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File 136053937520.jpg - (480.18KB - 1280x1213 - Original Filename: tumblr_mi0q98oR5m1r0alxmo1_1280.jpg )
>This Week’s LL pinup. An early-morning Toots.

>You’re about to fly out off a hastily-loaded cannon, son

Wonder where I can find a pillow case like hers =D
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>> No. 9385 ID: a33019
File 13645327589.png - (382.76KB - 700x959 - Original Filename: tumblr_mkempbJOx31r0ajyoo1_1280.png )
>> No. 9386 ID: 453820
File 136453432192.jpg - (764.39KB - 2400x3672 - Original Filename: tootsbiovec_u18chan.jpg )
>> No. 9387 ID: 453820
File 136456833332.jpg - (1.57MB - 4708x2500 - Original Filename: hopesbandvec_u18chan.jpg )
>> No. 9391 ID: 5fef85
File 136460596346.png - (120.81KB - 279x187 - Original Filename: 147199 - artist bronysaurus_sense crying happy hap.png )
>all those shoops.

No. 9229 ID: 56ea18 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 136355067094.jpg - (513.68KB - 700x1063 - Original Filename: 2013-03-17-Breaking-Hearts-Page-11.jpg )
I've been reading this comic for some time now, at some point it did go on hiatus and updates were few and far between, but it seems things are coming out on a weekly schedule.

>> No. 9241 ID: 45f2ff
I have quite a lot of problems with it, namely the artwork, and how all the characters are proportioned in such a way that they look far shorter than their real heights suggest (not that anyone would believe me on that). The drama also comes off as very shove-down-throat-y and very synthetic -- arguably just as much as the characters themselves, like the fact that ALL the humans in Planet are apparently bunched up in one big location... and then get nuked to the point where Babby!Amanda's the last existing human left. Really? No splinter factions in other parts of Planet that gives zero fucks about High Column's cartoonish hate for anything that isn't human?

Not to mention how everyone seems to die left and right, and some even itching to die, regardless of Ayzewi (the pink-eyed imp-lady) having anything to do with their fates.

I'm also uncomfortable at just how... under-equipped everyone is in the comic. The story is set in alternate 1920s or 1930s, and yet the only weapons I've seen so far are shotguns, handguns, spears, hatchets, off-screen explosives and Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired robots. Ma'am, even the Roaring Twenties had far more weapons than that.

I would be far more vitriolic about this comic if it wasn't for the nostalgia back in my middle school days just printing Amanda Payne's old artwork.
>> No. 9243 ID: 56ea18

I honestly think the artwork has improved quite a lot over the course of time, gradually speaking, if you compare the first pages with the last ones, it shows. I like seeing webcomics do this, Las Lindas and 2 Kinds are another example.

As for the drama, I don't dislike it, maybe because I have way to much "funny" in my webcomic selection. The characters are flawed psychologically in a few manner of ways which I think adds to them, I don't get the "I'm the best character ever" vibe from any of them, or some are just to much in the background.

It is hinted that possibly a few humans got away, and I do admit this is the one part that kinda bothers me about the story, I guess they are like their own country and highly xenophobic, but even then I'm sure there could be countless people with different views that would just leave to some place else.

Personally I have nothing against this comic, I find fairly good.
>> No. 9245 ID: 45f2ff
File 136365288549.jpg - (93.36KB - 500x480 - Original Filename: tumblr_mi37ytN1SO1r437dqo1_500.jpg )

The artwork may have been an improvement overtime during the *webcomic's run*, but this still bugs me because the look of the characters today are what I consider a huge step back from, say, her artwork from 2005-2006. That's when I thought everybody looked like they were their proper sizes, and not like really short-looking adults. Seriously, Fagan doesn't look 5'11" at all. In fact, Silas Bade and Lupo in the uploaded picture looks nothing like 5'11" and 6'5" respectively.

Again, that's a point I don't think I've found anyone believing, much less caring about, everytime I bring it up. D'oh well, I suppose.

>As for the drama, I don't dislike it, maybe because I have way to much "funny" in my webcomic selection. The characters are flawed psychologically in a few manner of ways which I think adds to them, I don't get the "I'm the best character ever" vibe from any of them, or some are just to much in the background.

