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No. 347 ID: abd393
File 132603617333.jpg - (62.16KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120108_icecreampug.jpg )
Let's kick off the year with a suitably summery pic.

You know the drill:
Make requests or suggestions for me to draw.
A link to visual reference or detailed source is always appreciated. Please state sources! Don't expect me to know who all these characters are, especially if the names aren't unique or easily googleable.

Requests are subject to inspiration. Not all requests may be undertaken. Some requests may take longer than others. There is no need to bump or repeat requests.

These are NOT commissions! It's just for fun.
Quality may go down as well as up.

Are there any animals or creatures you'd like to see anthropomorphised? Drop a list and I'll see what I can do!
Expand all images
>> No. 348 ID: abd393
List of uncompleted requests from the old thread >>10, for my reference:

>Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.
>What about a sexy toaster babe? Or a hot hairdryer chick that gives amazing blowjobs? :P
>Various *-tans based off of Nintendo consoles and handhelds. :3
>I request Pinkie Pie, Slurms MacKensie, and Andrew W.K. as mad scientists creating the ultimate party animal in a lab ala 1930s Frankenstein Lab.
>How about a "meeting" between Callie and "queen callista" from Bride of the Pastmaster
>Something involving exploding beans.

>How about Rags walking coolly away from an explosion?
>Nicole Watterson, the MILFiest MILF to ever be a MILF.From The Amazing World of Gumball.
>MLP:FIM - Zecora, Mayor Mare, other characters
>Demona and Eliza hatesex?
>sexy ladies? Manta Ray?
>Sage as a professional wrestler.Dressed as Hulk Hogan, in a match with Rags as The Ultimate Warrior
>Dischord vs Q in a battle to see who can annoy the other's target worse (Piccard for Dischord and Celestia or Twilight for Q) the worst
>Sechs involved in some titfucking action?
>some Djinn and Efreet ladies.
>Katia Managan dozing adorably in ASOTIL's arms next to a camp fire in the middle of the night? :3
>Sechs as Captain Morgan? With Sage or Rags as the Barrel.
>Sechs want Snu Snu! If not, maybe possibly Julie Bruin? :D
>> No. 349 ID: abd393
File 132603659039.jpg - (123.64KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120107_wisdom.jpg )
You and your crazy word filters.

Note! There is a lot of other stuff I should be doing, so at the moment I don't know when I'll be able to get to draw up requests.
>> No. 350 ID: e5b9d4
If wisdom is boobies, what would that make charisma or intelligence?
>> No. 351 ID: 42e68a

Charisma = Ass
Intelligence = Penis

>> No. 353 ID: 8f9199
That strikes me as misogynistic. Other way around.
>> No. 354 ID: 46316b
Then again, wizards do handle staves.
>> No. 356 ID: abd393
File 132658607813.jpg - (121.76KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120115_snusnu_sjb.jpg )
>Sechs want Snu Snu! If not, maybe possibly Julie Bruin? :D

How about both together?
>> No. 357 ID: c128ad
File 132662133055.gif - (486.59KB - 263x150 - Original Filename: epic brofist.gif )
How did you become so awesome?
>> No. 358 ID: 42e68a

>> No. 359 ID: 4402d8

Moar snu snu girls pls.
>> No. 360 ID: 42e68a

Hmm. Mora, Alej, and Tila, perhaps?
>> No. 361 ID: 4402d8
Go nuts, if Comrades willing that is.
>> No. 362 ID: abd393
You're welcome!

That's Las Lindas, right? Another thing I ought to be taking a look at. I only ever skim the threads in /com/...
>> No. 363 ID: 0f9640
File 132676594887.png - (323.67KB - 640x478 - Original Filename: 1213609628854.png )
I know you're probably sick of SwatKats, but I'd really love it if you draw another picture of Turmoil.
Art of her is pretty few and far between.

I mean she's pretty big on uniforms and she does have an all female crew... But just about anything with her would be great and appreciated.

Cheers and happy new year!
>> No. 364 ID: abd393
File 132681338016.jpg - (128.29KB - 600x900 - Original Filename: 20120117_cvstdom.jpg )
Turmoil+Harem goes on the list for future consideration*.

Have this to tide you over in the meantime.

*I have a big, important project to work on at the moment, which means I will probably end up working on these requests instead.
>> No. 369 ID: 8f9199
File 132758559010.png - (52.80KB - 800x236 - Original Filename: 20040415_fMLC.png )
Could you do this scene with Rainbow Dash as Nanase/Nancy, Applejack as Ellen/Elaine, and Twilight as Justin?
>> No. 370 ID: 0f9640
>Mistress Briggs
>promise of potentially more Turmoil

You are now officially the best drawfriend ever in my book
>> No. 375 ID: abd393
File 132897667571.jpg - (116.59KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120209_mirandakamabath.jpg )
Just passing by to drop off a /co/ request:
Wakfu's Miranda in a bath of coins. It should be Kamas, but I didn't have time to draw all those little Ks.


I'd set up a Furaffinity account, but I can't think of a username. The obvious name I'd like to use is unavailable due to it containing a forbidden word. </firstworldproblem>
>> No. 376 ID: 42e68a

Set up a Tumblr.
>> No. 389 ID: 035de5
>> No. 403 ID: f81d62
File 133063062438.jpg - (90.10KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120301_ppaerobics.jpg )
Excuse the slowpoking. Been busy.
Repost due to spotting error.

