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No. 5268 ID: ea076a hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132882545869.jpg - (123.73KB - 497x350 - Original Filename: I-See-Stupid-People.jpg )

Really? Spewing your shit at kids' funerals? Please have an extra large helping of FOAD with a side order of STFU.

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>> No. 5275 ID: 260373
>No signs, no shouting. Just stand there with heads bowed in respectful silence for the whole affair, and leave in an orderly fashion.

It'd just encourage them. "See! See how many people ACTUALLY love our message!"

Best thing to do to his funeral? Ignore it. Act like you have no idea it happened. Keep talking to them as if he's alive, act shocked when they say he's dead. "Oh, sorry. Didn't notice."
>> No. 5276 ID: d2adbf
File 132884535863.jpg - (5.96KB - 226x166 - Original Filename: 84.jpg )
Nothing new to them (except maybe the person being a child), but still as horrible as ever.
>> No. 5282 ID: f893c2
/begin Christian rant/

These guys don't represent the God I believe in. Not even close. No matter how much vitriol has been put out by religious people, I fully believe that faith should be, even if it often isn't, about love, first and foremost.

/end Christian rant/
>> No. 5289 ID: 42770f
Because it's happening and it gets ratings. What, did you think the media exists to inform and edify the public or something?

No. 4941 ID: 62ce61 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132766321488.jpg - (31.02KB - 500x375 - Original Filename: hdesk.jpg )
I really need to vent on this.

My History class is fucking terrible.

This happened yesterday. The subject of the day was Ancient Greece. I came in with high hopes, because I find Ancient Greece to be absolutely fascinating. I anticipated the lecture to be about the colorful history and culture of one of the greatest civilizations on earth.

What I got was a 40 minute rant about how evil gay people are.

It happened right out of fucking nowhere. She was talking about the customs of marriage in Athens and then she brought up how homosexuality was viewed. That's where it went straight into batshit country. She managed to blame the fall of Ancient Greece on gay people, not corruption or anything sensible. And she then took this idiocy even further by blaming modern Greece's problems on Ancient Greece's homosexualty. I pointed this absurdity out, because the two are seperated thousands of goddamn years, and that there was no way to prove there was a link between the two and she replied, smug as ever.

"You can't prove that it didn't."

Then she went on to the old "Homosexuality destroys civilizations because it's a form of moral degeneracy." shit That has been refuted thousands of times.

The worst part? She's been fucking doing it on a regular basis. All the other students have mentioned her ranting like this several times in the past.
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>> No. 5015 ID: bcfc00
Yeah when GD projects are so fucking obscure, (most the intro assignments were combining shapes and throwing in some color and words) It's really fucked up that they can give you piss poor credit based completely on if they liked it (and sometimes if they like you. I wasn't a GD major so that did me no favors.)
>> No. 5162 ID: 42770f
Actually that doesn't sound too different from the stories I hear about what graphic designers' careers are like — getting hired by people who have their own half-formed ideas and not only think they're better than what the professionally trained designer comes up with, but also expect the designer to be able to match them without even being given any sort of workable description.

Maybe it's just something about the nature of the field.
>> No. 5266 ID: 1631cf
OP here. I am setting a time to lodge a complaint with the administration. If possible, I will also bring along a fellow student to help things along.
>> No. 5267 ID: 1641ac
Good luck, let us know how it goes.

No. 4793 ID: dda908 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 13269718107.png - (155.68KB - 659x454 - Original Filename: DMCA.png )
An original, fan-made b&w documentary about alternative music scene in LA, made somewhere in the early 90's, was posted on YT in three parts. Not stolen from anywhere. Original. Taken down.
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>> No. 4807 ID: bcfc00
Well yeah, that as well.
>> No. 4817 ID: 66a6f9

This is how the Co$ got a youtube channel again after having previously been banned from youtube from doxing critics in their vids

they buy a few hundred thousands worth of dollar s of google ad space and whatnot... they get a new channel
>> No. 5181 ID: 3e4780
This has happened to more than a few MUGEN and Street Fighter videos I'd fav'd recently. Granted MUGEN DOES use copyrighted characters but you know, there's no money at all in it and technically all characters in it are 'mods'
Seems like an office drone at capcom has learned how to abuse the system.
>> No. 5193 ID: db1e58
From someone who's dealt with and knows people who have, yeah, it's an impressively abusable system that's built that way.

