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No. 7511 ID: 38a803 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 134990479678.jpg - (354.14KB - 926x1024 - Original Filename: tumblr_mbjf6pOhkS1r0alxmo1_1280.jpg )
New LL thread, other is either at or close to not bumping.

Now. We're going to have a nice little thread. We can discuss, we can disagree, we can tease and jibe, but we are not going to have relentless negativity and whining.

Everyone okay with that? If you're not, I'll just ban you now and save the trouble later.
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>> No. 8233 ID: 260373

It's only a model?

>> No. 8235 ID: 34592e

Knight(hood), I bid you welcome to our new home! Let us ride to Gossamer!
>> No. 8236 ID: e9c629
File 135553722758.jpg - (21.44KB - 500x281 - Original Filename: docbrown.jpg )
>> Not to scale of course
>> No. 8238 ID: 65d298
File 135555781448.jpg - (228.72KB - 700x700 - Original Filename: tumblr_mf1uqc6P4k1r0ajyoo1_1280.jpg )

No. 2412 ID: 42e68a hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 131525184120.gif - (204.62KB - 600x5525 - Original Filename: 1.gif )
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>> No. 2434 ID: 98c9d4
It made me smile.

On another note, Lucy. :D mwahahaha
>> No. 2590 ID: 6b5325
I've been a fan of BDK since '05-'06.
I feel it's lost some of it's lustre and hope to see it do well but kind of doubt that it will. I understand Matt's wanting to make the comic a bit tamer, but I feel like a lot of BDK's charm had to do with it's raunchiness in it's glory days. That in combination with Matt's self doubt make for a rocky combination but I'm really glad to see it updating again. Reading and hoping it does well!
>> No. 2591 ID: 260373

Hm. I see your point. There was a sort of "Fuck you I'mma throw shit out there if ya don't like it don't step in it" flare to the earlier comics.

On the other hand, that sort of attitude does reflect a certain immaturity. Maybe he's trying to "mature" the comic in a different way.
>> No. 8159 ID: beff6e
Necroing the old thread to say I dropped the BDK tumblr off my watchlist.

It was just... bad. It had ceased to be "badly drawn" but with still an effort of writing and being clever and into just... random bullshit and Sherer dancing around going "Look at meeeeee!"

The vast majority of the posts on it now featured his personal character yammering about stupid shit rather than the actual characters, and I couldn't remember the last time it made me grin, let alone chuckle or laugh.

No. 6879 ID: 194f79 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 134623962930.jpg - (480.30KB - 584x900 - Original Filename: 061a3506fxIL6.jpg )
anyone else read my life with fel(the webcomic),
first page
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>> No. 7234 ID: b1e5db

Why is Ginjo Kugo bumping uglies with a rabbit?
>> No. 7445 ID: dae688
File 134969538586.jpg - (392.25KB - 728x1105 - Original Filename: 67ed069b47NYU.jpg )
oh noes! but who will give Fel teh lovins
>> No. 7447 ID: 38a803

Random men on the street.
>> No. 8158 ID: beff6e
So I went and checked in on this, just for giggles.

He's still going "Oooo I'm so artistic" and wildly changing up the art style every comic (usually to something even uglier than before) and the storytelling's actually gotten worse, more disjointed and less interesting.

The characterization is even more shallow and terrible and even in a single comic and a single artstyle he's worse at keeping the characters on-model than Chalo is. At least when Chalo goes off-model it's bright and toony and fluid enough to distract you from it, in this he's often trying so hard to be all "Hard lines! Ugly faces! Thus REALISM!" that it just comes off as bad.

This comic has actually gotten worse.

No. 7992 ID: 52c119 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 135369016329.png - (1.74MB - 625x3809 - Original Filename: cad-20121123-63829.png )
I know some people here don't really care for Buckley and his webcomic, but.. it looks like he 'ended' it.

Not... fully end it, but he uses a time machine to finish the story and looks like change everything around via DC/Marvel to start all over.

In his long ass post, he mentions going back to actually focusing on comedy with video game and pop culture references... which to me will probably be a good thing considering that I found his serious story lines to be rather... boring. He should of stuck to just doing the funny comics to begin with.

Still.. I really do wonder what direction he'll go now.
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>> No. 8113 ID: 9cfc32
the spy from TF2 is a better assassin :V
>> No. 8114 ID: 8c14fe
But what about the godamn Batman?
>> No. 8115 ID: 9cfc32
cause they be the god damn batman
>> No. 8119 ID: 8c14fe

No. 8027 ID: c128ad hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 13539549407.jpg - (39.26KB - 457x256 - Original Filename: 1353953066140.jpg )
Fuck one.

Marry one.

Kill one.

Fuck Harley, Marry Cat, Kill Ivy.
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>> No. 8032 ID: 481489
File 135397204650.jpg - (2.84KB - 112x100 - Original Filename: youlikeponiesdontyousquidward.jpg )
Fuck Harley
Marry Catwoman
Kill squirrel girl
>> No. 8033 ID: 260373
File 135397568870.png - (41.92KB - 232x227 - Original Filename: 130063813679.png )
>> No. 8039 ID: 76f035

Jimmies Status: Unrustled
>> No. 8040 ID: 58c8cc

Our jimmies are eternalyoutube thumb

No. 7668 ID: b0c8fa hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 135091774697.jpg - (973.46KB - 1061x1500 - Original Filename: Vista-DownHill.jpg )
After talking with Sage, we got permission to help promote our new Web-Comic idea on here:

Right now we're in both the writing and concept design stage, but both me and LiquidMark have both been at this for more than a few months now, give or take.

