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No. 3688 ID: 58230a
File 13270098396.png - (801.92KB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-01-13-Rascals-pg_155.png )
Haven't seen a thread for the webcomic Rascals.
Anyone here read it? I think it's pretty cool. Currently, it's at 155 pages. Updates every Friday. And now it also has 2 bonus comics, which will update on Tuesdays when a page is owed. :3
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>> No. 3689 ID: 4402d8
I like MasterGodai but I don't think I will understand how someone like Crimson got to be partners with him. I also think the comic is a bit weeaboo for my tastes, and yes I'm fully aware of what comic -I- work for.
>> No. 3694 ID: dab3fe
Wow, Chalo has an equivalent of DCRabbit now...
>> No. 3696 ID: dab3fe
Also, did you just pick like the worst possible page possible to introduce new readers to this with, or do all of them make so little sense?
>> No. 3698 ID: 58230a
Well, that page is the most recent one. It's the start of a new arc in the story too.
>> No. 3699 ID: 58230a
File 13270149909.png - (549.86KB - 800x1030 - Original Filename: 2011-10-21-Project_Zero-Cover.png )
This is the cover for one of the 2 bonus comics that are open for donations. It's called "Project Zero" There is already a 3 page prologue for this comic on the site, as well as a pin-up pic.
Project Zero: (Police Drama /Comedy /Ecchi/Action)
>> No. 3700 ID: 58230a
File 132701519310.png - (494.95KB - 800x604 - Original Filename: 2011-10-22-Goyoku Cover.png )
And the second bonus comic up for donation. This is called "Rascals Goyoku"
Rascals Goyoku:( Ninja/Ecchi/Comedy/Action)
It's basically the backstory for Reiko, Jazmin, and Skye. This comic also had a 3 page prologue recently uploaded.
>> No. 3705 ID: 4ec8e7

>using "ecchi baka" as an expression while speaking English

I don't know if this is satire or just the artist is a massive japanophile
>> No. 3706 ID: 4402d8

If it was satire I think I would love Rascals.
>> No. 3714 ID: 58230a
File 132706580875.png - (927.71KB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-01-20-Rascals-pg_156.png )
New page. And there's some French and Japanese words thrown into the mix. >w>
>> No. 3716 ID: af0515
The art isn't exactly bad but it's not great either. Needs more detail.

I would be willing to over look that if the writing wasn't so boring.


>how someone like Crimson got to be partners with him

Could you provide some context for this comment?
>> No. 3717 ID: 6cd7dd
Wow, those pages are messy as hell. I can barely tell what's going on, and why are there so. many. WORDS.

Not really much to say about him. He's your standard furry really; whiny, arrogant, self-righteous, namedrops as often as he breaths, and runs off assumptions. Just another annoying member (or ex-member) of the KB forums. I'm as confused as ID is about how anyone would work with him.
>> No. 3721 ID: 4402d8

Not to get too derisive and turn this into an attack thread, I'll just say I wasn't impressed with him while he frequented our forums.
>> No. 3724 ID: dd980b
Let's just say that he has an air of...youth about him. When he writes you get a sense that he's young in an inexperienced and self-involved way, but in a way that makes him hard to shit on. More pitiable than rage inducing. Like your kid brother wrote a story and it's terrible, but he put so much work and heart into it that you don't have the guts to tell him that he sucks.
>> No. 3725 ID: 42e68a

I know that feeling well, since I was likely just like him when I was younger.
>> No. 3726 ID: 4402d8

When you were younger, Sage?

Sorry, that was too easy. :|
>> No. 3825 ID: 58230a
File 132771486676.png - (959.67KB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-01-26-Rascals-pg_157.png )
Now now, be nice ID.
Anyway, new page of Rascals.
>> No. 4098 ID: 58230a
File 132798153067.png - (910.49KB - 800x1315 - Original Filename: 2012-01-30-Project_Zero-pg_01.png )
And Project Zero begins.
>> No. 4099 ID: 260373
File 132798195348.png - (98.33KB - 600x420 - Original Filename: aff6c9ddc737034a997c5120d91e6b1a.png )

Again, what the fuck is going on here? It's like ADD expressed in comic form.

