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No. 2 ID: 4733e3
File 130194141411.jpg - (49.44KB - 300x225 - Original Filename: i-have-an-idea_daria.jpg )
We've got adspace, and we're ready to give it to anyone who's willing to whore a little bit of their artistic talent out:

• If you draw a picture of Sage, Sechs, or Rags (or any combination of the three), you'll earn adspace for any amount of time up to two months. This means that you have essentially free reign to draw Sage, Sechs, and/or Rags how you see fit. (Obviously, we're not going to be comfortable with our characters being drawn in certain situations or doing certain things; if it seems questionable, please ask beforehand.)
• If you draw one of our special requests, you'll earn adspace for any amount of time up to four months. This means, however, that you're going to have to draw a specific idea from one of us.

We're not going to decide how long an ad will run by the quality of the image; instead, you will decide exactly how long you want your ad to run. If you want it to run for just a couple of weeks, or the full timeframe you've earned, it will be entirely your decision. The ad must be a 600x98 banner, and it can only be for sites/projects/products that you, the artist, are directly involved in (your FA page, an art auction, a paysite, etc).

Any artist listed as being completely DNP on this site is ineligible for this deal.

Reference material for Sage, Sechs, and Ragnarok can be found in the Gallery.
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>> No. 93 ID: 4733e3
A few of my own special requests, carried over from the old board:

• Sage having sex with Tina Lynx; preferably, this would feature Tina on top of Sage. Zig Zag and/or Sechs reacting to the scene somewhere in the background would be a fun bonus, but not necessary.
• Sage having sex with Tila Sunrise from the Las Lindas bonus comics "Dungeons and Dames" and "Breasts Are the Best".
• Any of the following characters in a revealing harem outfit: Gadget Hackwrench, Callie Briggs, Squirrel Girl, Sechs Fuckheaven
>> No. 95 ID: c128ad
• Rags the mighty, noble, awesome lolarbear with thunder hammer (from Warhammer 40,000, google it and you'll find it easy enough).

• Rags and Julie Bruin sex (Yes, this is a blatant ploy to get more Julie Bruin porn).

Uhh, when I think of anything else, I'll add it here.

http://tgfb.net/images/miranda-leigh_ragnarok.jpg is a good idea of how Rags looks and http://tgfb.net/images/unknown_love-and-marriage-2.jpg is a good idea of general height.
>> No. 409 ID: e8b890
Sechs + cumshot.

Can also be a surprise one too for added bonus points.
>> No. 411 ID: 4402d8
File 133351336380.jpg - (341.53KB - 1920x1080 - Original Filename: Desktop Background.jpg )
I'm not sure I can make the same offer on advertising space but now that I'm an admin I can at least post my own request list.

The reward: My undying appreciation.

>> No. 501 ID: a346cb
Silly question, is this offer of adspace still being ran?
>> No. 503 ID: 92f3a9
It is a permanent offer that I'm aware of. Its just not taken advantage of often.
>> No. 516 ID: c128ad
Yep, it's still available. It's just been a long time since anyone has bothered to do one of these for adspace. The last person we had, IIRC, was Miranda Leigh.
>> No. 540 ID: 29f0e8
I’ll leave it up to ID, Rags, and Sechs to decide if they wish to keep this deal going.

If they decide to keep it up, I’ll also leave it up to them to decide if they want to honor the deal for anyone who fills a request I’ve left in this thread.
>> No. 541 ID: c128ad
Spoiler alert, we are.
>> No. 546 ID: c128ad
Rags having teh sex with Nina.

Also, Sechs.
>> No. 551 ID: 92c86a
We want to buy ad space please contact us
>> No. 654 ID: c128ad
Sechs naked, grabbing her ankles.
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