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No. 8234 ID: 38ef0d
File 136008353838.jpg - (30.00KB - 400x400 - Original Filename: 9683738@400-1358124857.jpg )
Comes out as FtM to own and mates family
Ruins both their lives
Begs for money
Receives donations
goes to NYFB
plans more conventions
Uses up all donation money
changes accounts
begs for more money.


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>> No. 8235 ID: 89fd2c
Comes out as FtM...who cares. Their life, not hurting anybody.
Ruins lives how, by admitting they're FtM? Does. Not. Compute. That's akin to saying you ruined your family's life by telling them you're gay. Ruined THEIR life, sure, if their family treated them like scum for it.

...desperately-needed donations, spent on cons, followed by pleas for more? THAT is worthy of being here.
>> No. 8236 ID: 1b1f7a

I find this idea wholly alien. The idea that I should be little affected if I find out the person I'm dating is trans.

If what I want is a woman, and I want children by that woman, I'd be pretty devastated if I found out that the woman I was dating was a dude. I can imagine that if a woman falls in love with a man and then finds out that that guy actually has a cunt that she'd be a tad vexed over it.

Then again I'm one of those evil oppressor cis people so I could be lying. It's entirely possible I feel pleasure only when oppressing non-cis people.
>> No. 8238 ID: 38ef0d
'she' told her mates family she was pre-op FtM. His family thought their son was dating a biological normal straight girl. Drama ensues, both of them are no longer welcome by both families.
>> No. 8239 ID: 38ef0d





>> No. 8241 ID: 89fd2c
No, no, if that happened you'd have a right to freak out. I'm not one'a those people who harps about "cisprivilege. I was assuming, since that backstory wasn't told in the linked journals, that the person's PARTNER knew-- just the partners's FAMILY didn't (and his own family, too). Also: I can see why both would be shocked. They're hoping for grandkids. There are a lot of dreams an expectations broken. And it's still even less acceptable than coming out as gay. Trans has a 'weird factor' to it that gay/bi/etc. don't; people often have a difficult time 'getting' it, and I understand why. Still, being pre-op-- some trans don't go for the operation. Grandkids might be a possibility. Still, it's not necessarily any less shocking, and reasons for kicking them out could range from "you're a fucking faggot" to "you're a freak" to "you're a waste of space" to simply "I don't know what to say, think, or do, so it's easier to just throw you out and forget about it."

Now, if he sprung it suddenly on his partner, too, yeah, that'd be far bigger. If not, though, I don't really call being thrown out drama created by him/them. Same as when a guy comes out, his BF comes out, and their collective families throw them out/disown them, etc. It's fucked-up, but I don't call it drama worthy of LOLing at the individuals who're on the receiving end. And if his family DID throw him out for being a "screwed-up waste," that's fucked-up, too.

The drama from him, in my opinion, is all about begging for donations because he's on the street, then using them for furcons. I DO have a home, and if I can't afford the RF admission, guess what-- I don't go to RF! If I was homeless and friends were willing to donate money, great, I'll gratefully accept that - with intent to repay them if they want that - and use those donations to find food and a couch to crash on while I get my life back together. That's common sense. Say what you like about furries lacking common sense but, sadly, megatons of non-furries lack it, too. And this guy does seem to lack common sense. Either that, or he's just flat-out lying, which is also a possibility.

Thanks for the copies, in case the originals get delorted.
>> No. 8242 ID: 75d06d

Not to mention you have it completely backwards. "Coming out as FtM" implies being born female but feeling male. As in trying to date a partner as your birth sex but realizing that you can't pretend, and thus telling them and coming out. FtM = female to male. MtF = male to female.

It's unfortunate and a lot of peoples don't stay together afterwards, but there is nothing actually wrong with it and trans people shouldn't have to live with dysphoria just to make other people happy.
>> No. 8245 ID: 1b1f7a
I did misread the whole thing which I am oft to do. This isn't a case of surprising one's mate but it is about their families becoming appraised of this unhappy secret.

