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No. 498 ID: 6d6dfa hide quickreply [Reply]
File 13520056689.png - (249.61KB - 900x3095 - Original Filename: facial_expression_drill__a_different_kind_of_angry.png )

No. 340 ID: 9426b1 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132502785824.jpg - (57.40KB - 915x572 - Original Filename: 131799214490.jpg )
I'm gonna make this short, sweet, and to the point.

I'm a musician. I'm trying to get better at it. By this, I mean I'm working on my structuring, my riffing, my recording techniques, my singing, ALL OF IT.
I do mainly metal, the screaming kind, but I do branch out into rock, some acoustic, little bit of relaxation music.

Would anyone here be opposed to me posting a few songs here and maybe offering critique?

Also, how would you prefer I post the music? FA link? Youtube video(which I admittedly have no clue how to make one)? How?
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>> No. 346 ID: 913b72
Eh I really didn't wanna link to my FA but trying to get ready for this show has me so beat on music it isn't even funny.

I'll start you out with something relatively laid back for me. Keep in mind I do this all myself; the writing, the recording, all of it.

Here is a down tempo rock/grunge type track:
>> No. 422 ID: 4c0a67

Here's a brand new instrumental track I did. Check it out! I'm actually a bit proud of this one.
>> No. 468 ID: 7cf4b5
So I figured I'd post a couple of quick updates to this.

I know there are probably very few metal fans here, but it's whatevs.

This is a cover of Maroon 5's Harder to Breathe that I did. Unhappy as fuck with the mix. Thinking about redoing it once I get my studio thrown back together. Also...fuck Adam Levine and his retarded annunciation of words.

Radio rock. What more do you need to know?
Wrote this after I began fucking around with that intro and the effects on it. Not bad. Hate my clean vocals.
>> No. 489 ID: 7cf4b5
Band's got four of our songs up on Youtube.

Be much appreciated if you guys could check it out.
Trapaw - The Mentally Ill Have The Best Breakdownsyoutube thumb
Trapaw - Faceliftyoutube thumb
Trapaw - Where Were You When I Didn't Need You?youtube thumb
Trapaw - The Lobotomistyoutube thumb

No. 207 ID: 8850b3 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 131145043146.png - (310.18KB - 1024x576 - Original Filename: Prologo.png )
Somehow, I can never let go of Blender... Here's some stuff that fell out of my raytracer.
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>> No. 412 ID: 83ce71
File 13336076673.png - (939.12KB - 1920x1080 - Original Filename: cards.png )
>> No. 413 ID: 83ce71
File 133360768454.png - (1.03MB - 1920x1080 - Original Filename: kf3d.png )
>> No. 453 ID: 3e6e03
File 134248862678.jpg - (40.97KB - 298x406 - Original Filename: CACMcover_512.jpg )

Nice. Was that an homage to this?

Also, Utah Teapot is best teapot :)
>> No. 454 ID: 83ce71
You nailed it!

No. 3 ID: a40592 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 130197172772.jpg - (88.61KB - 504x504 - Original Filename: sd-dante-twitterbg.jpg )
Alright so I'm trying doing a bit of branching out and I guess it wouldn't hurt to post some of the things I do from time to time here. All I ask is that when I ask for some sort of crits or help that you be clear and precise. Don't say what's wrong, say what's wrong, why, and how it can be fixed.

Alright so...let's see how this goes.
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>> No. 400 ID: a40592
File 133029350187.jpg - (243.48KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-eleanor-corset2.jpg )

I dunno, felt like doing another one.
>> No. 401 ID: a40592
File 133057689470.jpg - (192.02KB - 1008x792 - Original Filename: sd-danteemma-nap.jpg )
>> No. 410 ID: a40592
File 133324491561.jpg - (121.14KB - 792x1008 - Original Filename: sd-lynxgirl-poolside.jpg )
>> No. 427 ID: a40592
File 13410139515.jpg - (163.46KB - 792x1224 - Original Filename: sd-dante-pinup.jpg )

No. 382 ID: a52615 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132905498035.jpg - (119.72KB - 400x611 - Original Filename: Terra rough wip.jpg )
I thought I'd post up some roughs for a wip sketch of a character of my design. If it violates any rules I'll take it down.
I don't mind criticism. I'd like it even, but not overly critical for the sake of it. Just some info on improving female anatomy. Anyhow, enjoy what it is.
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>> No. 394 ID: a52615
Bookmarked and worth trying.
On other things, are her hips too wide? I was told they might well be. I think they're probably roughly fine.
>> No. 395 ID: 8f9199
They are a bit wide. Thighs form a butt...she doesn't seem to have one.
>> No. 396 ID: a52615
File 132948223267.jpg - (120.04KB - 400x567 - Original Filename: Against a wall.jpg )
I wonder if this is an improvement?
>> No. 397 ID: 8f9199
The problem isn't the size of the legs, it's their distance apart.

