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No. 340 ID: 4733e3 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
File 130334234312.jpg - (198.93KB - 1027x1600 - Original Filename: 9izpm8.jpg )
Found on scans_daily.

>So Wolverine is possessed by several demons, and his gal pals go into his mind to save him.

...ew ew ew ew ew ew.
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>> No. 11415 ID: cf7c30
I may have to play again just play her...
>> No. 11861 ID: c74fb0
File 138567890645.jpg - (60.15KB - 500x503 - Original Filename: tumblr_inline_mwzv8lTWfu1qkmqxy[1].jpg )
Here, have some Doreen with bang-bang hips. Seems like the best thread for it.
>> No. 11865 ID: 9e728b

So glad I recognize that sig.

(It’s @$$, aka Pennicandies.)
>> No. 12966 ID: 6095a7
File 139554119360.jpg - (319.13KB - 900x734 - Original Filename: tumblr_n2v4ls7t5u1raoiujo1_1280[1].jpg )
The things you find on Tumblr.

No. 12905 ID: f45aa9 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 139501863264.png - (909.92KB - 700x1050 - Original Filename: 2014-03-01-pancakes.png )
Do you like Superheroes and adorable romance comics?

Cuz Supercakes just got its own website.
>> No. 12906 ID: f7ae64
superheroes and romance?

It can work

Reminds me of this one:


The name says it all. Its quite sweet, has some interesting twists every now and then
>like, what do you do if your NOT-superman boyfriend had just flown you the US to Paris for lunch in a split second, but then has to leave for some big emergency... and you don't really have any cash or passports

and of course all the other fun things about supers dating, supers dating supers, norms dating supers, having an ex that is a super...

I like it

No. 12005 ID: bc05ae hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 138721533266.jpg - (254.12KB - 800x1129 - Original Filename: tumblr_mxwtbna5PL1r0ajyoo2_1280_png.jpg )
New Las Lindas thread since the last one stopped bumping.

So, Chalo just admitted he does porn of LL characters
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>> No. 12741 ID: 260373
File 139308962224.gif - (437.93KB - 500x300 - Original Filename: tumblr_mlq4md7nFI1qho6i8o4_500.gif )
>> No. 12742 ID: 16164b
>I may be over analyzing this or reading too much into the page


>I noticed that she has her tail around his leg when he finally grabbed her. It also appears that she was ready for the kiss in the third to last panel.

Reading too far into things doesn't even describe this. And yet at the same time, it wouldn't surprise me if this turned out true, seeing as she just spent two pages uncharacteristically using her ass and sexual innuendo to lure Miles into working harder.

>I noticed she didn't say no...

More and more, I see why Sage left the forum. That right there is not safe thinking. The worst part is, they probably will end up playing the lack-of-the-spoken-word-no-equals-yes card to appease the forumites cause they're a bunch of creeps.

Also, let's hear it for Miles, who is apparently so AWESOME that he spontaneously gained enough experience to catch up to Rachael in no time flat, grab her, spin her around to face him MID-RUN and pin her to a tree. Lovely job, totally believing we're not meant to worship this fucker.
>> No. 12745 ID: 46c99b
Before I wash my hands of any further "discussions" regarding Miles n Racheal, I reckon they don't deserve any kind of relationship with anybody until they pull their respective acts together regarding their own personal issues.
>> No. 12750 ID: 16164b
Oh, this is too good to not share, another bit of forum gold. And that was only half-sarcasm because it gets real good at the end when we see SK's response.

>I don't know why, but this reminded me of that one conversation with Sarah in which Sarah told Miles that she believes Rachel just wants to get laid.

Yes, apparently some of them still actually believe that Sarah was saying Rachael's a whore with no standards who'll fuck just any guy she can. But on the flipside, here's SK's reaction to seeing that page again, since the poster also linked to it.

><melts into the floor wicked-witch style at the sight of early really bad writing>

As opposed to the current really bad writing? But in all seriousness, this was hilarious and I felt we could use a good laugh after all this.

Also, looks like we're gonna need a new thread. Bump limit reached.

No. 11705 ID: 579f34 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 138433529972.png - (103.10KB - 620x918 - Original Filename: 1384318046-2013-11-13_EB28.png )
Ah Susan. The human mind IS irrational. We have emotions first, then we use logic to discern what those emotions mean.
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>> No. 12702 ID: 260373

"Also all those problems you had from being outed apparently don't exist at my school."
>> No. 12703 ID: 972ea6
I'm just going to point out how damn fine sexy Susan is in that first panel there.
>> No. 12705 ID: 7571dd
I'm betting the colored version will add a thought bubble of her regretting not being in a giant water slide instead of a grassy field.
>> No. 12706 ID: 7571dd
We hit bump limit, by the way.

No. 6622 ID: 7c90a2 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 134388674589.jpg - (841.24KB - 700x1541 - Original Filename: LC0029.jpg )
No new main comic this week, but we get LC.