Except now after reading through the posts I wonder how much of it is exaggerated. In the journals there's a story about parental violence and police getting involved. However, as someone who has known people to just flat out exaggerate the shit out of stuff to get sympathy I wonder how much of it is real.
>> No. 8246 ID: 38ef0d
The point of the drama was that 'she' came out wanting to be a female to male to a family that was obviously NOT wanting to accept that from their son's supposed girlfriend.

After both of them end up getting disowned and homeless, she cries about how bad and unfair her life is, she begs for donations and after receiving them used the money to go to furmeets and plan conventions.

She abandons her furredfem FA account and takes over the redrumwolf FA account, once more begging for donations and planning conventions soon after.
>> No. 8247 ID: 89fd2c
Which is where the drama comes in. But yeah, we also have no idea how much of these stories is true. What's fishy is that they're going to furcons AND being homeless-- unless the donations they already got got them off their feet.

They DID thank everyone for the donations AND said, basically, we've gotten our lives squared away, so please don't sent more, we'd feel guilty if we took more than we needed. If I wanted to put on rose-colored glasses, I could assume that friends donated a bit more - or they made some (they did say the partner had just gotten a job, before being thrown out) and used that for the cons.

The latest journal posted is kinda just indirectly asking for donations, whereas the older one was up-front about, "We need money, please help us." The hint of, "I need money and I have no way to get it" is heavily-slanted, but they're not outright begging, so it really comes down to who genuinely wants to give it to them.
>> No. 8249 ID: 8bbff5
Coming out to ones parents and it going bad is not the trans/gay/whatevers fault, though..... It's the parents being fucking stupid.

Being trans is far from an easy life... They are treated like shit etc. It's sometimes hard to find a place to live because of this.

Using donation money to go to a con though is fucked, yes.
>> No. 8251 ID: 48677f
Yup. My father volunteered at a local sort of hang-out spot for gay/bi/etc. teens and kids. They served food and had some counselors on hand. It stunned me how many kids there had been thrown out, practically disowned by their families, some when they came out, but others just because the family suspected or made a blind guess. I mean flat-out "Get the hell out, I never want to see you again!" If these guys' parents genuinely did that, I feel for 'em.

Until I have more info on what happened, I think I'm going to assume that the donations to keep them afloat were NOT used for cons. Call me crazy, but I try to think the best until hard evidence proves otherwise.

Like I said-- the latest journal is stated to be a warning:rant ahead, and though it's slanted toward, "We really need money," it's up to the readers, and the users' friends, to give as they see fit. If someone finds evidence that they did use donations on funstuff like furry cons, or even that they faked a lot of this for sympathy, I'd love to see/hear it. Until then, "You know they faked it 'cuz furries always do" isn't enough for me.
>> No. 8256 ID: 8bbff5

When I told my parents my partner (I was dating at the time) was trans, they freaked the fuck out... That wasn't fun. x.x

It's parents that do this to their kids that just pisses me off, like how is this shit legal... Blah.
>> No. 8257 ID: 48677f
Yes. I do understand reasons why it freaks parents out, and some of them are valid fears like "will I have those grandkids I've always dreamed about?" or "will my kid go through crap for it?" but some aren't, like "I can't live my dream life vicariously through my kid." That doesn't make it okay, though.
>> No. 8264 ID: 84edc6
no no. this whole thing about her BS is true. she is well known for being a manipulative, compulsive liar.
>> No. 8265 ID: 3aa39e
You forgot the part where they allegedly had a gun pulled on them, lost their phone, but somehow ran with their computer in-tow?
>> No. 8266 ID: 299746
>she is well known
Can you give us more sources besides yourself? "Others agree with me! They're...around..." isn't much.

I see the journal, but there's no mention of them having their computer in the car. Or anything like that.