I... Yeah. I think you need more serious or adventure in your comic library, even the non-webcomic ones.

As for the psychological flaws "adding to character", I'm not really feeling that at all. Like I said, it makes them feel really synthetic, to the point where the flaws become gimmicks as opposed to something that gives them actual character depth, and this was especially egregious in the character biographies Amanda made almost a decade ago, where most of the characters all went through absolute hell and became edgyyyyyyyyyy as fuck.

Too bad I don't have any "good" examples to try to enforce that point of mine. :|

I think this comic has room for growth, but my grievances hold it back pretty dearly.
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No. 9181 ID: 89a9f9 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 136289637720.jpg - (109.03KB - 848x564 - Original Filename: 1362806326549.jpg )
Check it out yo, North Korean cartoons.

No. 6857 ID: df0823 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 134605579677.png - (126.58KB - 620x918 - Original Filename: 20120827_j4b2.png )
New thread, new story arc.

I always thought that playing land cards was more representative of Travel than of "summoning land"

Also, Type 1 sucks balls.
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>> No. 9149 ID: 579f34
File 136273836471.png - (120.84KB - 620x918 - Original Filename: 20130308_o0jv.png )
>> No. 9156 ID: 6121dd

And then he woke up.
>> No. 9157 ID: 41bcc8
>And then he woke up.

And had to perform his first ever stealth-sheetwashing.
>> No. 9160 ID: 579f34
And it turns out it was Susan's dream

No. 9109 ID: 72d92f hide quickreply [Reply]
File 136244737062.gif - (82.52KB - 553x457 - Original Filename: tumblr_m3a8jdNq1p1ru5991o3_1280.gif )
With Moonstuck having wrapped up not too long ago, I thought we could use another pony tumblr to gawk at.

Discorderly Conduct follows the antics of Discord after he inexplicably escapes his stone prison; its sister blog, Cupidite, focuses upon Chrysalis, and the shared history between the two. Things start off pretty light, but soon take a darker turn; it appears that Chrysalis wasn't always a changeling, and Discord may have had something to do with it, but try as he might, he just can't remember...

http://discorderlyconduct.tumblr.com/tagged/chronological/chrono -- I recommend that you start here, which will allow you to read all of Discorderly Conduct in chronological order. Cupidite doesn't yet have such a function, but Discorderly Conduct usually cross-posts the relevant content. Read both blogs from the beginning to be sure you don't miss anything.

http://discorderlyconduct.tumblr.com/tagged/blog%20canon/chrono -- This link will only list posts that are relevant to the ongoing plot line shared by the two blogs, although the creators seem to have a pretty strict definition of what qualifies as 'canon', so be warned that you may miss out on some of the backstory if you go this route.

No. 8242 ID: 3f43bc hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 135572842747.jpg - (222.16KB - 1066x1280 - Original Filename: tumblr_mf5ktjxKV51r0alxmo1_1280.jpg )
Starting a new thread seeing the other has hit the limit.

>This week’s LL pinup: Din.
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>> No. 8814 ID: 260373
File 136044801296.jpg - (62.59KB - 1280x720 - Original Filename: [URW]_Chuunibyou_demo_Koi_ga_Shitai!_-_04_[720p][D.jpg )

Maybe you should stick to posting your own opinions if those aren't yours. Because if you continue to post someone else's opinions... say, someone who's banned... I'm going to consider that ban evasion and you're going to share in their fate.

Just as a hypothetical, you understand.
>> No. 8815 ID: 34592e
File 136044849074.jpg - (2.80KB - 100x100 - Original Filename: lunascrunch.jpg )

whatever you say, Ms. Fuckhaven

Now, I do believe this thread has run its course; would someone be lamb and start the next LL thread once the new strip is out?
>> No. 8816 ID: 34592e

Christ, I meant 'be a lamb' this keyboard has become troublesome as of late.
>> No. 8838 ID: 490f17
File 136063116948.png - (459.54KB - 795x1183 - Original Filename: 2012 BTB Kate Beach Flats v4.png )
might as well throw the one I have on my work list up, not to many Kate pieces around.

