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No. 156 ID: 944ed0 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 130820481216.png - (86.51KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: My first Shi Paint.png )
Just something I whipped up on PAWs. That's breaking the rules a bit.



This is pretty rough; just learning my way around the Shi Painter.
>> No. 157 ID: 944ed0
File 13082049259.png - (139.58KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: My first Shi Paint2.png )
Just an update of the last one. Yay for no more disembodied penorz.

Not used to this board; I somehow outstripped the site's upload limit...after one picture... :|
>> No. 158 ID: 944ed0
File 130820531113.png - (163.03KB - 600x600 - Original Filename: Numero Dos.png )
A much better one. This is the first time I've drawn cum...

My internet almost ate this one; luckily I saved it before uploading. The world nearly witnessed my infinite and unending rage, etc. etc.

Maybe I'll finish that hand someday...or perhaps she shall forever be a cripple with an incomplete outline.

No. 99 ID: 3378b6 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 130456008780.jpg - (821.22KB - 1000x707 - Original Filename: commblackdragon1800Cweb.jpg )
Starting a thread with my art-things again. I won't be uploading EVERYTHING, just the stuff I really like, because I have quite a few places to upload finished work to. D:

I start off with Sabella. Many pictures of her, in fact.
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>> No. 101 ID: 3378b6
File 130456019365.jpg - (696.01KB - 1000x707 - Original Filename: commblackdragon1800Dweb.jpg )
Sleeping! Fun pasttime, especially when naked.
>> No. 102 ID: 3378b6
File 130456021813.jpg - (207.73KB - 707x1000 - Original Filename: commblackdragon1800Bweb.jpg )
And makin' herself pretty for a night in. :D
>> No. 107 ID: 8109a7
Why is Sabella so awesome?
>> No. 150 ID: ebd856
how much do you usually charge?

No. 97 ID: 8850b3 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 130423023860.png - (1.17MB - 1499x2797 - Original Filename: sechscloud.png )

Original image: http://tgfb.net/images/spazzy_sechs-bed-2b.jpg
>> No. 98 ID: 8850b3
File 130423090663.png - (257.84KB - 818x1281 - Original Filename: ae.png )
The words in the OP image are from Sech's twitter.

Here's an image generated from my twitter in comparison.

No. 73 ID: 99c5cd hide quickreply [Reply]
File 13033634392.png - (377.38KB - 1000x800 - Original Filename: GDA-Lola Shows Off Mad Skills v3.png )
Well, my goodness - this TGFB place has lasted quite a while! Nice to see a nice variety of things here, always a good place to get some kinds of art, mmhmm.

So, where to begin? Well, let me introduce myself - I be GlenSkunk, OiNuttah on FA. Yes, THAT GlenSkunk - the one your friends warned you about! (Stick with Furry Drama Central or the Complaint Department if you want to mock me mercilessly, please.)

I've known Sage for some time actually, from looooong before TGFB came about. I suppose you could say I feel a bit obligated to post a little something of mine here, help add to the mix.

So what am I looking for here? A few things:

1) Constructive criticism and commentary on artwork of mine - I like to get an idea of what I've done wrong, as well as ideas on how I can go about fixing it!
2) Commissions! I like making money!
3) Inspiration - you never know when I'll come across an idea here and decide to draw it for shits and giggles. Ask Sage - I've drawn some Tina smut for him. XD

To get the ball rolling, I'm gonna put up a few things of mine...first, a quick and dirty Lola digital painting...
>> No. 74 ID: 99c5cd
File 130336348041.png - (386.31KB - 800x1000 - Original Filename: GDA-Babs Goes Squirt v3.png )
...next, a little herm Babs Bunny digital painting commission thingy...dun get any in your eyes now!
>> No. 75 ID: 99c5cd
File 130336353333.png - (177.44KB - 800x1000 - Original Filename: GD-Sabrina Sizzles in Summer v1.png )
Next up, a little inked thing of a skunkette named Sabrina, in time for summer - or at least, the hot weather we usually get here in So Cal. :P
>> No. 76 ID: 99c5cd
File 130336364072.jpg - (169.79KB - 1000x800 - Original Filename: GDAS-Tina On Top v2.jpg )
And, of course, because I know Sage still likes it, a little sketchy thing I did of Sage gettin' it on with Tina Lynx. (He likes 'em nice n' plump, makes 'em comfier to cuddle with!)

Oh, and just so ya know, every now and then I do some art streams. I usually announce them on my FurAffinity and InkBunny accounts!

No. 7 ID: d90287 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 13022236954.jpg - (366.92KB - 2000x1742 - Original Filename: kissing2_big.jpg )
I always liked doodling porn, and now people seem to like it, especially pics featuring my own 'sona, so Imma keep doing it.
>> No. 60 ID: dab297
Kindly do. Its good stuff, especially this one.
>> No. 66 ID: d535ff
File 130302333458.jpg - (246.64KB - 953x1100 - Original Filename: sherlyadept_sml.jpg )
And another! This time, a commission.

No. 58 ID: fafb40 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 13026445423.jpg - (158.37KB - 1210x757 - Original Filename: hostage situation.jpg )
Work in progress.
Got tips, pointers, ideas or suggestions go ahead and shoot them at me.

No. 36 ID: 4d609a hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 130257104593.jpg - (910.04KB - 2199x2796 - Original Filename: Dino male 3-some.jpg )
Here's a bunch of the M or M/M stuff I did back in the beginning of my time here in the fandom, and a few of the M or M/M commissions I did. This stuff was always something my heart wasn't ever really in, as I could never tell if it was hot or not (since I don't really care to see guys going at it), but eh. Enjoy.
15 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 53 ID: 4d609a
File 130257394613.jpg - (1.05MB - 1478x1859 - Original Filename: Winterdragon 7.jpg )
>> No. 54 ID: 4d609a
File 130257415513.jpg - (571.98KB - 1108x1393 - Original Filename: Winterdragon 8.jpg )
...and that's that. Discuss.

>> No. 55 ID: 529a4f
Soo....let me get this straight. The dude gets turned into a girl, and the other guy doesn't even bother to try out the new bits? That's like...buying a car with a sunroof and AC, but always cracking the side window when it gets hot.
>> No. 56 ID: 4d609a
File 130257746940.jpg - (47.21KB - 575x370 - Original Filename: 3181934_349_full.jpg )
I love you, Jerb.

No. 5 ID: ce9b59 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 130203556771.jpg - (414.96KB - 890x688 - Original Filename: FallenMadonna.jpg )
Post your ideas here. Maybe someone'll draw a picture.
>> No. 8 ID: 78975e
Draw Aussie giving Rags' massive black cock a ride up the ass.
>> No. 9 ID: 8850b3
>> No. 31 ID: 9acf67
An anthro circus stallion getting head from a non anthro lioness.

No. 29 ID: 9acf67 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 130241473912.png - (52.57KB - 637x619 - Original Filename: viperhorse.png )
So this is just a fun game I was proposing. I kept really close eye on your rules so I hope its not over the line.

Basically I had described a scene on another board. Viper runs a bar and she makes a little coin on the side using her 'disability' upon special request. Her current customer is a burly PF chang's style stallion.

This thread would be for various okaki or otherwise representations of the said scene if you were game. Different species are of course welcome substitutions if you like too!

This is an example of what someone scribbled for me previously!

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