I'm not white-knighting here, I'm waiting for more people to show up and give evidence that this is all a bunch of hooey. Because, as it stands, it could just as easily be truth, lies, or a mixture.
>> No. 8270 ID: 865d59
If you look through a lot of her "updates" on her situations you can catch a lot of inconsistencies with her stories, as Horatio pointed out in the OP. There are also those who talk about stuff that she does at local meets she attends, (close friends of hers I assume or people who know her IRL, I don't attend NYFB or things like that, I just hear whispers so I understand only taking that statement at face value.)

I'm pretty sure she had said that whoever had the gun was just out to wreck their car?? I'd have to look back.
>> No. 8274 ID: 38ef0d
Jaga was officially kicked out of her parents house and now can't finish commissions she just took on.

concerned furry: "i thought you got kicked out awhile ago? :O"
jaga:"no i lost my actual home...then moved to my parents...now im kicked out of there"



So all the time she has been saying she and her mate were 'homeless' and begging for money for the past 2 months to pay for bills, she was actually living with her parents
>> No. 8275 ID: 299746
Starting to lean heavily toward "something is fishy."
>> No. 8279 ID: 35e5a8

I'm really angered by people pulling shady stuff like this. GBLT folks, especially teenagers and young adults, genuinely have lots of trouble of this sort, and people using this to scam others make it harder to inform and educate folks about such issues.
>> No. 8281 ID: 92fd73
Sounds to me like someone needs to call her bluff and point this out. Isn't this against the website's User Policy?
>> No. 8282 ID: 1d8540
If there's one thing that really boils my water, it's somebody making a bad name for GLBT people by using it as a springboard for drama-whoring.

I'm starting to see fishiness regarding Jaga. If ANY of his drama is real - stuff like getting kicked out - he needs to can the embellishment and stick to the truth. If it's ALL a crock of BS, I hope I never get introduced to him at a con; I'll blow out his eardrums.
>> No. 8288 ID: b1dc03
On his shout wall, you can see him commenting to http://www.furaffinity.net/user/huttser-coyote where she states on his page about wanting him to do something, them stating that Jaga is in fact going to buy the disgusting book in question.

Personally grossed out, also, thought they had no money? If they had no money, why are they buying a book on cooking with semen? Also, if some one could nab screen caps for me that would be great.
>> No. 8311 ID: 1d8540
Heard of that book. I'm not grossed out as much as I'm weirded out by it. But oh, well, long as you don't serve it to me and say it's sea urchin in there...

I've got a couple of local friends who're almost always broke - after they pay rent and buy basic food, anyway - yet they always seem to have money for WOW and weed. (Though, admittedly, one of them has severe fibro, and usually can't get out of bed unless he smokes a bit first) They don't beg for donations, admittedly...
>> No. 8314 ID: 64c06d
Hey guys i agree with this post and also disagree. I agree that it is true that my post are fucking random not detailed and scrambled. I also see how there is confusion. But i actually am not going to cons or meets and havent been sense this incodent other than the new years furry ball which a friend took me to due to people missing me and wanting to see me.

As for donations they were used for cyclones medical bills so we could get him back to a doctor. Food. Shitty motels and to fix up the only car he had left. We were in fact homeless for quite some time. Then moved into my parents.then thrown out...then allowed back and offically thrown out last week. I have only asked for money once for cyclonws sake. I love him. Id do anything for him. Yes he knew i was trans before. My family and his didnt like this...it was one of the turning factors. I agree that i have been scrambled and not updating saying that i wasnt going to cons and stuff. But damb iv been busy trying to find a job to pay back my friends and get settled. I hate owing money it sucks. I agree i looked like a dick here. I joke a lot ((with huttser i know it sounds odd but seriously lol id never buy that book)) thank yu for the crit guys. Seriously. Im going to be making an honorary post for this here and explain fully

What i have been through as of late has been unimagineable. Court. In and out of homes...and relying on my friends for help. Posting to the furry comunity to rant occasionally has been it. But its not been very conclusive. Thanks again. Sorry for the misunderstandings. Id fucking hate my guts too honestly if i misunderstood this shit. But its whatever. Thanks though.