No. 366 ID: bcfc00 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 132735368582.jpg - (109.95KB - 1000x1000 - Original Filename: chapterpage.jpg )
Huh, I'm now half tempted to make that the name of the comic as well.

Anyways here's a comic I've started, fantasy, anime inspired, all that jazz. Also *gasp, shock* it doesn't have a lot of furry content, also no porn, which is why this isn't going into any of the porn boards.

I can also take some fan art requests and I'll toss up an image of my main character in anthro form at some point.

I'll update whenever I'm not feeling lazy and this is also going onto my DA account.

So here, have the chapter 1 title page.

Critique is welcome, I know you guys will be honest with things that need fixing.
>> No. 393 ID: bcfc00
File 132945508898.jpg - (172.42KB - 1000x1000 - Original Filename: page1.jpg )
Ok, first actual page posted. For the record, I HATE this page, and can see many problems. However it's been sitting on my computer for weeks now and it had reached a point where I just needed to do what I could at my current level, post it, and move on. I can always rework it once I have more practice drawing comics.

Critique and suggestions are always welcome.

No. 261 ID: 7ee390 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 131627056987.jpg - (30.75KB - 337x362 - Original Filename: ITHINKIFAILIT.jpg )
I make pics into brick shitters.

Post requests here, and in the meantime I'm going to stuff this thread with my own junk.

I'll just post this shit in chronological order, the first ones are pure garbage, so don't need to tell me so.
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>> No. 379 ID: 2b54f5
File 132902688976.png - (801.12KB - 625x800 - Original Filename: Image004.png )
This is for WryterGirl, since I can't transfer this onto my laptop.
>> No. 380 ID: 2b54f5
File 132902721754.gif - (1.35MB - 510x516 - Original Filename: konata-waku-waku1.gif )
And if you're wondering....
>> No. 381 ID: 2b54f5
>> No. 388 ID: 58230a
Tee hee, oopsie. x3 Still a nice attempt though.

No. 377 ID: f6dbe2 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 132899595750.jpg - (769.14KB - 4961x3508 - Original Filename: front page.jpg )
Hi, just started work on a new comic, looking for constructive criticism, pointers advice and general preferences on what you would like to see.
>> No. 378 ID: f6dbe2
File 132899654439.jpg - (636.58KB - 4961x3508 - Original Filename: first chapter5.jpg )
Anyone ever made money off doing this stuff? Is this at a level where i could get commissions yet?

No. 246 ID: 56cfe2 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 131559057815.png - (57.03KB - 300x300 - Original Filename: big flitten icon.png )
I'm bored and have nothing really to do. So I'm gonna do a "Free Sketch Friday". 1 Picture/person. 2 characters maximum in a pic. Clean art only. (no violence, sexual content, or fetish art). It will be a pencil sketch, so don't expect it to be super incredible or anything. Try to be as specific as possible, and give good refs, please. :3 Pic just put for the sake of needing a picture.
10 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 365 ID: 2b54f5
Do you have an email so I can toss you the refs and stuff?

I kinda feel unconfortable posting shit here pertaining to my persona.
>> No. 367 ID: 58230a
Yeah, you could send it to this email here
>> No. 371 ID: 2b54f5
Alright I'll send it and attachments.
>> No. 373 ID: 58230a
Ok, got it. I'll see to sketching it up then.

No. 10 ID: e3af2e hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 130235156291.jpg - (59.01KB - 800x400 - Original Filename: 20110103_tgfdt2011.jpg )
New board, re-start.

Make requests or suggestions for me to draw.
A link to visual reference or detailed source is always appreciated. Please state sources! Don't expect me to know who all these characters are, especially if the names aren't unique or easily googleable.

Requests are subject to inspiration. Not all requests may be undertaken. Some requests may take longer than others. There is no need to bump or repeat requests.

These are NOT commissions! It's just for fun.
Quality may go down as well as up.

Are there any animals or creatures you'd like to see anthropomorphised? Drop a list and I'll see what I can do!
139 posts and 59 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 339 ID: 60c8c5
please PLEASE finish this...
It is amazing.
>> No. 341 ID: 83ce71
How about Sechs as Captain Morgan?
>> No. 343 ID: 8f9199
With Sage or Rags as the Barrel.
>> No. 345 ID: c128ad
File 132571397412.gif - (18.13KB - 175x266 - Original Filename: snu snu.gif )
Sechs want Snu Snu!

If not, maybe possibly Julie Bruin? :D

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