>"Anta baka!"
>Used utterly without irony

... This is shit.
>> No. 4100 ID: 58230a
Well, according to Mastergodai, it's because Reiko and Jazmin are from Japan. So their speech will sometimes contain Japanese words and phrases.
>> No. 4101 ID: 42e68a

He'd be better off using English placed between brackets to indicate foreign speech (see: Megatokyo) than randomly inserting Japanese words/phrases into English like a typical "JAPAN IS NUMBER ONE FOREVER" Internet otaku.
>> No. 4105 ID: 8efeac
I never understood the writing habit where if you come from another country, you just HAVE to throw in random gratuitous foreign words. It's so out of place and bizarre. I honestly don't remember throwing in random spanish words when I first moved to America, that's for sure.

Also it's kind of depressing that there needs to be a constant reminder that they're japanese when they all just look the same, surely they could look culturally different rather than technicolor animals who have to throw in random words to remind us where they were born.
>> No. 4106 ID: 9beaa6
I've known people to throw in the foreign word when they don't know or have difficulty pronouncing the english word for whatever they're trying to say, (or when cursing)

But for the translated words here, I don't see that problem. Just makes her sound like a Wapanese girl, here. Especially without the context of a race.
>> No. 4107 ID: bc106f
What irritates me about this is that the author forgot to write these foreign words in its native characters.

Because the fun/point is lost when an angry somebody injects what's supposed to be Japanese or Arabic in the middle of a rant in English, yet it's written in English based on their phonetic pronunciations.
>> No. 4108 ID: 58f9cc

Yeah, you ever notice how the people that claim to be doing that only use the couple of most widely-known otaku terms? No one ever slips up and says something like "By all the stars in the sky!" in Japanese when they're using that excuse, it's always "Baka!" "Kuso!" "Nani?!"

Because the person doing the writing almost assuredly doesn't fucking know Japanese.
>> No. 4110 ID: af0515

I'm not sure, but I think the artist is American.

Dunno if Crimson is Japanese or not.
>> No. 4113 ID: 58f9cc
>He's a spy
>Doing a background check on him

Because everyone knows that you can find out detailed information on spies just by plugging their name into FreeCreditReport.com or something.
>> No. 4115 ID: 58230a
That's not Crimson. That red haired fellow is Quick. And he's not a spy, though from the background check, Chrissy has discovered that Quick is a millionaire.
>> No. 4118 ID: 58230a
No, she isn't. She's mad that he didn't tell her about his background. He didn't want to tell her because he thought it would negatively impact the relationship. I don't believe Chrissy cares about the money. Besides, she has to worry about her ex-boyfriend Cody being around now.
>> No. 4119 ID: 260373
File 132805225864.png - (14.22KB - 300x300 - Original Filename: 717.png )

I know any webcomic can sound that way if you describe it wrong, but I cannot help but notice this sounds more soap opera-y than most.
>> No. 4120 ID: 91fc4c
File 132805357921.jpg - (24.21KB - 492x277 - Original Filename: d4898694_74532dd2_mother-of-god.jpg )

Oh my god you're right. Look at it, that's exactly what it is.

Each page I've seen seems to be rapidly switching between groups of characters and events, everything is banal and boring, and there is an astounding amount of stupid character drama.

This is the webcomic equivalent of a furry Days of Our Lives.
>> No. 4123 ID: af0515

>Soap Opera

That's pretty much exactly what it is.

It's like Las Lindas on steroids.
>> No. 4129 ID: 58f9cc

No, Las Lindas on steroids would be, like... Hidan no Aria or Tenchi Muyo or something. There'd be more fight scenes and yelling and shit blowing up.

This is Las Lindas on cheap wine and prescription painkillers.
>> No. 4132 ID: 42e68a

This is a Lifetime Movie of the Week version of Las Lindas.
>> No. 4138 ID: 8f9199
Please, this is an WE original.
>> No. 4140 ID: 58230a
File 132813414775.png - (974.66KB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-02-01-Rascals-pg_158.png )
Because a page of the bonus comic Project Zero had been paid for, Rascals gets updated twice during this week. So we got a page today, and another page on Friday.
As to what Skye (the tiger fellow here) competes in, he does MMA.
>> No. 4142 ID: dd696c

How does his shirt even do that? Is he wearing body paint?