>> No. 8315 ID: 64c06d
Sorry for the stupid spelling mistakes using my phone for the internet so its difficult to go back and fix stuff.
>> No. 8316 ID: 5af2a7
First off this post disgusts me. All it is is a bunch of furries with nothing better to do than bitch, immaturity at its finest. Typical. This is why people have issues with this fucking fandom. But anyhow, to the point.

Hey, im Cyclone (Jaga's mate) Im going to explain this situation simple and in as few words as possible.

1) Yes, I knew of Jaga's gender differences before we even dated, I was the first he told. I t doesnt matter period to me, I love him no matter what and always will, gender or sex doesnt matter in true love in my mind.

2) My family is the hugest piece of shit on the face of this planet. Mother is a dumb slut who cheated on my father, spent all my child support on stupid bullshit, and ran around with hundreds of random men my whole life. My father is a crappy ex cop who physically and mentally abused me. My brother is a drug dealing sack who has destroyed my personal things throughout my life over and over again. Has ruins with the cops and a mile long record at only 19. Hes a worthless piece of shit

3) Jaga's family is super wealthy but doenst help him with anything, prude, dramatic, rash, and self absorbed. They hate anyone who is not rich or who they dont think is right for Jaga. meaning their ideal life for Jaga is, married to a rich guy, being a stay at home mom, but have some stupid high paying college degree when he has learning disabilities and a hard time in school to begin with. Noting is ever good enough, they abuse him mentally and throw him out randomly for no reason at all and then beg him to come back. He feels guilty and just wants them to accept him, honestly its a lost cause but try telling him that :/ .

4) Jaga himself is a very anxious individual, always wanting to make others happy, always wanting to please, always afraid of loosing friends. Would do anything in the world for others, the most selfless person I know. What for? Only to be used and treated like shit. It happens, people suck but he always keeps giving. Aside from this, he doesnt like drama nor does he like bitching too much because he is afraid of upsetting or annoying everyone. So Jaga's largest fault is not telling full stories. He throws up what details are shocking and that he feels is important to get the needed or desired responses and then thats it. And honestly with this current situation there was so much that could not be said due to the court and legal issues of it all. So he said what he could.

5) Yes, I have medical issues, bad ones at that. I also do not have medical insurance. Jaga is worried, and we were actually doing well for a bit and we were trying to get money to get my old medical bills paid so I could go see a dentist and get some teeth pulled then just see a doctor in general. After all of this bullshit with my piece of shit family sadly this couldnt happen. But Jaga wouldnt give up, he asked her friends for help because she saw me sick every day and after talking with an EMT friend of ours we realized one of my personal issues was very serious and needed medical attention, he freaked and asked for help from the very fandom he has given so much to over the years and to the friends he would at the drop of a hat drive to see or do anything for.