No. 3143 ID: 8f9199 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 132192783826.jpg - (246.75KB - 650x919 - Original Filename: 2011-11-21.jpg )
>>Lower-Lefty cannot resist ass grab

>>Last Panel: "I'll see you tonight Lower-Lefty"
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>> No. 7877 ID: 3392ee
Also just noticed Marilyn got her nose covered in the last panel.

Welp, she's dead.
>> No. 7972 ID: 3392ee
File 135342946678.jpg - (231.86KB - 650x919 - Original Filename: 2012-11-19.jpg )
Heather, that one-liner was lame when Schwarzenegger used it in Predator. The difference is, Schwarzenegger made it sound cool.

And how the hell did she manage to set up that big-ass web so fast?

I'm also quickly realizing how much these characters must all really dislike each other, since not one of the things they've said could be taken as just shit people say when they're hardcore pissed. It's all extremely specific stuff. Like Marilyn's thing about Heather not holding up a neon sign everywhere that says "I'M A LESBIAN" or Katt telling Minerva she's a freak and adding "just like Captain Alberta said" as an afterthought and her comments suggesting she thinks London is one too.
>> No. 7973 ID: 4bd37e
>And how the hell did she manage to set up that big-ass web so fast?

It's a bonus feat you get for being a spider-themed super.
>> No. 8495 ID: e9c629
File 135794706561.jpg - (454.02KB - 600x847 - Original Filename: tumblr_mghdlcgFvG1r0ajyoo1_1280.jpg )
Chalo posted this on his Tumblr.

No. 6406 ID: dda908 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 134230884866.jpg - (335.07KB - 719x1111 - Original Filename: comic cover concept art featuring miniature equine.jpg )
Yes, this is happening

I thought this might fit here more than /toon/.
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>> No. 8102 ID: 3392ee
Elaborate plz?
>> No. 8195 ID: 559f31
File 135500141930.jpg - (26.15KB - 300x463 - Original Filename: 1.jpg )

Dat cover.
>> No. 8200 ID: 290501
Oh man, so many Doctor Who references! Love it~
>> No. 8491 ID: e0a693

Previews for #3.

No. 3688 ID: 58230a hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 13270098396.png - (801.92KB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-01-13-Rascals-pg_155.png )
Haven't seen a thread for the webcomic Rascals.
Anyone here read it? I think it's pretty cool. Currently, it's at 155 pages. Updates every Friday. And now it also has 2 bonus comics, which will update on Tuesdays when a page is owed. :3
232 posts and 121 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 8229 ID: a23d07
File 135544996421.png - (1.25MB - 800x1760 - Original Filename: 2012-12-13-Rascals-pg_178.png )
>> No. 8311 ID: 1b765b
File 135672832571.png - (0.97MB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2012-12-27-Rascals-pg_179.png )
>> No. 8340 ID: 3392ee
Wouldn't be too sure about the "canon" part, since she was only ever mentioned years ago on the forum.
>> No. 8350 ID: cf5ce7
Heh, Jazmin has weird dreams. xD Poor girl. I will say though, I like the flowy hair in the 5th panel. <3

No. 5338 ID: 0e2123 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
File 133540744065.png - (167.83KB - 666x950 - Original Filename: tumblr_m30vvbwXqS1r757rdo1_1280.png )
This thing is a hoot, so let's give it its own thread rather than clutter up the MLP thread with it.
79 posts and 64 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7791 ID: 6d6dfa
File 135206540216.jpg - (130.16KB - 1280x807 - Original Filename: tumblr_mcynqwUkqf1r757rdo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 7798 ID: 5ca8f2
File 135209454587.png - (108.64KB - 542x474 - Original Filename: thanks_for_all_the_fish_by_egophiliac-d5k4m95.png )
It was a fun ride.

And while sad to see it end, it means Ego will have more time to focus on her other project.
>> No. 8288 ID: 87d31b
File 135641893338.png - (761.44KB - 666x2796 - Original Filename: snow_day_on_the_moon___1_by_egophiliac-d5p6jva.png )
>> No. 8289 ID: 87d31b
File 135641896746.png - (952.42KB - 666x3324 - Original Filename: snow_day_on_the_moon___2_by_egophiliac-d5p6k2b.png )

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