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No. 3 ID: a40592
File 130197172772.jpg - (88.61KB - 504x504 - Original Filename: sd-dante-twitterbg.jpg )
Alright so I'm trying doing a bit of branching out and I guess it wouldn't hurt to post some of the things I do from time to time here. All I ask is that when I ask for some sort of crits or help that you be clear and precise. Don't say what's wrong, say what's wrong, why, and how it can be fixed.

Alright so...let's see how this goes.
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>> No. 4 ID: a40592
File 130197182012.png - (1.02MB - 1008x792 - Original Filename: sd-danteemma-pinned.png )
And just to make it interesting the linked picture? Let me know how to improve it, I'm looking at it and something looks weird with it. Think the female isn't sitting properly, what do you folks think?
>> No. 6 ID: a40592
File 130204390114.jpg - (97.62KB - 480x640 - Original Filename: sd-minicoffeesketch-danteemma2.jpg )
Sketch sketch sketch. Taken with my iPod so sorry for the grainyish look.
>> No. 35 ID: a40592
File 130256532698.jpg - (238.23KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-rebecca-sunshine.jpg )
Started as a warm up, want to take it further. Because I feel like it's too cute to just leave as is.
>> No. 59 ID: a40592
File 130265716797.jpg - (90.19KB - 480x640 - Original Filename: sd-minicoffeesketch-eleanorstretch.jpg )
Damn thumb...
>> No. 68 ID: a40592
File 130308759860.jpg - (250.04KB - 1100x1400 - Original Filename: sd-rebecca-sunshine.jpg )

Need to figure out what's up with my brushes. But happy with it none the less.
>> No. 69 ID: 4733e3
Your characters' heads seem to lack any real depth in the back, as if their skulls are deformed. Familiarize yourself with the basic skeletal/muscular structure of both human and animal heads, and try to draw animal/human heads in a more realistic manner; once you understand the underlying structure of heads, it will make stylizing heads that much easier.

(Yes, I am suggesting human heads alongside animal heads, since you are drawing humanoid figures and being able to mix parts of both animal and human bodies are important.)
>> No. 70 ID: a40592
File 130309830515.jpg - (96.89KB - 800x1000 - Original Filename: headshots.jpg )
Appreciate the honest input, haven't had that in a while.

Just so I understand what you're talking about I put up a quick sketch of how I build a basic stylized animal head, if you (or someone who agrees with you) could red line it I'd appreciate it. I tend to be a better visual learner than reading what someone says.
>> No. 71 ID: 16a405
File 130326359614.png - (299.30KB - 800x1000 - Original Filename: SD-help.png )
You seem to maintain awareness of the back of the head up until you hit the 7/8 view (girl in the pink night shirt) and the profile. I didn't see an issue with your 3/4 view nor your front view.


That's the PSD file, that way you can see the layers. Sorry for doodling, but I was just getting into the flow of things.

Feel free to ignore me, I'm just getting into digital artistry myself. I'd like to get into a decent community (DA seems a bust), and while yeah, I draw furry, I don't want to be a niche, so I'm avoiding FA...
>> No. 72 ID: a40592
Ah I see now. Thanks for the input.
>> No. 77 ID: a40592
File 130343338921.jpg - (159.36KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-sechsdoodle.jpg )
Messy sketch of Sechs. Because, the hell why not?

Actually was started as a random doodle, think I associate it with Sechs because I like her design.

But I'm rambling, might come back to it might not. No promises.
>> No. 78 ID: a40592
File 130343904213.jpg - (200.23KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-kingdeadrequest.jpg )
Sketch of an over due request. Posting it here to get some possible feedback while I wait for the person who requested it to get back to me.
>> No. 94 ID: a40592
File 130394519427.jpg - (72.81KB - 480x640 - Original Filename: sd-minicoffeesketch-huskygirl.jpg )
Random husky girl.
>> No. 96 ID: a40592
File 130403374076.jpg - (84.41KB - 480x640 - Original Filename: sd-minicoffeesketch-danteemma3.jpg )
Cuddles because I'm a bleeding romantic.
>> No. 109 ID: a40592
File 130491202172.jpg - (319.12KB - 1008x792 - Original Filename: sd-calydantemel-unconventionalthreeway.jpg )
One second folks.
>> No. 110 ID: a40592
File 13049121435.jpg - (305.18KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-calydantemel-unconventionalthreeway2.jpg )
Okay, so two different versions of this. I like this one more in terms of anatomy, but >>109 shows what's going on better.

