
>> No. 10579 ID: 5a4316
I loved the kill screen nod after the credits. Also, +1 to the Turbo being a Street Fighter reference at first mention.

No. 10370 ID: df0823 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 135136753594.jpg - (128.27KB - 1024x768 - Original Filename: Gargoyles_logo_color_1024.jpg )
Whelp, there goes the rest of my day:
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10408 ID: ec10c6
If you don't mind the episodes being cut into pieces, then this person has all of the episodes.
>> No. 10443 ID: 6d6dfa
By the by, I believe Disney put up the Toon Disney cuts of the show. I just watched ‘Deadly Force’ (S1E08), and the scene with Eliza lying in a pool of blood didn't show up.

To see the actual uncut scene, fast forward to about 7:50 on this video:

Gargoyles 1-8youtube thumb

(Disney also used the Toon Disney cuts of Rescue Rangers for that show's DVDs. Fuck you very much, Disney.)
>> No. 10445 ID: e0a693
>>Disney also used the Toon Disney cuts of Rescue Rangers for that show's DVDs.

What could possibly have warranted cutting from Rescue Rangers?
>> No. 10446 ID: 6d6dfa

Nothing warranted cutting (that hadn't gotten cut before the show ended up on Toon Disney), but the TD cuts eliminated certain commercial break cuts by sewing together parts of episodes with clumsy audio-visual fades.

A whole episode -- ‘A Lean on the Property’ -- ended up getting pulled from the lineup after 9/11 because of content issues (Fat Cat enacted a plan to destroy the foundations of buildings and cause them to lean in order to empty out The City). Disney never released a final DVD volume for CDRR (fuck you very much Disney), so the episode technically never made it to DVD, either.

No. 4470 ID: dda908 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132333470582.jpg - (56.05KB - 340x340 - Original Filename: this___ DO WANT.jpg )
As goofy as this show was, it never took itself TOO srsly. And that is why I like it to this day; a perfect 50/50 blend of comedy and adventure.

Also, this track is
Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers End Credits (Version 2)youtube thumb
22 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10296 ID: dda908
Robot Chicken Season 6 Episode 6youtube thumb

Okay, it is done. Probably no more posts until the rest of the show gets released on DVD or smth.
>> No. 10298 ID: d2ba0a
yup, robot chicken is furry for Gadget.
>> No. 10299 ID: dda908
Speaking of Gadget... I should try and draw her in that outfit.
>> No. 10444 ID: 6d6dfa
Robot Chicken: Rescue Ranger Nudityyoutube thumb

And yes, I left the appropriate comment on the video.

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