6) What happened Really

Jaga's family treated her like shit. Jaga was talked into telling her mother that she saw herself as a he. Jaga's mother acted like it was ok and was loving and "understanding" Then told Jaga's father and caused drama, a typical thing in his family. Both of Jaga's parents threatened to kill themselves caused drama and told Jaga to leave. Jaga moved in with me at my mothers. My mother had a boyfriend she was supposed to move out with. That didnt work out Typically, and my jobless lowlife mother wanted to mooch off of me and Jaga, the only two with jobs at the time. We let it go for a bit, then when the medical expenses for me got to be a bit much and for Jaga's gender therapy I told my mother no that I would not facilitate her any longer. My mother caused drama. Tried to get Jaga to side with her, obviously failing. Tried to hit Jaga, I defended him and my mother attacked me instead. Jaga suggested we call the cops, my fault, we didnt. My mother then wrecked the house and called the cops saying Jaga and I attacked her. We then got thrown out. Because of this I could not make it to work it was too far, I had no car at the time that ran and Jaga was my main transport so we ended up going to a motel for a week and went through what little money we had. Jaga did not have enough money to make it to my work and then back to his parents, so I lost my job. This was when Jaga asked for donations privately with a few friends just to help us get on our feet. We were going to get an apartment, that fell through. The day we were supposed to look at said apartment, we went back to my mothers house to get the rest of our stuff. Jaga waited in the car, I walked up the drive to the house. My mother wasnt there, only my stoned brother. He told me it was safe to come up. So Jaga came up to help. Long story short, my drugged brother attacked Jaga, I defended Jaga, he and I fought bad, he got in his car and hit Jaga's car taking the door off. We called the cops, while waiting for the cops to get there he returned with a gun threatening to kill us. We fled in my half broken down truck amazed that it ran by some gods miracle. The police got to the house to find my brother had taken Jaga's keys that were left in his car and joy rode the car and totaled it. Jagas parents came to pick us up. we were no longer safe in that area. We stayed with them for a bit. Then they threw us out. We bounced around for weeks all over trying to get jobs, trying to do art for money, Jaga then publicly asked for donations. These went to my medical, food, and getting my truck legal so we had transport other than relying on our friends. As a gift due to drama and stress out friends in exchange for Jaga's art took us to the New Years Furry Ball OH WHAT A CRIME to have friends who care. Jaga then was allowed to move back home a few weeks ago. It seemed to be going well till his family stuck again last week and threw him out. We are still looking for a place to live. Its been hell. And yes, although Not properly updated, we are not going to any cons. Maybe FWA because it was paid for back when we had money and a our friends once again want us there and want to drive us and such, in exchange for art. But who knows at this point. If so that would be the only thing we do.

Seriously guys, stop picking on people you know nothing about. Get lives, get jobs and fuck off.

(And nothing of value was lost.)
>> No. 8317 ID: 38ef0d

If you are Jaga then why are you posting here instead of explaining to your followers in a journal on FA what has been happening in detail? Also deleting your previous journals for what reason?



Don't believe you are Jaga for one second. Just a whiteknight.
>> No. 8318 ID: 5af2a7
honestly you believe what you want, I am working on a post for FA now. I always delete my journals to keep stuff clean on this new account. I am very disorganized at times and this helps me.

you can read that here at the end of this post.
>> No. 8319 ID: 68e094
can everyone just stop being transphobic shitholes and focus on the chunks of this story that are actually drama-worthy ok kthx bye
also misgendering people isn't cool or funny or a way to show that you dislike them
it just makes you a huge stinking shit
if he identifies as a he, call him a he
if she identifies as a she, call her a she
is that so fucking hard

(And nothing of value was lost.)
>> No. 8320 ID: 4e262e
You fucking serious guys? There is more to life than what people post on FA. I know Jaga outside of FA and know there is a lot more to it than what gets posted in journals.

(And nothing of value was lost.)
>> No. 8321 ID: f7ae64
Hey, it looks like he's answering his charges here...


He even links to this thread
>> No. 8322 ID: 38ef0d
File 136121001552.jpg - (16.56KB - 256x256 - Original Filename: et6xkl.jpg )

>> No. 8323 ID: 6c3b58
Jesus Christ you people need to grow up.
Hot damn.

(And nothing of value was lost.)
>> No. 8325 ID: 58c8cc
Hooray, the whiteknights arrive to defend their queen in the righteous war of furry drama. Falling into the very trap that the dramamongers put up.

With all due respect, the worst possible thing you could do here is defending yourself instead of being the better man (or woman in this case?) and ignoring it. Why? Your feeding the trolls and whatever guilt you got stowed away in that drawer they want you to open. I mean this board isn't even that well known, except to all those people that were banned...long story.