The idea is to make a free Web-Comic, with adult themes, and also have a Premium section to it for the even more adult in nature scenes and pins up.

If and when this comic gets off the ground, we'll look to have the same sort of set-up like Club Stripes has with this site where we'll allow the premium stuff to be posted for a certain time.

Again we're pushing hard to promote the site, and Sage is helping us by letting us do such here.

We have a Tumblr Page - http://sinnersheaven.tumblr.com/

But I will also post the concept art from Liquid Mark here as well as take some ideas from those interested. :D

The picture here is a commission I got of one of the characters planned for the comic, though her design will be different in some ways when LiquidMark gets to her.
This post is long. Click here to read the full post.
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>> No. 8034 ID: bb9662
File 135397957770.jpg - (1.36MB - 3150x2550 - Original Filename: handbill.jpg )
We're back, sorry about that... Thanksgiving and School caught up, but here's some updates.

We have plans on getting the comic going before the end of the year. We did promote the comic a bit at Midwest Furfest with a flyer we were able to toss together.

This here is the flyer with all our information, and I'll also post the pictures in a larger format. :3
>> No. 8035 ID: bb9662
File 135397963598.jpg - (539.57KB - 595x780 - Original Filename: 1352951092_liquidmark_110_-action-s.jpg )
The action scene from the flyer.
Wilhelm and Urge.
>> No. 8036 ID: bb9662
File 135397967041.jpg - (344.09KB - 590x794 - Original Filename: 1352975304_liquidmark_sexiness-s.jpg )
The BADONKADONK scene from the flyer.
Cheryl and Vista.
>> No. 8037 ID: bb9662
File 135397971933.jpg - (498.26KB - 595x781 - Original Filename: 1353117155_liquidmark_drawmethebest-s.jpg )
The Shut up and Draw scene from the flyer.
LiquidMark's avatar getting forced to do some work....

No. 24 ID: aade7b hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 130200066595.jpg - (588.95KB - 1000x2423 - Original Filename: 1299970539.jpg )

Because this whole freaking comic rules.
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>> No. 7993 ID: 58c8cc
File 135369826591.jpg - (743.19KB - 1100x1370 - Original Filename: Another rare update sorta.jpg )
>> No. 7994 ID: 98c9d4

So damn awesome. Especially Mordecai and Viktor.
>> No. 8007 ID: f1b36f

Another killer update/sneek peek, Tracy still shows she knows her expressions. (Love Ivy's face in the top of the pic.)

Looks like Rocky will finally be awake, and as for the pics of Mordecai and Viktor...god..damn. That is nothing short of awesome, and for me it's close to "Orrore Bella" (Beautiful Horror) It's gonna' be fun seeing where those pics come in, and how.
>> No. 8010 ID: 98c9d4

I think the Viktor and Mordecai pics are flashbacks.

No. 7330 ID: 398e56 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
File 134914581232.gif - (93.50KB - 2123x768 - Original Filename: SabOnline642.gif )

Seriously, Eric? Seriously?
49 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7809 ID: f3946b
>I find it unlikely that he'll kill off his bread and butter when its comes to furry porn

I thought he'd stopped doing furry porn, though. Isn't he constantly going on about how he's retired from it or somesuch bullshit?
>> No. 7810 ID: 4bd37e

He's the Great Old One Of Furry equivalent of "I'm totally not a furry u guize".
>> No. 7825 ID: ce9b59
We're getting away from the major point that EWS is still a crusader for a dead operating system that even hardcore Linux nerds laugh at.
>> No. 7826 ID: 4bd37e

Yeah, we should stop talking about Hardiman before he turns up and starts posting "Oh I know you guys want my furry porn soooo bad but I'm way too busy being an awesome super-professional!"

No. 7778 ID: 1c6b94 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 135200133376.jpg - (98.63KB - 1000x856 - Original Filename: things-i-like-about-england-01.jpg )
are comic strips dead?
15 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7820 ID: ec10c6
File 135226467215.gif - (613.37KB - 250x250 - Original Filename: Fiesta!.gif )
>> No. 7821 ID: e9946b
File 135227360544.gif - (496.20KB - 360x360 - Original Filename: Song_Of_My_People.gif )
I was trying to avoid spider pics to be nice...but I love peer pressure more than being nice! :U
>> No. 7822 ID: 4bd37e

I showed this to my arachnophobe friend once. Even he had to admit it was kinda cute.
>> No. 7823 ID: f3946b
File 135230416863.jpg - (123.97KB - 500x397 - Original Filename: 3249906960_e7700c74bd.jpg )
For a moment, I thought OP's image was one of bogleech's charming "arachnophobes are subhuman scum" comics, but then I remembered that bogleech isn't British.

No. 7510 ID: db5385 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 134989027963.jpg - (363.04KB - 1000x1500 - Original Filename: fionnaandcakecva01.jpg )
Boom Studios, I still love you.
>> No. 7512 ID: 75d06d
File 134990591638.png - (74.99KB - 319x274 - Original Filename: fluttershy-happy-(n1304321288549).png )
I am so happy this is going to be a thing.

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