...holy shit his hips are wide.
>> No. 4143 ID: 58230a
reason could be that his shirt is form fitting on him. And those are probably his thighs, not his hips. They're just sticking out more from his musculature.
>> No. 4145 ID: db1e58

I'm more fixated on the proportions of his arms. Like a stripey T Rex.
>> No. 4176 ID: 58230a
File 132827684459.png - (889.92KB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-02-03-Rascals-pg_159.png )
And here's today's page. Hmm, Jazmin seems to be sporting a two tone hairstyle now. And before you ask, that girl in the background with the glasses is Sahara, someone's OC that is a huge fan of Skye.
>> No. 4178 ID: 58f9cc

Trust me, no one was going to ask.
>> No. 4179 ID: 58230a
Oh also, did you know that Godai allows cameos in his comics? He charges $25 for a cameo, but it's only 1 per month.
>> No. 4180 ID: 56f42c
Dripping Sarcasm: Oh my! only 25 dollars for appearing in a mediocre comic page? Seriously? WHAT A DEAL! Where do I sign up to be immortilized in this forgetable and badly written mess of subplots and wapanese speak?
>> No. 4181 ID: 58230a
File 132828546182.png - (735.70KB - 596x1329 - Original Filename: 2010-10-22-Rascals-pg_93.png )
Heh, you're silly.
Here's one cameo character that was on 5 pages for one story arc. This was from back on page 93, and you also could see her 4 other times up till page 102.
>> No. 4182 ID: 58230a
File 132828551865.png - (546.11KB - 598x918 - Original Filename: 2010-11-04-Rascals-pg_95.png )
2nd page when this gal made a cameo.
>> No. 4183 ID: 58230a
File 132828556043.png - (462.40KB - 597x1179 - Original Filename: 2010-11-11-Rascals-pg_96a.png )
3rd page she made an appearance in.
>> No. 4184 ID: 58230a
File 132828562054.png - (526.78KB - 597x916 - Original Filename: 2010-12-16-Rascals-pg_101.png )
4th page. Who knew she could cook?
>> No. 4185 ID: 58230a
File 132828565515.png - (562.83KB - 595x913 - Original Filename: 2010-12-24-Rascals-pg_102.png )
And the last page she was seen on.
>> No. 4186 ID: 0292de
>>4181 - >>4185

Well...at the very least, Blitza's Jolteon character was drawn with a more tolerable bust size in her cameo appearance than the usual hyper-endowed mountains she sports in most other commissioned pics of her. :b
>> No. 4187 ID: 58f9cc
File 132829359955.png - (28.45KB - 168x174 - Original Filename: fuckyourfuckingfuckyoufucker.png )
Rational Mind: . o O ( Hm. Blitza must spend his entertainment budget almost solely on commissions. If he has a decent job and his other expenses aren't too onerous, he could certainly afford to spend what he does on that without stretching himself. It's probably not an unreasonable expenditure, heck, I've known guys that spend all their extra money on D&D books or comics or whatever. )

>> No. 4189 ID: 58230a
Well, if I remember right, he earns a bunch of money through racing. _shrug_
Anyway, could you imagine how funny it would be if you or Sage showed up in the background of the comic somewhere? xD
>> No. 4190 ID: 9322e3
at leats they also dont have the MOUTHS where the nipples should be...really blitza scare the shit out of me, only time I'm willing to giggle is when they pull the "you're just jealous" card
>> No. 4191 ID: 42e68a

>Anyway, could you imagine how funny it would be if you or Sage showed up in the background of the comic somewhere? xD

I can imagine Sage showing up in the background, sure. As for it being funny...yeah, I'm gonna have to say "no" to that concept.
>> No. 4197 ID: 963beb
File 132833041424.png - (174.34KB - 419x357 - Original Filename: 1316748201138.png )
Jesus christ, both Rascals and Project Zero are really fucking awful comics. The concepts of both are about as cliche as a horny wapanese 13-year old fanfiction and the author has absolutely no knowledge of storytelling or pacing.

This is also one of those DeviantArt comics where the art gets progressively worse as the artist starts to forget what anatomy is, just by swapping and studying the art between the first and last page.
>> No. 4199 ID: 58230a
I think the art for Rascals has gotten a lot better since it first started. You should see the first couple of pages. xp
>> No. 4200 ID: 58230a
File 132836478875.png - (406.24KB - 800x1049 - Original Filename: 1328327686_mastergodai_julia_uncensored.png )
Oh, also, here's a pic of Julia, one of the other characters scheduled to show up later on in Project Zero. She is a chameleon. :3
>> No. 4201 ID: d3b7fa

Looks more like some poisonous lizard than a chameleon *shrugs* But that's just me.
>> No. 4202 ID: 58230a
I see what you mean, yeah. I almost thought she was some kind of Gila Monster at first. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gila_monster But godai said she was a chameleon when I had asked him during a livestream session.
>> No. 4204 ID: 9322e3
thats one fucked up chameleon though I have to assume the person never saw one
>> No. 4205 ID: 260373

Probably a mix of that and the fact that chameleons aren't exactly easy to turn kawaii sugoi uguu~.
>> No. 4208 ID: 732b12
Well without the weird independantly moving eyes, the hunched back, or the triangle shaped head, all that's left is the color changing, and that's hard to show in a non-animated medium.