>> No. 404 ID: 8f9199
Latest episode is just asking for bodygloves.
>> No. 405 ID: f81d62
File 133164241076.jpg - (110.22KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120313_bodysuits.jpg )
That did occur to me.
>> No. 406 ID: a0bf93
In honor of spring, how about a red breasted robin?
>> No. 407 ID: 62c33d
File 133243275655.jpg - (50.52KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120322_robins.jpg )
Der spring is sprung
Der grass is riz
I wonder where dem boidies is?

Der little boids is on der wing
Ain't dat absoid?
Der little wings is on de boid!

The American robin represents spring; the British robin is more closely connected with winter.
>> No. 408 ID: 62c33d
File 133269007121.jpg - (50.83KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120325_robins2.jpg )
Repostan, because I realised I could use better colour reference.
>> No. 414 ID: 3a75ff
A female tech priest with dildo mechandrites.
>> No. 415 ID: 62c33d
File 133599470674.jpg - (75.53KB - 750x750 - Original Filename: 20120502_fxc_abs.jpg )
Turmoil's Harem is giving me problems what with trying to fit 5 characters in together.

So I ended up doing this instead.
>> No. 416 ID: 4eb591
>5 characters
I am quite intrigued.
>> No. 417 ID: 62c33d
Turmoil vs Callie+Felina+Anne+Abi.

Trying to find an interesting composition, without much success; haven't got anything I'm completely happy with.

Or I might make it a series instead.
>> No. 418 ID: b6c5b9

I say go with a series approach where each girl gets treated a different way by Turmoil.
>> No. 419 ID: 4eb591
That could work well. More Turmoil is always good and I could certainly dig four domination's or such.

If you wanted to have a picture involving Turmoil and her troops, you could always have one of them bent over with her sitting on her, and another being used as a footrest with a third on a leash or something.
>> No. 420 ID: e8b890
Legend of Korra bit

After Bolin has his heart crushed by Korra ( http://images.wikia.com/avatar/images/5/51/Bolin_crushed.png ), Pabu does the generic Hentai bit of "... Maybe I can be your girlfriend..". Anthro Pabu (and female?) or standard Pabu is your choice
>> No. 421 ID: e36b99
I request two greaser chipmunks with nails in boards menacingly standing over another chipmunk with cinnamon on his face, and one of the greasers is saying 'where have you been, pretty boy?'

Here's the context:
Chipmunk Huntyoutube thumb
>> No. 423 ID: 406dbf
File 134054105267.gif - (51.16KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: wip-tvsas.gif )
Dominatrix!Turmoil update - in between working on other projects I started putting some sketches together, then left them to sit a while before going back to them with a fresh mind. Turns out there was a lot of 'room for improvement', so it's back to the drawing board...

Turmoil Vs Abi was the only one that came out as I wanted it first time around. Here's the work in progress; feedback appreciated, especially if anyone spots any errors or has suggestions.
>> No. 424 ID: 406dbf
File 13405411526.jpg - (40.96KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120623_princessromy.jpg )
Haven't had much oppprtunity to Drawthread recently, but I found time to draw Princess Romy for a Caturday thread.
>> No. 425 ID: 406dbf
File 134054135010.jpg - (52.51KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120624_calliecake.jpg )
Also, I was about to finish for the day when an Anon made a Callie request on account of it being their birthday, so I figured I had time for one last quick sketch.
>> No. 426 ID: c94822
Really liking this one, especially Abi's costume and Turmoils foot placement. The only suggestion I think I could make for this one is to maybe not have Abi's tail scrunched up like that.

You're good people; I'm sure he/ she must have really appreciated that.

As always, things are looking good and thanks for posting (and doing) your art!
>> No. 428 ID: 406dbf
File 134107161598.gif - (53.52KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: wip-tvsf.gif )
Noted. I've redrawn Abi's tail.

Work in progress for Turmoil Vs Felina:
The boxing gloves are a callback to >>282.
Any suggesions? Areas for improvement?

I think I know what I'm doing for Callie and Anne now, just got to tidy up the sketch.
>> No. 429 ID: 406dbf
File 134109708147.jpg - (39.82KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120630_katia.jpg )
I drew this for a Caturday thread, but 4chan is currently broken and I can't post it there.

I don't read Prequel. All I know from skimming the threads in /com/ is that she's out in her skivvies and stuff is catching fire for some reason. Also I forgot her bandages.
>> No. 430 ID: 8f9199
Awesome! (But her underwear is body paint)
>> No. 431 ID: c94822
For this one, I'd say maybe have Felina with a look of shock and some 'blush' (surprised she gets off to being hit) but that's just a minor personal preference. Maybe also arcing her body a little more to recoil from the hit.

As always, looking good! (and it's good to know that I'm not the only one having problems trying to view that thread)
>> No. 432 ID: c94822
aaaaand the thread's back up. Saw an interesting idea that I'll go ahead and post. Because delicious Counting Cougar from TUFF Puppy:

>Mrs. Katswell, Kitty in cute/ sexy outfits,
How about Mrs. Katswell struggling to fit her glorious MILFy thickness into Kitty's various cute/sexy outfits?

Just imagine her in Kitty's scout uniform, that magnificently huge ass crammed into those shorts. Or in Kitty's tight spy outfit from Super Duper Crime Busters, cleavage bulging out of her neckline. (Is there a boob equivalent of a muffin top?)

