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No. 5682 ID: b6c5b9 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133765319293.jpg - (39.86KB - 300x170 - Original Filename: fuck-this-company_wrestling_snoop-dogg.jpg )
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>> No. 5854 ID: df4d9d

Fuck that, they should make Kyle gay, jam his boyfriend into every kitchen appliance they can imagine, and play it for laughs.

Last page bug reads: DC Comics - pointlessly murdering women and men since 2012!
>> No. 5855 ID: afba61
No, if she didn't die, we wouldn't have had the totally awesome Ring of Fire series.
>> No. 5864 ID: b6c5b9
>> No. 5865 ID: e8b890
Le reddit for teh win Xd

No. 5003 ID: 8e36c0 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 133308643053.jpg - (729.11KB - 700x1423 - Original Filename: LL-0357.jpg )
Old one reached it's limit.

Still waiting on Alejandra's side of the story.
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>> No. 5831 ID: b7c9cd
File 133852367873.png - (306.17KB - 864x475 - Original Filename: Rarity_thinking_S2E5.png )
As far as I know that's a real suicide, so what you see is what happens.

>> No. 5832 ID: e8b890
Your brain receives a LOT of blood.

With a bullet or any other type of implement its not always like in the movies where it's an immediate puff of blood and then blood just gushes out. Then again, there are places where getting hit will cause blood to spout like a comical fountain.
>> No. 5833 ID: db1e58
It's also a magnum round (if memory serves, the revolver was a .357 Magnum). Those rounds flatten out quickly as they pass through and the exit wounds are pretty substantial.

For instance, the way Marvin's head paints the rear window in Pulp Fiction while leaving his face intact? Not -that- farfetched. That shot would have taken a portion of the crown of the skull out.

And enough about 70s era public suicides and exit wounds I think. We're way off topic.
>> No. 5835 ID: b7c9cd
This threads stopped bumping, not a huge deal.

No. 4925 ID: 8f9199 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133246418139.jpg - (212.98KB - 580x810 - Original Filename: Vol1294.jpg )
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>> No. 5730 ID: c21edf
She's a Mythos. There's quite a few of them on staff at the Academy. The general rule of thumb is likely that since the Academy is a place Cubi can be open about their race, anything (with the exception of Dan) that doesn't have the usual Cubi look is most likely not a Cubi. :U
>> No. 5733 ID: 565300
I guess it makes sense they'd have a handle on it after thousands of years, but it still seems like an easy fix for something that was supposedly a defining Cubi trait/weakness.
>> No. 5734 ID: 8f9199
That's not their defining trait. It's their "Tinkerbelle Problem". Only enough room to have one emotion at a time.
>> No. 5769 ID: 8f9199
File 133831515278.jpg - (223.02KB - 580x810 - Original Filename: Vol1312.jpg )
If her finger is covering an 'N' she has Mintage on two double words for a total of 40 points.

No. 3531 ID: 42e68a hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132591202314.jpg - (42.83KB - 236x320 - Original Filename: kevin1l.jpg )

Fuck yeah, Archie.
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>> No. 4714 ID: b6c5b9

At one point, an Archie rep said the following about any potential controversy concerning their comics:

"We don’t care if bigots don't read our comics."

Archie can afford to do things DC and Marvel can't; sending overwhelmingly positive messages about marriage equality and the LGBT community is one of those things.
>> No. 4719 ID: d083ff
Of all the comic publishers, it's Archie Comics that has the stones to do something like this.

Big props to Archie Comics for doing this and not backing down.
>> No. 4722 ID: b6c5b9

>> No. 5763 ID: b6c5b9
File 133821976091.jpg - (124.42KB - 584x516 - Original Filename: betty-marries-veronica.jpg )
>Betty marries Veronica

WELP: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2012/02/14/great-comics-that-never-happened-valentines-day-special-betty/

No. 5613 ID: b6c5b9 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133686414825.jpg - (146.69KB - 494x750 - Original Filename: tumblr_m3rzyrevIt1qzniqdo1_500.jpg )