Short way about, if someone files a DMCA takedown request, YouTube is required to act first and investigate later, regardless of how invalid the request might be. Going the other way around puts their Safe Harbor status in jeopardy, and if they lose that then they can be forced to vet all content. This also means if the 'content detection system' flags something, they yank it then deal with the appeals.

It's not quite so bad as say Facebook, where you could (not sure if you still can) file a DMCA takedown request against content and falsify the contact information; since contact between both parties was required and the protesting party's information was useless, the accused had no recourse and could do nothing but accept the takedown.

No. 4612 ID: dd751f hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 132624397656.jpg - (289.67KB - 825x1275 - Original Filename: GiveIn01.jpg )
Let's start off Failor's new thread with his newest folio.

Title is from >>4605
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No. 4869 ID: bce6a8 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132748539548.png - (98.41KB - 308x231 - Original Filename: alanmoore.png )
Is there something about furries that they really have to try to be this politically correct ass hat when it comes to convos? everytime you make a mention or a simple comment about a view they have to jump on you saying "You are imposing your views on me!" or "Stop saying those things" it's almost like a double standard, I can't say a view yet they can yell at me and everyone agrees with the yeller?

And I have done little experiments with this, I will say "Oh I think this game sucks" on a chat I get 5 or so people telling me I am just pushing my view or how I am wrong, yet in real life, I tell people "Oh I think this game sucks" they ask me why? I tell them, they either agree or disagree but it never turns into them saying I am imposing my views.

It could be just the internet in general but I have noticed that furries try way to hard to be some political correct dude or whatever and that just makes talking with some to near impossible.

hopefully I am not alone that realizes this in the fandom?
33 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4936 ID: 7b92b5
Whether or not >>4886 is just a troll post or is true but also a trollpost(lack of a better term), I respect Serverus/Cinox/Whoever the fuck he is for being honest and straightforward about it. Too much of the time do I see both what the OP has described, but also the flipside. The "Everything I believe is right and everything you believe is retarded, but you can't get angry with me man I'm just stating my views" sort of thing.

Also if I may shed a little light on this.

>I have a dislike for Jews, I can't give a reason because I'm not sure why. I just am not fond of them.

Whether you do really feel this way or not, it doesn't surprise me. Most Jews are assholes with a superiority complex gained from taking the belief that "we are god's chosen people" too literally and seriously. I mean hell, I once saw a room full of white Jews giving a black family who just joined the synagogue more than questionable looks because they didn't believe they were "really Jewish".

Then again, I grew up on Long Island so it could just be the closed mindedness of the environment in general.
>> No. 4943 ID: 2b54f5

It wasn't a troll post. I meant everything I said, but the issue is that I was hoping for a discussion about how people should take note of how their words work, blahblah, but instead users were taking the worst out of my post and trying to use it against me.

The first post wasn't a troll, but the subsequent ones were, in order to point out what the others were doing, and that they were doing the same thing that OP was upset about.
>> No. 4944 ID: 2b54f5
File 132766727956.jpg - (262.22KB - 673x660 - Original Filename: 1313204229197.jpg )
I'm not fond of Long Island, but I alsso agree.

A friend of mine was getting shit on by his landlords over his business. He got it as a dump, he fixed it best he could, and the fucking pricks were treating him like scum. Yep, jewish too.

To be honest I'm not surprised Godwin's Law came into play, since most people that dislike Jews are Nazis.

And to answer that question: No, I think the Nazi party was retarded then, I think the Nazi bullshit is retarded now. Hitler was a fucking moron, and anyone who clains the 4th reich is coming should get a boot up their ass.
>> No. 4955 ID: bce6a8
File 132767718324.jpg - (52.57KB - 639x864 - Original Filename: 1327606393405.jpg )
This thread sure did get classy fast...

No. 4511 ID: bce6a8 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132583940593.jpg - (1.41MB - 1920x1200 - Original Filename: 1314940827523.jpg )
Sitting here just looking at the night sky, it makes me wish that I was with someone right now to share it with, Not looking for a bawww thread all about me, but I am curious on what the TGFB community thinks about love, is the sense of love dead? and are you with someone right now? And how great is that relationship both present and past?