I'm now imagining Counting Cougar in a skimpy cocktail dress dragging Mrs. Katswell in a way too small outfit to a 'clubbing' style bar to attempt to teach her how to hunt for young easily obtainable men.

>Counting Cougar starts bumping and grinding up against someone
>He lifts the hem of the small dress just over the booty
>Then the inevitable
>Right there on the dance floor

oh my god, this is genius
insecure home wife MILF that wants to feel young again and a sexually active cougar becoming friends and going out to enjoy night life.
it's both a wonderful concept and really fucking hot.

That second to last bit... Oh my yes.
>> No. 433 ID: 406dbf
File 13411793224.gif - (56.78KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: wip-tvsf2.gif )
Okay - here's Felina version 2. Still needs some work. Any thoughts?

That was the first of the many things I learnt today.
>> No. 435 ID: c94822
NOW we're talken'!
Excellent adjustments my friend. The impact of the hit now feels much more tangible in my opinion.
>> No. 436 ID: dbee95
Could you do one of Quill-weave reading "The Lusty Argonian Maid"?
>> No. 437 ID: 8f9199
File 134168702936.jpg - (22.08KB - 300x300 - Original Filename: Big Book.jpg )
In a similar vein, Rainbow Dash reading this book.
>> No. 438 ID: 406dbf
File 13416880678.jpg - (68.13KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120707_cleodixieroxy.jpg )
Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla?

This weeks Caturday offering.
>> No. 439 ID: 406dbf
File 134177026471.gif - (55.58KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: wip-tvsc.gif )
Turmoil Vs Callie, work in progress.

Need to fix Turmoil's corset. Any feedback/suggestions?
>> No. 440 ID: c94822
It's probably just the way you have it in its sketched form, but it's looking like Callie's packing one hell of a bulge.
LOVING the posing and Turmoils tail placement here personally. Only change I could think of would be to maybe consider having Turmoil tapping the riding crop on her ass with maybe more of an angry than worried face to skip around the inevitable creepy fart shops.
This is probably my favorite in the series so far. Cheers and keep up the amazing work! /co/ loves ya
>> No. 441 ID: 8f9199
She doesn't look very restrained. Either tie her hands to her legs, or put her arms tied behind her back.
>> No. 442 ID: 2f45b7
Turmoil's midsection looks off. Move her upper body a bit to the right.
>> No. 443 ID: 406dbf
File 134185198380.gif - (60.90KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: wip-tvsc2.gif )
Okay, here's version 2. Some details weren't clear on the small WIP sketch, so I'll elaborate here:

I really wasn't sure what to do with Turmoil's arms, so I've redrawn them. How's her body now?

Callie's 'bulge' is actually a little apron, which I've redrawn here.

Callie's wrists are shackled to her ankles, which I hope you can see clearer on the inset. (At the moment, Anne Gora has her arms behind her back and I didn't want to repeat myself...)

>> No. 444 ID: 8f9199
Ah Much more clear.
>> No. 445 ID: c94822
Gotta say that I kind of miss the riding crop, but this one looks a tn better over all.
Super excited to see all of these finished!
>> No. 446 ID: d362d4
I would use ropes or handcuffs to bind her hands to her legs rather than shackals. It would make the binding clearer and put a little more variety in the picture
>> No. 447 ID: 406dbf
File 134211156336.gif - (49.28KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: wip-tvsc3.gif )
Discovered there was something wrong with Callie's legs and ended up redrawing and repositioning.

Thanks for the feedback, it's all appreciated; keep it coming.
>> No. 448 ID: 406dbf
File 134211719151.gif - (57.87KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: wip-tvsag.gif )
Audience participation time! Help me figure out this last one: Turmoil and Anne Gora.

So there's a senses thing going on here with Turmoil teasing a gagged and blindfolded Anne.

Not sure what to do with Turmoil's right arm again. I was also thinking of working in a bullet vibrator somehow; my early sketches had them taped to Anne's breasts.

Any suggestions?
>> No. 449 ID: 8f9199
I'd switch the feather for a candle dripping wax. It would match better with the expression of pleasure and pain and anticipation on Anne's face.
>> No. 450 ID: c94822
Toys are ALWAYS good in my opinion.

I'm getting more of an impression that her eyes are rolled up in her head and she's drooling from ecstasy.
>> No. 452 ID: 406dbf
File 134239242168.jpg - (56.48KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120715_tango.jpg )
I have not drawn many rabbits for /co/, so I dropped by a Bunday thread.

Here's Lola dancing with 'Cathy'.
>> No. 455 ID: 406dbf
File 134298443152.jpg - (56.99KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120722_alleykatabra.jpg )
Alley Kat Abra for Caturday.
>> No. 456 ID: 406dbf
File 134298448469.jpg - (54.80KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120722_wonderwabbit.jpg )
And Wonder Wabbit for Bunday.

I'll have to draw Yankee Poodle at some point - what day do the dogs get?
>> No. 457 ID: 8f9199
I think they get a few days in August.
>> No. 458 ID: 406dbf
File 13431656054.jpg - (53.88KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120724_yankeepoodle.jpg )
Wikipedia sez: The Dog Days of Summer are usually between the 24th of July to the 24th of August.