As for the 'white knights', same thing can be said about the whole 'immature assholes' spiel for you. Especially if you think this place is as horrible as, let's say lulz. After all, this is only one part of the board. In the end, you waste valuable time vindicating all of this, instead of perhaps focusing on your job.

Speaking of which, I got to go mine right now. Damn shame too, I haven't partaken in a drama war in the longest time.
>> No. 8326 ID: 9cfc32
And here comes the white knights, attacking EVERYONE cause in truth the majority of the TGFB folks here were giving a benefit of a doubt.

but it doesnt matter, cause the white knights are doing bad instead of doing good cause in turn since now a mob been set on us Jaga has to understand that this reflect poorly on them, with the white knights being idiot fucks. Specially the one that tossed out Transphobia when no such thing happened here but they be a white knight and everyone knows white knights are dumb fucks.

Though I now have to wonder who stirred up this kettle pot by linking or telling someone close to Jaga to here to make the drama bigger than it should be....

but again "White knights are here, attack both the innocent of those that didnt care much and the bad people"
>> No. 8327 ID: cb02b9
Agreed with designated renamon. The posts looked like crap and drama on all sides is annoying and immature. No matter who its about. Honestly i dont care about this post as much as possibly offending people that care about me and that i care about too. Thats the real deal here. Its the last thing we meeded on top of everything that happened. People are ignorant...and thats the sum of it all.
>> No. 8331 ID: 260373
File 136124520793.jpg - (17.12KB - 467x381 - Original Filename: 1346902293013.jpg )
That nice shiny armor makes you easier to snipe! Muahahaha!
>> No. 8333 ID: 0ddc3f
This went from blase to hot mess awful fast.
>> No. 8336 ID: ea60eb
I'm glad the parties involved came and gave their side. And if I'd been through that much crap and someone claimed it was all lies and posted to a drama board, I'd be pretty fucking incensed - enough to rage a bit, and post a detailed explanation.

As far as I see it, discussion over, though of course only the mods can really do that. People claimed a bunch of bad shit occurred. Other people claimed it was bullshit and lies - because that's what furries do - and found some small, but notable, inconsistencies. Original people arrived, got (IMO understandably) upset, and explained everything in detail, so that it'd be hard for someone to go, "Well, what about THIS? Or THIS? Huh? HUH???"

To the OP's post:
-->Comes out as FtM to own and mates' family: Seems to have happened, and the families turned it into drama.
-->Ruins both their lives: Sounds like the families are drama-whores, so I'd say it seems to be the other way around.
-->Begs for money: Presents their problems, and people donated willingly.
-->Receives donations: Okay, so they got 'em.
-->Goes to the Furry Ball: Friends took them. I have a friends who'd offer to take me to the local furcon if I was broke.
-->Plans more Cons: Where?
-->Uses up all donation money: Sounds like it TOOK all the donated money. But when they got what they though was enough, it was posted-- please don't send more, we've got enough and we'd hate to take more than we need because we intend to repay.
-->Changes accounts: This doesn't appear to me to have been any kind of evasion. Friends of mine have changed accounts as their 'sonae changed. Show me that this was evasion of something and I'll believe differently.
-->Begs for more money: The journal in question detailed all their updated troubles, money-related and otherwise, but nowhere in it did they ask for donated help, unlike the first one.

I say that, no matter how juicy this looked, it appears to me to have been a bunch of hype. I'm not white-knighting - I know NONE of the parties involved - I'm going solely on my opinions based on reading everything.
>> No. 8337 ID: e1cef0
Annnndd Jak Kat is 100% correct on ALL listed accounts.
>> No. 8338 ID: e1cef0
Jake cats final post is 100% correct on all accounts
>> No. 8339 ID: 6f2e3e
>I'd be pretty fucking incensed - enough to rage a bit

Yeah, and then I'd ban your ass too.