With the new year only 6 days in, just looking for hopefulness and knowledge.
18 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4584 ID: e0a158
This. Had a lot of short relationships. Had a few that lasted for years. (Incidentally, to all people who told me it's impossible to break up with someone and stay real friends with 'em - I'm provin' you wrong! Still close friends with two exes from LTRs!) Currently hooked with a guy I dated back in '03 who, after hearing my ex and I had had an amiable break-up, got up the nerve to ask me out, saying he'd had a crush on me since we broke up (which was originally 'cuz we lived a ways away).

If you want it, go out and look, but you probably shouldn't hunt like your life depends on it. You can look TOO hard.

True love is not dead. Neither is chivalry, or at least a modern form of it. I'm finally in a relationship wherein we both get exactly what we're after. That can happen, but it requires lots of communication (and yes, you can have great communication and this still might fail because someone withheld something).

This too. Don't stay in a kind-of-okay relationship. A close friend stayed with a guy who was dealing drugs for years, just because even though he was dealing with the guy's fucked-up buds all the time and getting shit stolen from his house, <insert whiny voice> "We've been together for yeeeears, and I just can't throw all of that awaaaaay..." Yeah, you can and you should.

If you're single and you're happy being single, be single and be happy.
>> No. 4585 ID: e0a158
Oh, Mab, is that actually you and your husband? You make a cute couple. Congrats on 5 years, hope that's just the bare beginning.
>> No. 4622 ID: 260373
>Sitting here just looking at the night sky, it makes me

wonder what the fuck happened to your roof?
>> No. 4661 ID: bce6a8
apartment has a balcony

No. 4185 ID: a40592 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 132404250028.jpg - (165.62KB - 648x864 - Original Filename: OL266_11-12-16.jpg )
Wow we're at ten of these? Well at least it's nice to know Elizabeth always hated her kids.

Also that second panel...ugh.
298 posts and 57 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4608 ID: 260373

Haha, oh wow, the sheer amount of sulk that radiates off of that. He's degenerated that far!
>> No. 4609 ID: a40592
That...that argument would only barely be valid if he drew things in a more stylized way. He draws (or at least tries to) with realistic proportions for his characters. Not in some kid cartoon fashion.

I fucking hate that "I'm an artist/It's the way I draw" argument so much.
>> No. 4610 ID: 98c9d4

It can work sometimes when it makes sense. But style is no substitute for failing at general proportions.

Some of the weirdest artists still show proficiency in the fundamentals even within their exaggerated works.
>> No. 4611 ID: 842b2c

This is out, by the way. I'm as unimpressed as I expected: six pages (maybe seven), both with Sissy cheating on her husband with the canine we saw in the "throwaway" page a few weeks back. Three page blowjob, four page lick'n'fuck, all while Sissy laments that she shouldn't enjoy it. That's it. One of the pages we saw earlier that Jay said wouldn't be in a pornfolio is used, at that.

Very meh.

No. 4482 ID: 7ee390 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132574470975.jpg - (367.83KB - 931x1280 - Original Filename: 35d72c25a65e1277e51083223963589c.jpg )

I want a thread for the general rage of art that either has the dumbest lines, orjust really terrible concepts and whatnot, without this becoming a Naylor thread. We have that.

But seriously, general shitty art thread.

We can start with this comic and how the writing makes me want to smash my head into the wall.
23 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4598 ID: b1e5db
Comic is still up, but hasn't updated for months. You know, despite copy-pasting lots of panels, he still can't adhere to a MWF schedule.
>> No. 4599 ID: e0a158
File 132617590361.gif - (91.98KB - 805x1098 - Original Filename: Snc6anm.gif )
Most of the pics of his are... well, they obviously exist solely on the order of, "I can't draw very well, but no one else will draw what I'm into, so I'll do it myself." I fully understand why that could happen. Doesn't mean I don't LOL at the art, but...