So it's appropriate for me to post (albeit 20 days late for Independence Day) Yankee Poodle.
>> No. 459 ID: 406dbf
File 134332940097.jpg - (61.94KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120726_stackedcanary.jpg )
While I'm on a Zoo Crew kick, I drew Stacked Canary for a Feathursday thread.
>> No. 460 ID: 4a1b94
She Taut she Taw a puddy tat?
>> No. 461 ID: 406dbf
File 134408692481.jpg - (70.51KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120802_headlock.jpg )
Another Feathursday doodle.
>> No. 462 ID: b6c5b9

>Duckman fanart

>> No. 463 ID: 406dbf
File 134418903760.gif - (54.88KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: wip-tvsag2.gif )
Finally had an idea about what to do with Turmoil's other hand. Any thoughts?
>> No. 464 ID: c94822
Not really one for feet, but it looks quite good.
>> No. 465 ID: 406dbf
File 134597978786.jpg - (65.69KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120825_pollyester.jpg )
Caturday: Polly Ester
>> No. 466 ID: 406dbf
File 134597983766.jpg - (61.29KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120826_quadrapedia-pam-po.jpg )
Caturday: Pam and Polly
Eek! the Cat: Quadrapedia
Quadrapedia (Eek! the Cat)youtube thumb
>> No. 467 ID: 406dbf
File 134599897756.jpg - (61.58KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20120826_maetermilk.jpg )
Caturday: Shanet, Maeterlinck's Blue Bird.
>> No. 469 ID: 406dbf

I'll be uploading most of my drawthreading pics to there, but I'll still post new art here.

Hai to you too, Freehaven.
>> No. 470 ID: df0823
>> No. 471 ID: 406dbf
What, am I dense? Am I retarded or something? Or does FurAffinity really not have Fox under its species list thinger?

Also - I'm sure there was a thread somewhere where folks were announcing their FA accounts, but I'm not sure where to look. Otherwise, any artist recommendations for Watching?
>> No. 472 ID: 7c1f4d

1.) I don't see "fox" on the species list; I'll bring it up with Dragoneer.
2.) I recommend traversing through the favorites and watchlists of artists you like.
>> No. 473 ID: 7c1f4d

As for the "fox" thing, Dragoneer sez:

>Canid - Vulpine
>> No. 474 ID: 406dbf
Hurpings and Derpings, how on earth did I miss that?

You and Dragoneer have my (sheepish) thanks.
>> No. 475 ID: df0823
Could you draw Gadget and Smurfette with accurate height difference? (smurfette being "three apples tall" and Gadget being about as big as a mouse)
>> No. 476 ID: 406dbf
Is there any kind of official height listed for Gadget? Smurfs seem to vary in height depending on the media (a side effect of being measured in something as variable as fruit, I suppose); I've found a wiki that says they're anything between 3 to 7.5 inches (the recent movie).

In other news, now that I've found that stats thing on FA, it seems this recent outage is having a phenomenal effect on the viewing figures of that last SwatKats pic I uploaded, which is still on the read-only browsing page.
>> No. 477 ID: df0823
If I had to make an estimation based on surroundings in their respective shows. it would be about 3.5 inches for gadget and about 7.5 for Smurfette.
>> No. 478 ID: 406dbf
File 134817408759.jpg - (186.03KB - 900x750 - Original Filename: 20120920_tvsasdom.jpg )
Finally got around to making progress on this.

Does the blue background work? Is there anything I've missed or any last minute suggestions before I consider this completed?
>> No. 479 ID: 68d5a6
I am aware that you drew Carmelita Fox and Kitty Katswell, but can you draw them together in a single picture?

I am asking since Carmelita's voice actress for Thieves in Time is the same one who did Kitty Katswell.
>> No. 480 ID: 455c79
can't go wrong with blue/ orange contrast

as for suggestions, may I recommend an alternate version where Turmoil's boot is a little moist from pressing up against ehr little plaything, along with some spit where she's licked her other boot?
>> No. 481 ID: 406dbf
File 134851738160.jpg - (186.46KB - 900x750 - Original Filename: 20120924_tvsasdom.jpg )
Take 2. I was trying to figure out how to render the wetness and saliva when I remembered there was plenty of reference here at tgfb for inspiration. Also put in a couple of minor tweaks.

So how's this? Did I go overboard on the drooling or is it just right?
>> No. 482 ID: 406dbf
File 13485176303.gif - (56.62KB - 400x600 - Original Filename: 20101018_carmelitasadvice.gif )
I did do this a while ago, but I don't think this is what you have in mind!

Hold that thought, though, I think I have an idea for this one...
>> No. 483 ID: 406dbf
File 134860213238.jpg - (76.46KB - 284x600 - Original Filename: abi-plaid.jpg )
Can't stop tinkering.
Plaid skirt: aye or nay?
>> No. 484 ID: df0823
File 134861405467.jpg - (102.63KB - 405x1202 - Original Filename: science-of-kilts.jpg )
Aye. Plaid is awesome.
>> No. 485 ID: 406dbf
File 134918833477.jpg - (116.68KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20121002_kittyxcarmelita.jpg )
I kind of got fixated on them having the same VA so I drew them sharing tongues. It occurs to me that this too might not be what you had in mind.
>> No. 486 ID: 406dbf
File 134918861112.jpg - (186.49KB - 900x750 - Original Filename: 20121002_tvsas.jpg )
Turmoil and Abi Sinian.