This is not a place to "explain" shit. If you don't like stuff getting posted here you do not come here and start shouting "Get a life!" and "Die cis scum!", because guess what, that is the exactly wrong thing to do.

Post your explanations in the same place you posted the stuff that got it all started. It'll either get posted in other places that are following the drama or it won't, but rolling in all pissed off and spewing bile everywhere does not make you look better. It makes you look like a nice big target, especially when you try to "clear the air" by screaming at the people who supposedly just don't know your side of the story and accusing them of all sorts of bigotry.

Frankly it looked like no one was even paying attention to this thread until the "Transphobics check your privilege!" brigade arrived. So, again, exactly the wrong thing to do.
>> No. 8341 ID: ea60eb
That, I can agree with in a way, but I can also see the desire to post a rebuttal in the same place where the accusations are levied. Were it me, though, I'd put a SHORT one here, and put the fuller, longer stuff on FA or whatever.

Junia-the-whiteknight was the one harping the "check your privilege" crap. If the person named Jaga here posted only the Jaga stuff, they didn't do any of that, which is a small point for them. Anyone who pulls that is, in my opinion, not doing much good - they just come across as unbalanced.
>> No. 8347 ID: b59578
Goddamn, all dem whiteknights in their shiny armor blinded me.
>> No. 8348 ID: 67e92f
Yet another situation where I wish I had a way to know whether some posters (the whiteknights) were actually the same as the other posters (Jaga and friend). That'd really turn my opinion.
>> No. 8350 ID: 55e0d8

Not sure if caremad, or simply anallyaggrivated.
>> No. 8351 ID: 9cfc32
must be really hard to be this mad
specially since the stop accepting donations a long while back

must be really hard

I'll put this in the "its 10 bucks, stop looking for any lil thing to use against them" pile

Come back if its $50+
>> No. 8353 ID: e63222
Mods, please pardon the long post.
Did you just say, "Hey, look! Look! I found a speck of dirt! Well, it's gray and kind of fuzzy, and it might be dust, but I swear I found some dirt!" because that's what I thought you said. Methinks the white knights somehow attracted a dark one, too. As it stands, I see the situation thusly:

--OP makes a litany of charges against someone called Jaga. All but the first two on their list seem drama-worthy. So I read all the linked journals (and others) so I can feel as though I'm starting off with a bit of background.
--OP bitches a lot. For example, HW complains that Jaga ditched their "furredfem" account. For one, people change FA names like the wind changes direction. Second, what part of "FtM" doesn't jibe with "abandoning account identifying the user as female when the user now identifies as male"?
--Complaints are made about the person attending meets - which, at least up here, are FREE. And attending cons - it seems they did attend the NYFB and a con.
--Jaga and boyfriend named Cyclone come in and gave a detailed rebuttal on all points. Even though this wasn't really the right place to do it, they gave answers for everything on the OP's list and explained everything from their side. They also, after being banned here, put a post on FA, and thanked this board for prodding them to be more open with information so as to avoid accusations like this.**
--"Junia" pops in and pulls all the crazy cis-privilege crap. Junia can kiss my bi ass (well, no, not really, I don't want Junia's lips anywhere near my ass). Junia succeeds in making no good points, for Jaga or otherwise. Two other white-knights pop in, be annoying, and get tossed out on their asses.
--And finally, nobody else, so far, steps in to prove HoratioWolf's and ISpoogedMyPants' claims that these two are drama-worthy liars.

If someone can prove that, great, I'm listening. If not, I've gotta call BS for now, and say the families of Jaga and Cyclone are the failures. (And the white knights, too. Junia, whoever you are, trans people do have it tough, because they're thought to be unbalanced. Please stop making them look that way!)

**As noted in the explanation journal on FA, the claim that they were buying the "how to cook with semen" book was posted as a joke - they claimed to be buying it as a gift for some friend of theirs who's a cook and is grossed-out by bodily fluids.
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