Can we just, I'unno, force Marvel to stick to making movies and TV shows instead of comics?
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>> No. 5619 ID: 98c9d4
I'm actually kinda enjoying AvsX, though if only to see Cyclops get his ass kicked, but I'm kinda disappointed in just how many X-Men actually support him. Wolverine is practically on his own.
>> No. 5624 ID: df4d9d
AvX is the purest Comic Book since Nextwave. Marvel has two big franchises, and they're going to make them fight in big fuckoff action sequences, characterization be damned. There will be explosions. There will be people hitting each other so hard things near them will break. There will be staredowns. At some point, someone will probably say "This Ends Here!" Or maybe "this ends now." There has to be some room for creativity, after all.
>> No. 5629 ID: a200f6
Does anyone kind of get the feeling the end of AvsX will result in Cyclops either dying or being kicked out of the X-Men and becoming the new Magneto? Because I get the feeling the other X-Men will oust him if/when the Phoenix finally gets to Earth because he'd risk it for his own selfish whims.
>> No. 5633 ID: 98c9d4
Cyclops being a budding megalomaniac is nothing new and he's been on that train since House of M.

Oddly enough, I've grown to like Wolverine more and more. They've managed to age him well I think.

But really the best X-book out there right now is X-Force. Kinda surprised by how well it has pulled me in.

No. 5216 ID: 876596 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133461209030.jpg - (480.64KB - 780x1184 - Original Filename: akroom-009-b5cdb54.jpg )
Anyone interested/re-interested in this comic? I know he tired to start it before and then dropped it, but I really like the two female leads.

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>> No. 5219 ID: 260373
It kinda needs color.

Reminds me of when Reality Check! was reissued as black-and-white because the publishers wanted to give it more of a "manga" feel. The illustrations all looked like they'd been intended for color (because they originally had been... nice, bright, eyecatching, characterizing color), and now just seemed unfinished.

This artstyle cries out for color. As it is, it somehow winds up feeling a little... not quite bland? Maybe more like... unfinished, or stale.

Plus yeah, it needs to build up a feel of going somewhere. Not necessarily somewhere MEANINGFUL or DRAMATIC, just... less of an aimless meander.
>> No. 5220 ID: a8c0a5
I would like it if it wasn't such as a MASSIVE self insert fantasy that makes Miles from Las Lindas pale in comparison.
>> No. 5233 ID: a2ce18
>> No. 5272 ID: b26b9b

No. 5150 ID: a200f6 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133431319475.jpg - (224.92KB - 650x919 - Original Filename: 04132012.jpg )
And now with lesbians apparently.
I'm surprised you guys let the previous thread fade away.
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>> No. 5205 ID: 85ddd3
A folio like that should probably be expanded from "flexes" to a full workout routine. Flexing would be limited to a few standard poses while a full workout could include warm-up and cool down stretches plus whatever it takes to keep a body like that in shape, which I think would be much more interesting.
>> No. 5206 ID: b6c5b9

Well, you persuaded me to agree.
>> No. 5207 ID: ed0819

Me too! It worked fine for Fred Perry.
>> No. 5600 ID: 9461ae
I'm really hoping this chapter, which in my head is titled "White People Are All Evil", is over soon.

No. 4265 ID: fa52ca hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 132877240463.jpg - (283.03KB - 918x600 - Original Filename: tumblr_lz1qu037EL1r0ajyoo2_1280.jpg )
Because the last one's reached its bump limit.
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>> No. 4990 ID: 4402d8
File 133297115556.png - (147.76KB - 900x604 - Original Filename: 49989 - exploitable filly hope_this_helps rariques.png )
Sechs showed me that a week or so ago. I'd say it's aaaalmost fappable.
>> No. 4995 ID: b1e5db
>tara is aware of chalo and his brony status
Mind. Blown.
>> No. 4999 ID: 4402d8
File 133302801987.jpg - (60.63KB - 345x266 - Original Filename: 48.jpg )
Basically one of our forum members sent Tara a "can you wish my friend Chalo a happy birthday? Hes a huge brony."

She humored him and thats how it got there. Its still pretty cool but its not mindblowing.
>> No. 5000 ID: b1e5db
Aw... I liked it better when I thought Tara was a huge fan of Chalo's work. :(

No. 4856 ID: 0e2123 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133203491243.png - (11.67KB - 701x683 - Original Filename: NanEngineer.png )
I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I just found it last night through TVTropes.

For anyone else who hasn't heard of it, NanQuest is another game created by Weaver, and the spiritual successor to RubyQuest. The central character is Nan, a goat electrician who answers a work order at a local hotel. However, there's more to the hotel than there first appears, and things quickly take a turn for the bizarre when Nan attempts to leave...

