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No. 6256 ID: 38ac1f
File 133313707757.jpg - (15.77KB - 286x400 - Original Filename: 130021635929.jpg )
>MFW $280 wristwatch with Castro's face on it
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>> No. 10317 ID: ca0bbb
Throwback line?

>Realize they probably put something in the recipe to (a new sweetener or something) to appease the health-Nazis

>> No. 10318 ID: 7187a9

Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback. Not sure if they did any others. Made with actual sugar, not corn syrup. I thought they tasted strange, but also they didn't have the same smoothness that "normal" soda did.
>> No. 10319 ID: 98c9d4
I'm on the soda from Mexico bandwagon. Not sure why, but cokes and Pepsis taste so much better.
>> No. 10323 ID: b9e2e1
They probably use sugar instead of corn syrup.
>> No. 10366 ID: ca0bbb
>late night at work
>early morning at work tomorrow, followed by moving furniture the rest of the day
>waste close to an hour just browsing TGFB

Goddamnit Freehaven
>> No. 10414 ID: b58b15
>have to go to class that is 30 miles from campus
>Google takes me through the middle Buttfuck Egypt, NJ
>No street signs, trees everywhere, no streetlights
>dark as shit
>the one store I find closed 10 minutes earlier
>An hour after I'm supposed to be there I still haven't found the street I'm supposed to be on
>Say fuck it and drive home

In addition, I couldn't switch commuter lots because the campus that all of my classes are on is sold out. At least I have Fridays off.
>> No. 10425 ID: 3d9263
File 135909757515.jpg - (73.72KB - 300x450 - Original Filename: Applejack why.jpg )
>been messing around with the Steam for Linux beta
>sees that AMD just released a new driver for my video card, which was necessary to run TF2 at all
>clicks link
>Firefox says it will automatically open in some Zip file viewer app thing when it's done, OK
>fifteen minutes to download
>Firefox suddenly has forgotten out how to open Zip files and pops up "Choose Application", basically asking me to hunt down the bin for the app manually
>how the hell should I know, I don't even remember what it said it was called
>looks in Downloads folder, file not there
>tries "Open Containing Folder"
>pops up "Choose Application" again

>mfw Firefox has literally forgotten how to open a folder in the file manager

And this is the BEST browser for Linux, folks. I think convincing people this OS isn't shit is going to be a bigger uphill climb than actually porting their client and games.
>> No. 10429 ID: 5b9d03
Windows 8 or Linux 3.7? Pick your poison!
>> No. 10433 ID: 3d9263
I don't know what's supposedly terrible about Linux 3.7, but Ubuntu already ruined itself two years ago when they dropped Gnome for a Mac-inspired UI that was only meant to be used on netbooks. I went with Kubuntu specifically for that reason; they'll have to pry my taskbar from my cold, dead hands.
>> No. 10435 ID: d0bf69

At least when Windows doesn't work, I can content myself by thinking "Microsoft fucked something up".

With all those other OSes-that-end-in-X it's shit like "Did I build the compile right? Am I missing some library? Where would I go to find that? Or is it just that I'm using a weird fucking OS and the program doesn't know how the fuck to run?"

No thanks, I'll take "mediocre, but predictable and mainstream" over "supposedly superior but mired in confusion and lack of support".

I mean, I've just heard too many horror stories. At least with a Mac OS, even, it'd be "No one uses Macs if they can help it so no one makes software for the fucking things". The Linux and Unix and Ubuntu and Sambuntu and Rularururuntu and all that? Heard too many stories of guys who will go on long rants about how 'nix is the only way to go and it's the only OS worth a damn, and then turn around from their 'nix computer to their Windows computer and boot it up so they can actually play games or do some normal work. Or how if you want to get support for the OS, you can't just ask because everyone will be like "Read your manuals loser", you have to say "Man Windows is so awesome at X, why can't 'nix be awesome at X?" and then you'll get eleven different replies about ways 'nix can toootally do X better than Windows.

These stories and others... just, no. Not even once. I'll take my big corporate OS and like it, thank you.
>> No. 10439 ID: 98c9d4

Yeah, I avoid those debates with people who are really into that. I basically sat one of my friends down and told them that I like Windows and they just have to deal with it.
>> No. 10548 ID: b58b15
>squirrel at bird feeder
>bang on door to try to scare him, doesn't work
>open door really fast
>hit myself in the face
>bust my lip
>> No. 10555 ID: 260373
File 135985827328.jpg - (48.09KB - 504x360 - Original Filename: il_570xN_308815995.jpg )
>Hear breathless laughter of squirrel
>> No. 10833 ID: dc977f
File 136246623929.png - (850.45KB - 911x760 - Original Filename: Capture.png )

Maybe not minor, but at least it's under warranty for another 4 months.

