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No. 5717 ID: ba3534 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133020168791.png - (31.99KB - 405x300 - Original Filename: Thriller of our fathers.png )
Not an emo thread, just a thread of varying magnitude of the experience of sadness. I put it in /bitch/ merely because this place is arguably the most negative part of the board. Try not to go overboard here. I'll start us off.

Gramps just died, had trouble breathing this week and finally flatlined. Not on a bed either; in his office. That's the last of my grandy generation line (his step-wife excluded).

I hope this is the last funeral I have to go to for the next 2 decades.
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>> No. 6108 ID: db1e58

Not even quite that--I'm afraid of heading there alone. Nursing homes and such scare the shit out of me, all those people without anyone but each other and the staff. You don't go out and no one comes in, day after day, week, month, year...

That's pants-filling, to just sit and rot until you hit the last day. At least to me.
>> No. 6109 ID: 338d0e
...I think I know exactly what you mean.
>> No. 6110 ID: c842f7
I know what you mean on that, at least.
When I go, I want it to be fast, and hopefully clean. Stuff like drowning, or suffocating, or wasting away through disease or starvation... no way in hell would I want to die like that.
Of course, I'm also the type of person that would prefer putting my brain in a robot carapace to avoid the wasting process. Brains in jars tend to just go crazy instead of rotting away, and by then I'd be too far gone to care.
>> No. 6231 ID: 648cbd
I know exactly what you mean because I get that shit at least once a month. I hate it mainly because as soon as it happens, it sticks with me all day.

Also...that feel when you realize that you're never going to live up to your own expectations, no matter how low they may be.

No. 5638 ID: db1e58 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 133004051869.jpg - (231.25KB - 792x1224 - Original Filename: 1330038884_fisk_jn-selflessloveprev[1].jpg )
A work in progress - Pablo is explaining to his incredulous sister, Lupe, why he maintains his hapless and doomed obsession over Mary Ann. The comic will be called Selfless Love. I've wanted to do this story for a very long time and I'm FINALLY getting around to it. This will be a dialog heavy page, so there's a lot of open space.

We'll wait and see. But I'm tired of Pablo being the hopeless loser, trying to get a size queen to notice him in Long Cockerton.
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>> No. 6049 ID: 74c32a
No hands, no feet, and no bagel anus. With the standard Naylor ass.

Suddenly, its the best image in a while, imo.

Nice, I forgot about these.
>> No. 6059 ID: 37b315
I'm sorry but this is just bad. This isn't supposed to be some animu shit. You can't just mess up with a few small aspects and expect it turn out better than the original.

If there's anything worse than fucked up art it's people who fuck it up even more.
>> No. 6061 ID: 0d2ac3
There's nothing wrong with it, until you realize she's about to get rapped by a 10 year old.
>> No. 13217 ID: 07cd23

No. 5629 ID: 7ed285 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132997114388.jpg - (10.26KB - 150x150 - Original Filename: poke-eye-out-150x150.jpg )

I thought I'd share this to you guys. This is KIKEN, an attempt at a novel so bad that it absolutely has to be seen for itself, and when I mean bad, I don't mean "My Immortal" bad. This is far, far worse.
Here are some of the things that can be found in this little abortion of the written word.

*A dog named ruffhouseman
*An all-out war between idealists and cynics, who are portrayed as militantly opposed philosophies
*Prose that includes such gems as "Is there really a difference between the new and the old?" and "Will the world ever calm down?"
* A plot that is basically a Frankenstein's monster of anime cliches.
*And so much more...

Also, if there is sufficient demand for it. I will make an MSTing of it.
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>> No. 5855 ID: e63104
>Someone put it together with the intention of being the worst fic possible.

No, that's what was done with the Full-Life Consequences series.
>> No. 5857 ID: 196677
Oh, I know stuff similar to that is done seriously. It's all just opinion, but I see more signs than I can count in My Immortal that it's intentionally bad.

Wait, what...? =looks up= Uh, wow. Yeah, I can believe a nine-year-old wrote that and put "everything cool" in it. The KIKEN guy can spell, but his formatting and flow are almost worse.
>> No. 5882 ID: 42770f
Well, there is this thing: http://ohinternet.com/My_Immortal/TheBatMan%27s_confession That's probably the closest we'll ever come to knowing the truth.
>> No. 5884 ID: f3b3b9
Interesting. If the actual co-author does have dyslexia, chances are he can actually type with it. "My Immortal" was written as though each word was laid out in a Boggle box and shaken before typing it. Pick any one character name and it's almost always (mis)spelled differently each time it's used.

Of course, these are the worst fanfics in a sense, but there are much, MUCH worse out there in terms of content (see "Cupcakes" or "Celebrian," stuff that'll burn your brain to dust).