I'll call this one finished here.
On to the next one.
>> No. 487 ID: 68d5a6

Its a good start. Now I would like to see them nude while they continue make out.
>> No. 488 ID: 455c79
also: what are the odds of any Mitzi (From Lackadaisy Cats) content (r34 or not)? She's got nothing and I both grave and fear such a thing.
>> No. 490 ID: 406dbf
File 135023373798.jpg - (87.86KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: wip-skmisc-tvscb.jpg )
Work in Progress - Turmoil vs Callie.
Stil need to figure out the background and a couple of small details.

Any glaring errors that I've somehow missed?
>> No. 491 ID: f3e109
Looks fine to me
>> No. 495 ID: 406dbf
File 135171404666.jpg - (133.28KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20121031_tot_cucumber.jpg )
So Halloween pics...

Cucumber Quest: Almond/Oscar, Princess Nautilus/Ariel and Cucumber/Rincewind.

Why didn't you make a costume with legs, Nautilus?
>> No. 496 ID: 406dbf
File 135171415575.jpg - (80.84KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20121027_tot_carmelia.jpg )
From a Halloween Drawthread last weekend.
Grey Delisle also did the voice for Wubbzy.
>> No. 497 ID: 406dbf
File 135187876717.jpg - (169.08KB - 900x900 - Original Filename: 20121102_tvscb.jpg )
Turmoil and Callie Briggs.

I'll call this one complete too.
>> No. 499 ID: f3e109
I'm just now noticing that Turmoil's not wearing panties. BUENO.

Also thanks for posting the Halloween stuff! I love the holiday and I can never get enough related content of it. Smutty or not.
>> No. 500 ID: 406dbf
File 135240523521.jpg - (134.50KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20121108_bikers.jpg )
I'm a couple of weeks behind on The Looney Tunes Show.
>> No. 502 ID: 406dbf
File 135250314178.jpg - (77.38KB - 400x800 - Original Filename: 20121109_tennisgirl.jpg )
I haven't seen Looney Tunes ep6 yet; I only saw the pre-titles bit where Bugs and Lola are playing tennis.
>> No. 504 ID: 6e46aa
Freaking DeLisle is making me request this with her awesomeness:
>> No. 505 ID: 406dbf
File 135264078883.gif - (26.73KB - 272x530 - Original Filename: wip-tvsf3.gif )
Working on the next one, but I'm stuck on Turmoil's pose; something doesn't seem quite right. I'd like her to be 'stepping into the swing', but the twist of her body and her legs don't seem to be working and I can't spot what's wrong.

Any suggestions?
>> No. 506 ID: 6e46aa
Well, first of all, if she's stepping into a hit, then she has the wrong leg forward. Look at a baseball pitch for a reference. Also, the swing should probably be angled a bit. Otherwise it just looks like she's flicking it downwards.
>> No. 507 ID: 406dbf
File 135282365185.gif - (47.98KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: wip-tvsf4.gif )
Yes, it's an overhead swing.

Anyway - I've redrawn her so she's standing side-on. Does this work?
>> No. 508 ID: 6e46aa
Her right leg looks a bit funny, I don't know how. Like she has a lump where her leg hits her hip instead of the leg forming into the hip, but otherwise much better.
>> No. 509 ID: 406dbf
This is just a sketch, so fixing it is not a problem. At least I now know I'm on the right track, pose-wise. Thanks for the feedback!
>> No. 510 ID: 6e46aa
Glad my expertise is good for something. Also, just a recommendation for increased impact: Metal studs on the flogger. Vanilla floggers do sting like a motherfucker, but they generally don't give the kind of impact that you're depicting. Giving it a little more weight would match the reaction better.
>> No. 514 ID: 406dbf
File 135419361387.jpg - (183.79KB - 900x900 - Original Filename: 20121129_tvsff.jpg )
Turmoil and Felina Feral.

Three down, one to go.
>> No. 515 ID: c128ad
It's fun to watch you improve over time, I have to say.
>> No. 517 ID: e4fc10
Ah yes, very nice
>> No. 518 ID: 406dbf
File 135448077162.jpg - (181.63KB - 900x900 - Original Filename: 20121202_tvsag.jpg )
Turmoil and Ann Gora.

All done, unless there's something critical I missed.
>> No. 519 ID: e4fc10
Love the details in this one, especially the heart markings all over.
>> No. 530 ID: 08920e
As always it's looking good!

Any chance for some christmas themed bondage this year?
>> No. 531 ID: c128ad
I'd be content with a x-mas themed pic, period.
>> No. 533 ID: 406dbf
File 135618592940.jpg - (81.83KB - 750x750 - Original Filename: 20121222_sable.jpg )
Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me.

Now that you mention it, I was working on a little something.
>> No. 534 ID: 406dbf
File 135628556418.jpg - (156.64KB - 750x750 - Original Filename: 20121223_naughtyandnice.jpg )
Merry Christmas to yez.
Whatever and however you celebrate this season, I hope it is pleasant.
>> No. 535 ID: c128ad
Suppose it's too late to ask for a Santa Rags or something? :p
>> No. 536 ID: 08920e
Thanks for the Christmas lady gifts and have a merry Christmas yourself!
>> No. 537 ID: 08920e
Any chance for a New Years Eve catlady? Callie or other?
>> No. 538 ID: 406dbf
File 135682012824.jpg - (63.50KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20121229_blueangel.jpg )
Nicole Watterson (after Marlene Deitrich).

Oops, yeah, I was away for a few days.
>> No. 539 ID: e4fc10
I'd Auld her lang syne
>> No. 542 ID: 406dbf
File 135698553947.jpg - (219.95KB - 900x643 - Original Filename: 20121230_swatkats2013.jpg )
How about four New Years Eve catladies?
Happy New Year to you.