Here's some horrible Sonic fanart, animated in a really piss-poor way. Admittedly, at least it wasn't done using the supremely-horrible "stretch and squish" animation method.
>> No. 4600 ID: e0a158
Also... Who the heck is Jeff Boyd? There's a pic in here titled "free speech". It shows two fresh graves with headstones. One to the side says "Meow Zilla." The one in the foreground reads: "Jeff Boyd. Born-1972. Unemployed-1999. 'A real bastard when he wanted to be.'" There's a swastika at the top of the headstone, and two wolves with a dirty shovel, one of which is peeing on the headstone. Is this ancient furry drama?
>> No. 4601 ID: e0a158
File 132618163584.jpg - (75.10KB - 800x1002 - Original Filename: StormHowl.jpg )
Have more anatomy fail and nightmare fuel.

No. 4554 ID: d0b729 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132599511163.jpg - (48.12KB - 500x282 - Original Filename: tumblr_lmva2mQD3Q1qiyh9no1_500.jpg )
I'm just here for the porn.

There, I said it. I like man-animal-thing porn. I don't identify myself with the fandom. I have no fursona. I can't think of an animal to represent me.

If you do, that doesn't bother me. Unless you are a therian, or actually believe that you are a katana-wielding winged demonic rune guardian angel gryphontaur of doom +2 who only hides in human form, waiting for the downfall of mankind and the rise of the furries. So essentially, half of the fandom.

I'm cool with you running around in an ugly fursuit. You can have sex in that, no biggie. I'm an advocate of the whole "what happens in private, stays there"-thing.

Don't expect others to like that, though. Oh, how did that video get on the internet?!
Don't expect the general public to appreciate your car-fucking macro dicknipple vore porn.

Don't try to make me draw that shit. So I'm the intolerant asshole here, right. I am a closet faggot who can't appreciate your true 38-year-old bedwetting babyfur nature.

Fursecution! The holocaust wasn't shit compared to what those people said to you on the internet. How dare they generalise the furry fandom based on it's extremes. Who has ever done something like that? You didn't, that's fo shizzle.

This post is long. Click here to read the full post.
8 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4565 ID: af0515
File 132607581385.jpg - (95.97KB - 500x333 - Original Filename: 1290388785205.jpg )

>kittens are superior in every way


>> No. 4575 ID: dda908
File 132611858665.jpg - (111.13KB - 900x675 - Original Filename: kool kitteh.jpg )
>> No. 4578 ID: 7ee390
File 13261256944.jpg - (25.28KB - 400x400 - Original Filename: 1HJ2.jpg )
>> No. 4579 ID: ba3534

Baby Deer &amp; Baby kitten in love!youtube thumb

No. 4543 ID: b55fee hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132592600090.jpg - (266.10KB - 800x640 - Original Filename: 1321472374_amixeduppuppy_fhvdaf.jpg )
Seriously, why do people commission this dude and not me?
I mean, I am not the best, but seriously.
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4549 ID: bcfc00
I don't think he liked my stipulation of having to say 'why' the art is bad.
>> No. 4550 ID: e56aa5
I think this is the only time the internet argument of "Let's see you do better" has been valid.
>> No. 4551 ID: f09228
First off:
A lot of factors depend on why some folks get commissions.

Pricing for starters. If someone is charging fairly cheap, odds are he'll get customers. Checking the artist's page, he's charging $20-$25 for full colour stuff. Which considering I've seen top quality artist charge that much for an icon, is fairly cheap for a full colour image.

Another factor is speed. A third factor is willingness to draw subject matter that another artist may be against. The artist in OP seems to focus mainly on canines and male art...both of which are popular subjects for a lot of the money-giving members of the community.

But also there is the fact that he's open for commissions and it tends to happen that when you are, you do a commission...post it...other people see it...and odds are one of those folks will also want a commission.

That said, to parrot the statement of everyone else...it's one thing to say "wtf. Why is this guy getting commissions?" and leave it at that, but when you add in "and not me." that tends to imply there is a comparison going on. Which of course is going to make everyone go "well...what are you able to do then?" since we too would like to compare. It's not meant to be mean or some form of trickery.
>> No. 4553 ID: d0b729
this. you gotta stand out somehow, be it the price, speed or general popularity of your art.

that's why no one commissions me. ill go out on a limb here and say my art is better than that in the OP (though it is too stiff and pieced together) but a combination of the facts that i charge based upon the time i spend on the average commission and that im slow as fuck makes me uncommissionable.

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