Is someone on the team ashamed of Cocoa or something? Cause every time she's on-panel, her body is obscured in some way or completely hidden.
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>> No. 7503 ID: a200f6
I was referring to bonus images and batb, which is why I stated a story being non-canon isn't an excuse for the difference in character
>> No. 7504 ID: 38a803
File 134988009930.jpg - (89.26KB - 750x784 - Original Filename: 8480__safe_rainbow-dash_humanized_swag_rainbow-das.jpg )

Hm. I kind of have to agree, but rather from another angle... it's sort of insulting to use lesbianism for a cheap thrill and to motivate donations but then go to such lengths to deny any of the popular female characters actually like girls.

But oh well. It is the way it is. I really don't care, I'm going to ship who I like and interpret the characters as I like.
>> No. 7505 ID: 2bc7f3
I encourage your shipping.
>> No. 7508 ID: 481489

TitanicxQueenMary OTP

No. 12205 ID: f7ae64 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 138925798147.jpg - (15.24KB - 200x313 - Original Filename: cover.jpg )

Was introduced to this by a friend

Basic concept, but reasonably funny and awesome:
>especially if you like Jrpgs

Korean high school kid wakes up one day with himself effectively having been turned into a Jrpg character. He can level up, has stats, can learn stuff instantly via 'skill books' - and there's some really shifty stuff going with a dark summoner in town...

It stays oddly down to earth regarding how I would imagine most people his age discovering that they have completely exploitable game character mechanics
>> No. 12209 ID: 3586d2
Uh huh.

No. 8367 ID: d1bc24 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
File 135732267725.png - (1.01MB - 800x1500 - Original Filename: 2013-01-03-Rascals-pg_180.png )
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>> No. 11986 ID: 13faad
File 138693834346.png - (862.04KB - 700x1512 - Original Filename: 2013-12-12-Rascals-pg_225.png )
>> No. 12098 ID: 65bc4f
File 138753242732.png - (705.36KB - 700x1420 - Original Filename: 2013-12-19-Rascals-pg_226.png )
>copy-pasted panels


Looks like the artist is trolling you guys
>> No. 12100 ID: bc05ae


I believe that is called lampshading, and is a common writer's trick.
>> No. 12134 ID: 0bbfce
File 138814627454.png - (1.03MB - 700x1841 - Original Filename: 2013-12-26-Rascals-pg_227.png )

No. 10847 ID: ba185c hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 137667477212.jpg - (925.18KB - 700x1750 - Original Filename: LL0414.jpg )
Las Lindas MK 42: The Geekuing
252 posts and 50 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11995 ID: 214f52

weird, I thought Angel was his main girl
>> No. 11996 ID: f2b38f

Nah. Davin and Angel used to date then they stopped but remained friends with benefits, then Tiare showed up, and Ann after that.

From Davin's point of view he probably doesnt have a main girl or considers all 3 his main girls. From everyone else's point of view it's Ann.
>> No. 11998 ID: bc05ae

>Davin and Angel used to date then they stopped but remained friends with benefits, then Tiare showed up

I don't think it works like that as they are all faithful to him. Angel even flipped out when Vixy said she wanted to get his attention.

If they were just friends with benefits they would go out with others, but right now they really act as his girlfriends
>> No. 11999 ID: f2b38f
I thought Angel flipped out because Vixy showed up uninvited (Tiggs was invited) and they heard her call them sluts. Ann thought they were going to ask them to leave nicely before that.

No. 11913 ID: 260373 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 138643261223.png - (283.56KB - 900x611 - Original Filename: 2013-12-07-pwc-215.png )
Poe seems to have some thoughts on Shortpacked and Questionable Content.
>> No. 11915 ID: d362d4
All they need is a guy in a wheelchair and we have the Burger King Kid's Club.
>> No. 11923 ID: 4f56ae
I'm conflicted about Shortpacked and the other webcomics Wallis writes. They certainly have their moments, but he does seem to have his odd moments of "Me too!" when it comes to character diversity. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having a diverse cast, but there's something about the way he goes about it that just seems odd.
>> No. 11924 ID: 260373

Is it the fact that he seems to mostly put these minorities in his comics so that they can state the opinions of a white straight guy (meaning, himself)?
>> No. 11927 ID: 4f56ae
That'd be it. The man uses his characters to show how 'enlightened' he is, rather than to craft captivating tales.

No. 10639 ID: 579f34 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 137448534383.png - (163.72KB - 620x918 - Original Filename: 20130722_f97s.png )
Come on, get zappy!.
291 posts and 117 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11695 ID: 579f34
File 138416506334.png - (121.43KB - 620x918 - Original Filename: 1384142335-2013-11-11_EB26.png )
Or they're anime nerds.
>> No. 11700 ID: 579f34
File 138425217730.png - (130.48KB - 620x918 - Original Filename: 1384232336-2013-11-12_EB27.png )
Just a hunch...but Sarah might be barking up the wrong tree. Maybe Susan will have better luck.
>> No. 11701 ID: bb9d48

She is rapidly going to deplete her "cool girl who likes nerdy stuff" cache at this rate.
>> No. 11702 ID: 5d7da2
In before Cecil just wanted to be introduced to Elliot

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