Thinking of staying with this one, but want a couple of opinions before committing.

And of course any problems you notice point out. It'd be appreciated.
>> No. 113 ID: a40592
File 130508055218.jpg - (363.02KB - 1100x1400 - Original Filename: sd-calydantemel-unconventionalthreeway2.jpg )

Done like dinner, happy with it overall.
>> No. 114 ID: a40592
File 130541715117.jpg - (274.15KB - 1400x1100 - Original Filename: sd-danteemma-pinned2.jpg )

Tried a different shading tone instead of the blueish one I tend to use. Think it works a bit better. Kinda dark though. Easy enough fix though.
>> No. 117 ID: a40592
File 130568940619.jpg - (218.42KB - 1100x1400 - Original Filename: sd-lynxgirl-towels.jpg )
>> No. 118 ID: a40592
File 130594866975.jpg - (231.33KB - 1100x1400 - Original Filename: sd-lynxgirl-missaspot.jpg )

I dunno, at least I had fun with it.
>> No. 119 ID: a40592
Things I need to do to be a better artist. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2375539/
>> No. 132 ID: a40592
File 130672604336.jpg - (258.41KB - 1008x792 - Original Filename: sd-danteemma-intimacy.jpg )
Something I'm working on. Gonna finish it tomorrow in the morning hopefully.
>> No. 134 ID: a40592
File 130678595383.jpg - (327.27KB - 1400x1100 - Original Filename: sd-danteemma-intimacy.jpg )
>> No. 141 ID: a40592
File 130698572934.jpg - (211.08KB - 1100x1400 - Original Filename: sd-rebecca-dance.jpg )
>> No. 170 ID: a40592
File 130966191562.jpg - (276.60KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-dantepinup.jpg )
>> No. 171 ID: a40592
File 130973448687.jpg - (245.23KB - 1100x1400 - Original Filename: sd-dantepinup.jpg )
>> No. 172 ID: 1e62bc
Because it's kind of depressing to watch you get no responses, I'll cut in and point out that your heads have a very fake look to them, kind of like really detailed Muppet heads. The glass-ball eyes especially help in giving a soulless appearance to them.

My suggestions -
*Less lines on the face. Lines should exist predominantly in places where two shapes overlap. Adding lines where they are not needed creates the appearance of wrinkles, and ages the character considerably.
*Give depth to the eyes. The shading in your sclera (and in general, actually) is given very little contrast. The irises, on the other hand, are much more vibrant and use much stronger contrasts. Try using darker values in your shading.
*The mouth is, for a lack of a better term, wrong. It's too goofy and wide, and the face really draws the eyes to it. The dimples are way too large, too, and look much more like either wrinkles or cartoonish dimples. I'd say tone down the angle of the upturn and shorten it just a little. This is mainly a point in regards to your forward-facing heads; they look better (except for the dimples) from side and angle shots.
*The jaw is too narrow at the bottom, a dog muzzle is squarish from the front not triangular. Also, the muzzle looks to be angled downward in portrait, like at a 45 degree angle. To put it simply, you are using human anatomy rules for the front view, setting the nose at halfway down the head, even though with dog anatomy (and your side view) the nose is much closer to the middle of the face. This part, it's simply best to practice with life references. Try to build a dog head out of shapes to understand its construction and three-dimensional form. Again, this doesn't crop up much from other angles, but it's much more noticeable the closer the head is to facing the viewer.

