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No. 1 ID: 07c206
File 130194092385.jpg - (111.35KB - 447x379 - Original Filename: 129817401822.jpg )
No, this is not my personal board.

This board is for the stuff that isn't blatantly political but still likely to get heated. Issues that can cause big flamewars and other bullshit like that go here... or even if it's not a big flamewar but you're blatantly mad over it. (Note, "u mad" image macros are considered redundant on a board called /bitch/.)

In other words, this is where you give us your thoughts on yaoi.

Same general ruleset as /use/. Don't post grossout shit, don't start threads just to attack another poster, all that stuff, and you can't be banned just for posting something controversial (or saying something stupid).
>> No. 2 ID: 4733e3
Discussion of Jay Naylor's stuff can go here, but please try not to let it overwhelm the board. We got rid of /fisk/ for a reason, people.
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