Also...please, Please, PLEASE stop posting this comic. it's getting unbearable.
>> No. 4209 ID: 9322e3
I have seen folks do cute chameleon
I mean here
Person was able to cute a chameleon without really making it look like a completely different species
>> No. 4210 ID: 58230a
Well, if you don't like it, you can always hide the thread. I've heard that option is available.
>> No. 4211 ID: 9322e3
So you want a thread to all yourself? its probably better to actually lock it then
>> No. 4212 ID: 58230a
*sigh* I suppose so. And I was hoping to be able to keep it up long enough to post page 160 next week. =/ That would have been the last page I would have posted here anyway.
>> No. 4213 ID: 42e68a
I'm not a fan of this comic. The artwork isn't great and the writing isn't anything special. I don't like this comic any more than a number of other posters in this thread (including Sechs) do.

All the same: I'm not locking or deleting this thread. Anyone who dislikes the comic is free to use the Hide Thread option -- the "minimize" button to the right of the ID number in the first post -- and ignore this thread, while anyone who wants to have a calm, rational discussion of the comic -- either about its quality or its storyline -- is free to do so.

A warning to all posters: next time someone posts content that you dislike, minimize the thread instead of bitching about it, then post moar content in a new thread (or in other threads; we have back pages around here, after all). I'd rather see threads filled with healthy, robust discussions than threads filled with bitching.

>> No. 4214 ID: 86eb8c
Why does the artist of the comic try so much to copy Chalo's style?
>> No. 4215 ID: 58230a
Yes Sage.
As for the style, I think it's because Godai is a fan of Chalo, like lots of other people are. So that would probably the best explanation. Also, godai has placed a couple of LL's characters in the background before (Tiggs and Cocoa)
>> No. 4216 ID: 260373
File 132839220349.jpg - (119.84KB - 660x545 - Original Filename: 1290700466410.jpg )

I was gonna go link the picture you put in the rules... the one you added of your own initiative... of Farnsworth saying "You post crap, we mock you", but looks like you were a pussy and removed it.
>> No. 4217 ID: 42e68a

I didn't remove it. The link to said image pointed at our old URL, and I forgot to change it. The URL has been fixed and that image is visible once again.

Also: if my wanting to focus more on holding constructive dialogues/discussions on any given subject -- such as comics I don't like -- makes me a pussy, then I suppose I'm a pussy.
>> No. 4218 ID: 58230a
File 132839318344.png - (1.05MB - 800x1600 - Original Filename: 2011-09-29-Rascals-pg_141.png )
Here, have some Cocoa. And a Fyxe as well.
>> No. 4221 ID: 963beb
No, I've looked at more pages than the first and last page. The great thing about the first couple of pages there was a clear attempt at definition. After that point you start noticing that the artist getting lazy and most of the male character's bodies look female from the waist down.

Chalo's art style always been popular. It wouldn't be the first time someone's attempted to mimic it.

Though typically when they do so they forget a number of steps, "one, two, miss a few."
>> No. 4222 ID: 4402d8
File 132839968332.jpg - (18.38KB - 375x363 - Original Filename: 1285388841220.jpg )

Does this mean that all criticism of Las Lindas is now "if you don't like it minimize the thread"?
>> No. 4224 ID: 42e68a