Also: SwatKats is 20 years old.
>> No. 543 ID: 406dbf
File 135705466670.jpg - (86.24KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20121231_doggytreats.jpg )
New Year's Eve Muttday thread. Obviously I couldn't stick around long.
>> No. 544 ID: 406dbf
File 135705472510.jpg - (74.41KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130101_brendaspringer.jpg )
At least it's still here today.
>> No. 545 ID: 08920e
Delicious delicious boobwindows and cleavage
Cheers and thanks! Hope your new year rocks and thanks for all the great drawings in 2012!
>> No. 549 ID: 406dbf
File 135862546441.jpg - (71.63KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130119_milady.jpg )
So I recently finished reading "The Three Musketeers". I thought I'd read it before, but apparently I hadn't. Or I was getting it confused with Dogtanian.
>> No. 550 ID: 406dbf
File 135870172144.jpg - (61.30KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130120_nutsandgum.jpg )
/co/ drawthread. As requested by Freehaven.
>> No. 552 ID: 406dbf
File 13604204717.jpg - (82.79KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: sechstena-ragthy.jpg )
>> No. 553 ID: c128ad
>> No. 554 ID: 7b3d70

>> No. 555 ID: 83ce71
Just when I thought Rags couldn't get any girlier. Poor guy needs testosterone therapy.
>> No. 587 ID: 579f34
So, In an older drawthread you did some D&D characters, and I lost some of them. Specifically the cowboy bard. Could you post that one again?
>> No. 588 ID: 406dbf
File 136196633951.jpg - (41.10KB - 400x400 - Original Filename: 20100609_panpipesbard.jpg )
You mean this one?
>> No. 589 ID: 579f34
Yes, thank you! Thanks a bunch.
>> No. 593 ID: 429b22
Don't know if you're still into fielding requests, but I would love an 80's Callie; complete with Peg Bundys giant delicious feathered hair.

You know she had an 80's phase...
>> No. 596 ID: 406dbf
File 136378250550.jpg - (98.78KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130317_pantthycagedance.jpg )
/co/ drawthread.

Always lurking, but I've got some big projects demanding my attention at the moment. Hold that thought, though!
>> No. 597 ID: 406dbf
File 136405671888.jpg - (82.59KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130323_calliebundy.jpg )
>> No. 598 ID: 4748b9
That is... I... Oh my. Thank you for this. Any chance you could post a higher resolution so I could desktop it?
>> No. 599 ID: 406dbf
File 136431499232.jpg - (51.19KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130326_threeappleshigh.jpg )
And six months later, here we are.
>> No. 600 ID: 68d5a6
File 13643376231.jpg - (18.72KB - 300x451 - Original Filename: 154919-89793-maggie_large.jpg )
I would like to have Maggie Reed from Gargoyles dance in a Belly Dancer outfit.
>> No. 602 ID: 579f34
Now that's just too sweet. My Wisdom Tooth is starting to rot. I'll forward you my dental bills.
>> No. 603 ID: 406dbf
File 136457487936.jpg - (146.75KB - 900x900 - Original Filename: calliebundy900.jpg )
Is this big enough?
What's the usual size for desktop wallpapers these days?
>> No. 604 ID: 47a3c5
That will indeed work. Thanks!
As for wallpapers, my monitor resolution is 1440 x 900
>> No. 605 ID: 47a3c5
That will indeed work. Thanks!
As for wallpapers, my monitor resolution is 1440 x 900
>> No. 607 ID: 406dbf
File 136535462165.jpg - (82.87KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: project-swatkats-xx.jpg )
What with Swatkats being 20 years old this year, I was thinking of producing some art for the occasion, tentatively under the title of SwatKats XX.

This is something I'll be doing later in the year, but I'm just gathering my thoughts and collecting ideas at the moment.

I'll very likely make some kind of announcement over on my FA account, but I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas or suggestions?

Which characters (or character combinations!) don't get as much attention?
Do any episodes suggest a particular scenario?
What would you like to see?
>> No. 609 ID: e0bd6e
The first few (greentext) are old concepts I had a long while back... after that are some (kind of creepy) suggestions compliments of /co/:

>you will never bend Felina over a supply crate at an Enforcer air strip and ravish her there on the spot.

>you will never be at a desk with Callie underneath diving you a blowjob as you file paper work.

>Turmoil will never capture you and tie you up, dominating you and forcing you into sex with her or her all female crew.

>You will never meet Dr. Abi at the museum and after taking a guided tour be asked back to her private quarters to help her 'research some bones'.

>Ann Gora will never perform sexual favors on you for entrance into an exclusive press banned event.

it's not the same as letting passion and lust take over causing you to pull her pants down, eat her out, then bend her over for a hard fuck on the landing strip before a mission still in uniform with others watching. Moaning and panting as you both explore each other there in your fit of sexual ecstasy.