Anyway, that's pretty much all about the heads. Your bodies are okay, not perfect but certainly passable. The most notable issue is that they're rather stiff at the torso. Most of the pictures suffer from the characters always having their backs straight (and for solo pics, straight up). Drawing from life, gesture drawing especially, can help better understand the flexibility of the torso. Other than that though, they're not bad.
>> No. 173 ID: c128ad
Sorry, I'd reply but I rarely am able to offer good, constructive critique
>> No. 174 ID: 60b0db
>> No. 221 ID: a40592
File 131217120734.jpg - (240.34KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-kate-allfours.jpg )
>> No. 223 ID: a40592
File 131232205521.jpg - (244.95KB - 1100x1400 - Original Filename: sd-kate-allfours.jpg )
>> No. 233 ID: a40592
File 131277349057.jpg - (265.39KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-dante-rooftop.jpg )
One of those things where you think you got everything sorted out and then...poof all inspiration for it goes away. I'll sleep on it.

Any comments are welcomed, might respark an interest.
>> No. 234 ID: d6d3c7
The angle of the silencer doesn't follow the angle of the gunbarrel.

try boxing out the whole thing with the silencer considered part of the barrel as opposed to something attached
>> No. 235 ID: d6d3c7
actually on a second look you boxed it out fine. Just needs a little re-inking
>> No. 236 ID: a40592
File 131355349369.jpg - (279.81KB - 1400x1100 - Original Filename: sd-dantepinup2.jpg )

So couple things, one need to pick a lighter shading tone, and he might be a bit elongated, not sure on that one.
>> No. 237 ID: 60b0db

I see a problem with your coloring, and that is this: it looks like a five-year-old trying to shade with one crayon color on top of another. Considering that you're working in digital coloring (as far as I can tell), this is inexcusable.

As far as body structure and anatomy goes:


That link leads to PDFs of books written by Andrew Loomis that deal with various aspects of drawing and art; they are some of the greatest books on drawing that I can recommend, as Loomis breaks things down to a point where anyone can understand them.

I also recommend checking out some shading tutorials and shading/color theory stuff to get a better grasp on that. If you're more into seeing shading done than reading a bunch of text, go to YouTube and search for videos on the subject -- videos like, say, this one:

Basic Photoshop Shading Tutorialyoutube thumb
>> No. 238 ID: a40592
File 131372686013.jpg - (186.91KB - 1100x1400 - Original Filename: sd-rebecca-danceoncemore.jpg )
>> No. 243 ID: a40592
File 131448561085.jpg - (215.83KB - 1100x1400 - Original Filename: sd-ottergirl.jpg )
>> No. 244 ID: a40592
File 131448562579.jpg - (229.70KB - 1400x1100 - Original Filename: sd-ottergirl2.jpg )
>> No. 245 ID: a40592
File 131519731037.jpg - (216.48KB - 1400x1100 - Original Filename: sd-eleanor-relaxed.jpg )
>> No. 290 ID: a40592
File 131769469471.jpg - (180.90KB - 1100x1400 - Original Filename: sd-rebecca-prettyinpink.jpg )
>> No. 291 ID: a40592
File 131832403586.jpg - (215.42KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-emmadante-embrace.jpg )
>> No. 368 ID: a40592
File 132757151089.jpg - (114.01KB - 1008x792 - Original Filename: sd-dante-sitting.jpg )

Bring live to this again.
>> No. 398 ID: a40592
File 132987903950.jpg - (224.02KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-eleanor-corset.jpg )
Thoughts on this one? Just noticed the right leg seems shorter than it should be. Gonna let it sit for the night before going into, mainly because I was busy at work and I'm a bit scattered brained now.
>> No. 399 ID: a40592
File 133018333461.jpg - (157.27KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-eleanor-corset.jpg )
>> No. 400 ID: a40592
File 133029350187.jpg - (243.48KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-eleanor-corset2.jpg )

I dunno, felt like doing another one.
>> No. 401 ID: a40592
File 133057689470.jpg - (192.02KB - 1008x792 - Original Filename: sd-danteemma-nap.jpg )
>> No. 410 ID: a40592
File 133324491561.jpg - (121.14KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-lynxgirl-poolside.jpg )
>> No. 427 ID: a40592
File 13410139515.jpg - (163.46KB - 792x1224 - Original Filename: sd-dante-pinup.jpg )
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