I'd prefer criticism to be at least a little constructive; anyone who steps into a thread to rail against something without any form of constructive feedback would likely be better off hiding the thread instead.
>> No. 4226 ID: 4402d8
File 132841179549.jpg - (30.69KB - 480x360 - Original Filename: 1322330516561.jpg )
>> No. 4301 ID: 58230a
File 132888280377.png - (0.97MB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-02-09-Rascals-pg_160.png )
Page 160. Ah, so that's why Jazmin's hair is two colors now. Hmmm...traditions, bleh. x/
>> No. 4470 ID: 58230a
File 132945084772.png - (912.85KB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-02-16-Rascals-pg_161.png )
Page 161. Reiko doesn't seem to be happy that this isn't going to be the vacation she thought it was.
>> No. 4547 ID: 58230a
File 132987922697.png - (1.16MB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-02-20-Rascals-pg_162.png )
Rascals page 162. There will be the usual post on Friday as well.
Ah well, you almost got him, Jazmin. But Reiko got him first.
>> No. 4564 ID: 58230a
File 132996020266.png - (0.99MB - 800x1428 - Original Filename: 2012-02-20-Goyoku-Page1.png )
Resubmit of Goyoku pg. 1 Godai thought it needed a different last panel.
>> No. 4715 ID: 58230a
File 133064286630.png - (962.08KB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-02-23-Rascals-pg_163.png )
Page 163. Almost forgot to upload this; have been sick with a cold. I have to say though, I love Jazmin's hair. It's so pretty.
>> No. 4723 ID: 58230a
File 133071175112.png - (880.92KB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-03-01-Rascals-pg_164.png )
Page 164. Haha, poor Skye. But he had that comin'. xD
>> No. 4729 ID: 0292de

Indeed he did...especially when Jazmin was right behind him when he made the "Thunderbuns" comment.

The pitiful thing, of course, is that he's not going to learn his lesson from it. He didn't learn when first met Reiko and Jazmin (some years back according to the overall story/plot, I'm assuming) in Pages 2-3 in the prologue of the Goyoku side arc, why start now? XD
>> No. 4767 ID: 58230a
File 133130006836.png - (1.26MB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-03-08-Rascals-pg_165.png )
Page 165. That evil barbed wire...xp
>> No. 4770 ID: c128ad
>Having a problem with being exposed

My suspension of disbelief has been ruined.
>> No. 4792 ID: 9938c5
File 133164978691.png - (739.50KB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-03-12-Project_Zero-pg_02.png )
Welcome to Weeaboo Campus.
>> No. 4793 ID: 58230a
This page made me laugh. I didn't realize Brass had this type of personality. Poor Eliza. xD
>> No. 4804 ID: 58230a
File 133173890910.png - (1.18MB - 800x1700 - Original Filename: 2012-03-13-Rascals-pg_166.png )
Page 166. Wonder what happened to Reiko to make her freak out so much about some mud?
>> No. 4843 ID: 271c6b
File 133194932816.png - (1.18MB - 800x1700 - Original Filename: 2012-03-15-Rascals-pg_167.png )
>> No. 4893 ID: 154937
File 133222739667.png - (955.19KB - 800x1700 - Original Filename: 2012-03-19-Goyoku-Page2.png )
>> No. 4895 ID: 58230a
(Godai corrected the character's name on this page to "Raipo")
Ah, the lovely Kyoko Usagi. Wonder if Reiko and Jazmin are going to listen to Raipo at all...
>> No. 4902 ID: bf8e6e
File 133234441270.png - (1.10MB - 800x1700 - Original Filename: 2012-03-20-Rascals-pg_168.png )
>> No. 4941 ID: 561672
File 133255415365.png - (825.75KB - 800x1700 - Original Filename: 2012-03-22-Rascals-pg_169.png )
>> No. 4952 ID: 58230a
Heheh, the writing on the note made me laugh. But Skye didn't want dessert? Heavens! poor Reiko...wanting to forget about the mud incident, but Skye seems to want to talk.
>> No. 4953 ID: 00d47d

I'm actually really hoping the writing in this particular strip was done with the intent of having both of them look like idiots.

Because not talking about what's going on and thinking to yourself 'I wish my lover understood what I was going through' is one of the quickest ways to derail a relationship. So I have no sympathy for either of them.
>> No. 4956 ID: 4402d8

I want to see both of them naked together.
>> No. 5009 ID: 955811
File 133311711992.png - (0.99MB - 800x1700 - Original Filename: 2012-03-29-Rascals-pg_170.png )
>> No. 5031 ID: 300b7b
File 133345777470.png - (819.71KB - 800x1600 - Original Filename: 2012-04-02-Goyoku-Page3.png )
>> No. 5033 ID: 58230a
Tee hee, Jazmin seems to like Raipo. Hopefully that won't distract her from her studies too much...
>> No. 5034 ID: 84b301
File 133351244868.png - (0.96MB - 800x1600 - Original Filename: 2012-04-03-Rascals-pg_171.png )
>> No. 5049 ID: 0ff5de
File 133370603633.png - (0.96MB - 800x1600 - Original Filename: 2012-04-05-Rascals-pg_172.png )
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