> Required to actually call Intel before 5pm for warranty service.

>> No. 10835 ID: 3d9263
Whoa. Windows actually detects this stuff now? You're lucky. Back in the day, and by that I mean more than a few short years ago, if your hard drive was failing you wouldn't know it until it was too late.
>> No. 10841 ID: dc977f

Yeah, since Vista it's pulled SMART data and tried to give some warning before a drive goes totally tits up. Funny enough, about 4 hours after I posted that image, the drive totally went to hell and started corrupting files left and right. I've never seen Windows boot up before while missing 90% of the system fonts. Not pretty.

Thankfully was able to apply a system image backup I'd made a few days earlier to a different drive without too much trouble. I will say that whoever it was at Microsoft that designed the system image restore UI should be beaten. Instead of just selecting which disk to restore the image's partitions to, you actually choose which disk(s) NOT to apply the restore to. WTF? Forget to tick a checkbox in a dialog box hidden behind a button and boom you lose everything on a secondary disk.

Microsoft is the king of halfassery.
>> No. 10847 ID: b6fa65
Looks like a TRIM-related failure, but that Intel SSD SKU has support for garbage collection build-in, supposedly... Talk about tough luck.
>> No. 10851 ID: db1e58

Yeah, and $diety for-fucking-bid you pick the wrong options in the backup tools. I did a system backup rather than creating a system image when i had a hard disk bail in January. Came back with the new one, set up the Win7 installer, found out that the recovery tools can't do fuckall with a -backup-, they want an image, and the "restore from backup" tool can't do anything with the Program Files directories--if you try, it silently skips them (the tool's specifically wired to ignore "active" directories like Program Files, Users, and Windows to avoid issues; safe mode won't even get around it).

I'm lucky there wasn't much mission-critical in there.
>> No. 10874 ID: b58b15
>making popcorn
>open microwave
>turntable is covered in butter
>one of the kernels poked a hole in the bag
>this isn't supposed to happen
>> No. 10897 ID: 3d9263
>the tool's specifically wired to ignore "active" directories like Program Files, Users, and Windows

Wait, "Users"? That's where your documents and shit are stored. So, you can't restore anything of value from a backup, basically?
>> No. 10898 ID: db1e58

I -think- Users was among the "no automated restore" list; it's been a couple of months. There's nothing stopping you from going in and getting files back by hand, but the auto-tool won't help you if it's a folder it's designed to skip (even though it's the damn thing that backed it up in the first place).
>> No. 10973 ID: 5020b5
>Suffering from some kinda stomach virus.
>Started Saturday night.
>Hoping Today's the last day I feel symptoms of it.
>> No. 10980 ID: 5020b5
>Spoilers, it wasn't.
>> No. 11017 ID: 5020b5
>Early work day, I'm there at 7:30.
>Not even five minutes out on the floor, I find a customer.
>Ask if he needs any help.
>He turns and snaps at me for trying to help him, swearing he'll leave if anyone else asks him that.
>It's too fucking early for this bullshit.
>> No. 11028 ID: a40592
File 136441897288.jpg - (24.51KB - 367x418 - Original Filename: errrm.jpg )
>Sees friend request on Facebook from a familiar name. Accepts
>Gets message saying "Sorry didn't mean to send that, don't know how that happen."

Suuuuure. Because there's more than one way to send a friend request to someone.
>> No. 11074 ID: 453820
File 136488145189.gif - (293.43KB - 453x337 - Original Filename: jontronwut.gif )
>Video game accurately depicts how common racism was in 1912
>SJW crowd claims the game is racist
>> No. 11133 ID: 7e16a4
So yesterday was fun. Had to switch shifts from a midday to a close. Apparently the girl who was suppose to close had a panic attack or something.

Buuuuut as it turns out she wasn't told that she didn't have to come in by the manager. So when I told her she was really confused. Since I have to keep up 30 hours I told her that I have to close but she can stay if she wants. "No I'll just go home. Kthxbai."

And of course I get pinned with the one person who can't figure out how to close to save their life.