Turmoil and her female crew (say two or so) participating in an orgy with T-Bone

Or, Turmoil being fucked by T-Bone... or Turmoil sitting down in Dom gear as two of her crewmates massage her breasts (crewmates are leashed with Turmoil holding the ends of their leashes)

... or a sexy Callie pinup of her wearing an outfit/ costume of your choosing... or her getting a facial... or giving a footjob... or using a sex toy or two,

or just Turmoil and her lesbian crew... maybe in a cum bath or Turmoil jerking off someone (only penis shown) into a goblet and pouring it over herself and massaging it in... or drinking it,

in before Turmoil pours honey all over her naked body and forces Felina to lick her clean

Personally I'd like to see Razor and T-Bone making some mundane every day activities X-TREEEM, more Mistress Briggs and of course the "forgotten" girls that only you seem to draw like Dr. Abi (common fan theory is that she and Callie went to college and roomed together).
Another fun concept might be what the characters have been up to since the shows cancellation.

Just mine (and /co/'s) 2 cents.
>> No. 610 ID: 72d92f
File 136677027291.jpg - (864.49KB - 1572x2082 - Original Filename: d070edf38d770dbca006da589d9a259b.jpg )
Felina is seriously hot (pic related), but she doesn't seem to get much attention; everyone just draws porn of Callie.
>> No. 611 ID: 8b2773
File 136795021446.jpg - (134.57KB - 1127x457 - Original Filename: petunia1.jpg )
Any chance of some more love for the Looney Tunes Show gals? Poor Petunia in particular got the short end of the stick.
>> No. 612 ID: 8b2773
File 136795053393.jpg - (70.23KB - 500x412 - Original Filename: petunia2.jpg )
>> No. 613 ID: 406dbf
File 136811707339.jpg - (87.62KB - 750x750 - Original Filename: 20130419_piggyinthemiddle.jpg )
Here's one I prepared earlier.
>> No. 619 ID: 406dbf
File 13689090414.jpg - (46.19KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130518_roller-lola.jpg )
What is it about the kneesock/hotpants/rollerskates combo?
>> No. 621 ID: c128ad
Well the world needs more crazy Lola
>> No. 624 ID: 406dbf
File 136956622813.png - (30.01KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130525_leggy01.png )
/co/'s latest waifu-of-the-month.
Appeared for all of 10 seconds in the Droopy cartoon Sheep Wrecked and has been named Leggy Lamb.
>> No. 625 ID: 406dbf
File 136956628892.jpg - (42.16KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130525_leggy02.jpg )
Much OC was generated, and Leggy was joined by Peggy.
>> No. 626 ID: 406dbf
File 136956632272.jpg - (53.23KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130525_leggy03.jpg )
>> No. 627 ID: 406dbf
File 136956634594.jpg - (55.64KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130525_leggy04.jpg )
>> No. 628 ID: 406dbf
File 136956651184.jpg - (45.11KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 201350525_threebagsfull.jpg )
Also joined by Baabra (or Baba or something).
>> No. 629 ID: 5f79a1
good old /co/ flavor of the months
>> No. 630 ID: 406dbf
File 137061350821.png - (283.07KB - 748x1061 - Original Filename: WIP-flightsuit.png )
Work in Progress, Feedback requested:
sketched out an idea in Manga Studio (instead of Photoshop). I'll likely try doing the linework in MS before exporting it for colouring in PS.

Anyway: Callie joining Felina in her flightsuit.
Any glaring errors? Suggestions? Not sure about Callie's butt or where to put the arms on the right side of the image.
>> No. 631 ID: 579f34
Falina's left arm. Where is it?

Otherwise looks good. Can't see any glaring errors.
>> No. 632 ID: 406dbf
Yes - Felina's left arm and Callie's right arm. I'm not sure where to put them. I guess Callie is reaching in on that side too?

I might also reposition their heads, I can see a tangent forming there if I'm not careful.
>> No. 633 ID: 406dbf
File 137071897130.png - (93.89KB - 748x1061 - Original Filename: WIP-flightsuit2.png )
Refined the outlines.
Moved their faces closer together.
Felina's hand on Callie's butt.
Callie's butt/crotch area needs fixing. I could probably hide it with her tail, however.
>> No. 634 ID: 579f34
Looks good, but somehow looks even better flipped horizontally for some reason. Usually when that's done it makes flaws more apparent but it looks about the same if not better. So yeah.
>> No. 635 ID: 406dbf
File 137114195866.png - (50.86KB - 1128x864 - Original Filename: WIP-flightsuit3.png )
Pondering how much of Callie's ass I want to display... Felina's hand on Callie's bottom (mostly covered) or tail-pulling? Or what?

I'll bear that in mind for later.
>> No. 636 ID: 579f34
Hand on bottom. Hand on tail makes it look like she's pulling her OUT of the suit, and that's no good.
>> No. 637 ID: 406dbf
File 137132962721.png - (343.41KB - 699x992 - Original Filename: WIP-flightsuit4.png )
I think it's starting to get there.
Are Felina's hands too small?
>> No. 643 ID: 406dbf
File 137261072049.jpg - (129.97KB - 563x900 - Original Filename: 20130630_SK-flightsuit.jpg )
And I guess that's that.
Linework in Manga Studio, colours in Photoshop.
Working to a higher resolution than I usually do.
Thanks for all your feedback.
>> No. 649 ID: 36bb9e
As always, thanks for drawing!
>> No. 652 ID: 406dbf
File 137379815450.jpg - (61.10KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130714_mirandahotpants.jpg )
Caturday. Miranda experiences a wardrobe malfunction.
>> No. 656 ID: c128ad
Generic summer pic with tgfb characters!
>> No. 658 ID: 406dbf
File 137554862546.jpg - (60.40KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130803_beach-ivypepper.jpg )
Ivy splashing around for caturday.
>> No. 660 ID: 579f34
If you are still doing requests, could you do something of Grace from El Goonish Shive?
>> No. 665 ID: 406dbf
File 137760702599.jpg - (45.44KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130817_tomoeame.jpg )
Tomoe Ame for Caturday.
Got a couple of big projects on at the moment, but I'm always lurking.
>> No. 666 ID: 406dbf
File 137760707372.jpg - (44.48KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130826_sweetrosieogravy.jpg )
Muttday. Rosie O'Gravy, after Betty Grable.
>> No. 669 ID: 406dbf
File 137802875158.jpg - (63.20KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130831_saloonlola.jpg )
You know this was never not going to happen.