The pacing for the story is pretty slow; whereas RubyQuest updated about once every one or two weeks, NanQuest has only had five threads in the last three years, and with Weaver's recent housing problems, it's unlikely to speed up. That's a shame, because the premise is a fascinating one and really draws you in.

Links to relevant threads here:

8 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4943 ID: b766d0
I didn't say anything about The English Patient, I used the scenario I meant.
>> No. 4945 ID: 4402d8
File 133255978235.jpg - (34.87KB - 320x269 - Original Filename: 588.jpg )
Elaine hates The English Patientyoutube thumb
>> No. 4950 ID: e24c3a
Best quest is RubyQuest.

NanQuest has good ideas, but sadly it seems to be dead in the water. Making a Lovecraftian story based on the song Hotel California is an awesome concept.
>> No. 4954 ID: 4402d8
File 133261625478.png - (280.74KB - 900x700 - Original Filename: 611.png )

I thought Ruby quest was pretty good though I tended to scroll through the puzzle sections.

Nanquest managed to make me feel some level of suspense. I gave a shit when Anna was killed, I felt tension when Nan gave Santiago her hand. I was even like "oh snap" when Nan was in the burning room and opened the door on herself. And when Kim was stuck in the furnace...

But the feeling of being trapped in a place full of nameless horrors without much in the way of defending yourself is one of the reasons that I list Amnesia: The Dark Descent as one of my all time favorite games. It made me feel something.

No. 2731 ID: 3da5d0 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 131758994862.jpg - (47.56KB - 300x467 - Original Filename: goldDiggerV4.jpg )
I am shocked and awed that this classic comic has no thread of it's own here. Fred Perry has been making these since the early 90s and has some pretty kickass animated series to boot with it aswell.

I have only seen bits and pieces, but Fred Perry seems incredibly dedicated to his comic series. Anyones thoughts on any of this?
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2945 ID: 9dffd3
Personally, I never got into Fred Perry's stuff because he couldn't do faces and had a rather poor grasp of anatomy- as I understand it, he hasn't improved much.
>> No. 3097 ID: 7c29e4

Same. I could never get into his rigid, angular faces and stiff thunder thighs. I used to get AP's "How to Draw" books and I outgrew them fast once I noticed how things didn't really.. flow.

I admire his dedication tho. He's done a fuckload more than I ever could. Comics, color, animation. He's kinda like a published, furry MSPA.

I hate all his copy-cats tho. Y'know the ones that bank completely off his style right down to the muscley legs and squinty eyes. You were supposed to use the 'How to' books as ref (until you found your own niche), not as a bible ya dopes!

Personally I'd rather see stuff by Adam Warren or Shonuff, with cushier, fluffier styles and thick inks.
>> No. 4880 ID: 260373
Idly rezzing this 'cause I was thinking about it the other day when I saw some other stupid shit Antarctic Press had published...

I may have given up on the series, but I will give Fred Perry credit for pretty much singlehandedly keeping an entire indie comic imprint afloat. The rest of that company is Ninja High School (whose art has become strange and offputting, and whose storytelling makes Gold Digger look like Watchmen), various Ben Dunn attempts of bad knockoffs of anime that never last more than an issue or two, a couple of other series with lame art and silly premises, and various miniseries trying to cash in on trends at least two years after they're hot.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure Dunn is completely aware that Perry and Gold Digger are keeping his company alive. That's why they put out as many bullshit overpriced tie-ins as possible... the Gold Digger Annuals are basically insulting, and the fact that I once or twice, in my foolishness, paid for a comic mostly full of art that wishes it were as attractive as Rascals is why I feel zero guilt at pirating any Gold Digger stuff. They took money of mine they did not deserve, basically. The sad thing is that I know that better artists have tried to submit to Gold Digger Annual, I've seen them talk about it and post the comics they wanted to send in. But the submission guidelines are so bad and poorly-done and the announcements for deadlines so hidden that they are the work of severe incompetence that would be dumbfounding in someone that's been doing this for decades, or some sort of behind-the-scenes favoritism of excluding good artists for ones Dunn or Perry are personal friends with or something.

Indie press imprints are supposed to be where artists can go to escape the bullshit of the big companies. Antarctic Press actually manages to have the same level of bullshit as DC or Marvel despite only having one successful title.
>> No. 4891 ID: 98c9d4

I actually think Gold Digger's gotten a bit better lately. Little more towards its old charm.

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