To say I'm a bit upset would be a bit of an understatement.
>> No. 11134 ID: 9cfc32
>Kitchen had a talk with the managers last week
>We ask them "If you take something from the kitchen after we are close please at least ring it up or leave a note
>Yesterday we are 4 10ounce steaks short

we know its one of the managers, we had that talk cause we are tired of the OWNERS coming down on us and thinking its us cooks taking that food. While we do have a camera in the kitchen its at a bad angle and only cover the back door. so we are currently probably gonna go back to doing night inventory and then locking everything up till the day person...which the only persons that will have keys are the owners and us cause they too now agree its probably the managers.
>> No. 11193 ID: 58c8cc
File 136604521871.jpg - (73.86KB - 900x418 - Original Filename: Just another day in Kanto.jpg )
>Go to work as normal.
>Enter just before it rang 30 and punched in.
>Ask manager whether I was supposed to be in today, apparently I was not despite the online schedule saying otherwise. Something about a schedule change. The schedule book in store confirmed a day off.
>Leave, hoping the camera got a good look of my ass walking out the door just to show I was there.

I swear this better not come back to bite me in the ass, because whoever manages the schedules dropped the ball, not me.
>> No. 11194 ID: a6c0b0
I seem to get keep getting this error whenever I try to post a file outside of /dammit.

Warning: md5_file() [function.md5-file]: Filename cannot be empty in /home/tgfb/public_html/inc/classes/posting.class.php on line 145

Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in /home/tgfb/public_html/inc/classes/upload.class.php on line 58
>> No. 11195 ID: c128ad
I get the same thing when trying to post outside of /use/. Trying to sort it out now.
>> No. 11197 ID: cd83da
File 136607704470.jpg - (24.84KB - 954x90 - Original Filename: Capture.jpg )
Same here
>> No. 11198 ID: a6c0b0

So it's not just me then. This seemed to start when the site came back. Can't make threads either for obvious reasons.
>> No. 11199 ID: 58c8cc
explains why we don't have a boston bomb thread over in /use/.

And is it just me or does the error seem to look like some sort of college/school joke in disguise?
>> No. 11200 ID: a6c0b0

There's one in /chat/
>> No. 11204 ID: 5020b5
>Checking e-mail.
>Youtube notice.
>Part 1 of my Kingdom Hearts LP has copywrited music and will now be muted.
>Trying the 'remove the music' option now and praying that doesn't destroy the audio track all together.

This better not become a trend.
>> No. 11211 ID: c6fcad
>following a certain artist for a long time
>cool art, seems like a nice person
>does Pokemon and MLP, two of my favorite things so it's a plus!
>some time passes, no updates
>wonder what happened
>entire account wiped clean
>check tumblrs
>they're gone too
>no word from artist
>some time later he comes up under different name, posts like nothing happened
>OK I'll watch him there
>some time passes, it happens again
>for fuck's sake
>artist puts up a link on his FA and says all of his old and new art will be archived there
>not a month passes he deletes fucking everything from it and disables his FA

SunnySoda is really frustrating to keep up with, and I often wonder if he's having some self-loathing issues that causes him to do this.
>> No. 11221 ID: 5020b5
He's doing what the other most common reaction from self taught artists is. To be too critical of their own work, swear it's horrible, and not worth keeping, and nuke everything.
>> No. 11245 ID: 0187df
File 136661699397.png - (101.14KB - 611x567 - Original Filename: Tears by Apple.png )
You know, as I started reading that I was thinking "that sounds an awful lot like Apple".
Lo and behold, it was.
He's currently operating out of http://sunibee.tumblr.com/ but he's about to wipe his tumblr for the second time. Wish the guy would just stick to his guns.
I'm so glad Tess is back, though. Was worried about that guy.
>> No. 11265 ID: 3a0732
File 136667805323.jpg - (18.80KB - 277x400 - Original Filename: Dwayne Johnson.jpg )
>finally have enough employees to initialize a rotation for the weekly Sunday brunch buffet
>highly welcomed 'cause some of us hardly ever have a Sunday off
>last week I'm told that I was supposed to have last Sunday off, but it was given to another coworker (a guy I've had issues with inside and outside of work and is notoriously well favored by management)
>no reason was given
>supervisor says I'll have the sunday after next off
>it's after the fact so there's nothing to be done. Besides, people who make a big deal about stuff 'round here get screwed over
>a few days go by
>hear that the supervisor is working on next week's schedule
>I remind her that she said it's my turn to have Sunday off
>no issues
>next week's schedule is posted
>I've somehow acquired a triple shift, something that I've never seen someone scheduled for in the entire two years I've been here
>6am to 11pm Saturday, a 17hr shift, then off on Sunday

That sound underhanded to anyone else but me?
>> No. 11281 ID: 0187df
What did you do, shit in their office chair? And aren't triple shifts kind of illegal? Or at least close to that?
>> No. 11285 ID: 260373

Honestly sounds like either abuse, discrimination, or they're trying to make you their bitch.
>> No. 11496 ID: 98c9d4
When I have to trick iTunes into giving me the music I purchase. Starting to hate this program.
>> No. 13973 ID: faff5b
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