Only one episode left and then that's all folks. I enjoyed it and seeing Lola in cute outfits was an added bonus.
>> No. 670 ID: 80ff6d
Actually surprised how quickly /co/ warmed up to new Lola. You're right though; girls in different and/or fancy outfits is an amazing thing.

I know you're probably not taking any requests; but what are the odds you'dc onsider doing a poll/ lap/ cage dancing or stripping Panthy from El Arca one day?

Cheers and thanks for giving me a reason to keep checking back on tgfb each weel!
>> No. 671 ID: 406dbf
File 13782003615.png - (30.92KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130901_dom_hudson.png )
Mrs Hudson: Dominatrix.
Haven't drawn one of those for a while.

Thanks for tuning in!

I've already tackled the subject of Panthy cage-dancing in >>596...
>> No. 672 ID: fa9f4b
Preemptive fulfillment; gotta love it. Thanks!

I've got a few other ideas buzzing in my head, but I'll stow them until you open up requests again. Cheers and thanks again.
>> No. 673 ID: fa9f4b
Ok, sorry, but I gotta ask. It came to my attention that SwatKats had it's 20th anniversary today (Sep. 11) any chance for a commemorative piece sometime?
>> No. 675 ID: 406dbf
File 137899701859.jpg - (125.90KB - 900x900 - Original Filename: 20130908_blt.jpg )
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato.
Because ducks are connected to tomatoes somehow.

I am planning to do something about the SwatKats 20th anniversary (https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4796507/) but I've got a lot on my plate at the moment. Stay tuned for further developments.
>> No. 676 ID: 406dbf
File 137899728213.jpg - (127.12KB - 900x900 - Original Filename: 20130911_blt2.jpg )
Another BLT sandwich, plastic wrapped for freshness.

That's it for The Looney Tunes Show, I guess. Haven't heard anything about it being renewed for a third season. Still, I enjoyed it and it got some fanarts out of me.
>> No. 680 ID: 406dbf
File 138046295517.jpg - (51.96KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130921_toujoursgai.jpg )
Mehitabel (Shinbone Alley) for last week's Caturday
>> No. 681 ID: 406dbf
File 138046302683.jpg - (129.06KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20130929_bb-sk.jpg )
There was a recent fad on /co/ drawthreads for girls in Bible Black uniforms.
>> No. 694 ID: dee7d0
Good lord... so much yes.
Speaking of dressing up, any chance you'll be doing something for Halloween?
>> No. 695 ID: 406dbf
I'm preparing to dust off my Count Drawcula alter-ego and do another Halloween drawthread on /co/, very likely this weekend.
>> No. 701 ID: 211547
Guessing if you did one, it was deleted?
/co/s janitor looks to be having another anti-drawthread war.

In any case, if your open to suggestions, I'd love to see your take on 80's Callie having some saucy Halloween fun. Colleen from Road Rovers or Lola's mother also work.

In any case, thanks and have a happy halloween!
>> No. 702 ID: 406dbf
File 138323894841.jpg - (132.08KB - 750x750 - Original Filename: 20131026_halloween2013.jpg )
I (or Count Drawcula, anyway) was only around on the weekend, but the thread has managed to survive until now (pic related).

The General Drawthread is also kicking around, but I know the "Daily Furry Artdump" threads (Caturday, Feathursday, Herpetuesday et al) don't tend to survive very long.

Now that I've got most of my Halloween drawing done at the weekend, I really need to focus on a project that needs finishing ASAP but I also want to draw today too...
>> No. 713 ID: 211547
Anything planned for halloween? Perhaps some skanky puritan pilgrim lasses?
>> No. 716 ID: 579f34
Anything for El Goonish Shive. Please.
>> No. 728 ID: 406dbf
File 138714171661.jpg - (146.84KB - 900x900 - Original Filename: 20131215_ll-xmaskiss-a.jpg )
Merry Christmas to you all.

Life happens and I haven't been able to spend as much time doodling recently as I would like, nor does it look like I'll have the time in the near future.

I think I'm going to wrap up this drawthread here. Thank you for all your interest and support over the last few years and apologies to everyone who didn't get their request.

I'll still be lurking around here and posting on FA when I can.
>> No. 729 ID: 406dbf
File 138714180495.jpg - (138.19KB - 900x900 - Original Filename: 20131215_ll-xmaskiss-b.jpg )
You know there was going to be a part B.
>> No. 736 ID: 406dbf
File 138766497081.jpg - (68.33KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: 20131221_xmas_roxanne.jpg )
Saw your request on /co/, Sage.
>> No. 743 ID: f7f22a
File 139165651179.jpg - (117.16KB - 800x541 - Original Filename: 1112681%20-%20Daffy_Duck%20JK%20Lola_Bunny%20The_L.jpg )
hola soy esteban[b][/b]
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