No. 3975 ID: c128ad hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
File 132311401917.jpg - (369.61KB - 870x918 - Original Filename: not gas masks.jpg )
Keep your whining about Cinox/Severus/WhateverthefuckhewantstocallhimselfIdon'tgiveashit here.

If I see it in other threads, I'm just going to fucking ban you because I'm sick of other threads getting shit up because of it.

This is your only warning.
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>> No. 5540 ID: 2b54f5
You mean someone obsessed enough to keep pics of the penis of someone he hates?

Funny how that turns out.
>> No. 5558 ID: d8e87d
File 132952705591.jpg - (23.60KB - 335x352 - Original Filename: original.jpg )
>> No. 5624 ID: 7b7d0e
The fact that you took those pics (and freely admit to it) speaks volumes about your character. Or lack thereof, as I see the case is now.
>> No. 5628 ID: 6a0f28
File 132996119157.gif - (117.82KB - 199x133 - Original Filename: 1318109454827.gif )

No. 5504 ID: ea076a hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 13294370122.jpg - (76.22KB - 604x458 - Original Filename: 16641_103499039669497_100000282035606_88733_778231.jpg )

Bobby Kotick, the infamous CEO of Activision, was named as a Director at Coke. This disturbs me greatly.

Will we see a "New Coke" every year, like Call of Duty?
23 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5600 ID: 4402d8
Has EA been successful under Kotick?

I'd say so though I haven't seen the numbers.

I doubt Coke is worried about Kotick raping the soul of Coke.
>> No. 5610 ID: ea076a
I think you mean Activision. But ATVI has posted profits of $1.1b for the last year, so in the greed department, it is major success.
>> No. 5613 ID: 5daab0
Mr. Pibb is Dr. Pepper with a superior taste that doesn't go flat sooner.

Also, Vanilla Coke could use a reworked recipe that improves flavor.
>> No. 5615 ID: 260373
File 132978275366.jpg - (59.50KB - 465x720 - Original Filename: Angry_older_cowboy_FAN2005581.jpg )
>Mr. Pibb is Dr. Pepper with a superior taste

Boy, that's the sort of statement that could get a six gun emptied into ya if it were made in person rather than the innernets.

No. 5413 ID: 5447b5 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 132923016984.jpg - (18.50KB - 353x400 - Original Filename: avalentines_day1.jpg )
....Really? How many times am I gonna have to hear that fucktarded statement today? Do you know how goddamned bitter you sound?

Every year, I hear this same shit on Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother/Father Day, whatever other gift giving holiday it happens to be at the time. It is stupid as fuck. So why do you continually say it?

The holidays started out as spending time with your family, and giving a few gifts to show that you appreciate all they had done for you and what they meant to you. That's cool. That to me is the heart of the holidays.

Of course, businesses being businesses in the business of making money, tried to *gasp and shock* figure out a way to cash in on these holidays. They commercialized the fuck out them. Oh now who didn't see that coming?!? That's cool, too though. They're doing what businesses do and trying to put more money in their and their employees pockets. That's kinda what they do.

Anyone with half a fucking brain would understand that the holidays have become commercialized. Especially the gifting holidays.

So why do people constantly feel the need to point this out in the most obnoxious ways possible? It doesn't make you cool. It doesn't make you edgy. To me, you sound embittered and stingy as fuck. "Oh you mean I've GOT TO SPEND MY MONEY on my LOVED ONE?!? CHRIST ON A CRUTCH!" I read one this morning where they said they weren't buying a gift because there was "no point". Uhm...what? I wish I hadn't ragequit and nuked the journal so I could remember the argument he used, but holy fuck, dude. If there is "no point" to getting your partner even a small gift because it "isn't worth it", there are some hardcore issues there.

I guess in summary, Valentine's Day is about spending a little extra time with your partner, just making them feel special. I totally agree that it shouldn't be a once a year thing, but fuck it. Why not play along, have some fun, and maybe get them that xbox game they were looking at, or those earrings. It is a great opportunity to show that you do give a fuck about someone. Don't get mad just because they put a name to the day and said "buy them something!" Just chill, tell em you love em, then do whatever. If that's rolling over and going back to sleep, cool. If its cooking breakfast and giving them the biggest goddamned teddy bear you could find, that's cool too. But damn...don't ruin it for the rest of us!

Happy Valentine's Day
This post is long. Click here to read the full post.
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>> No. 5578 ID: 821ed5
File 132960093262.jpg - (55.71KB - 563x385 - Original Filename: benq-mp522-dlp-projector.jpg )
>> No. 5580 ID: b1e5db
Well, it was nice knowing you. Enjoy your ban.
>> No. 5582 ID: a5604f
File 132962757473.jpg - (56.88KB - 400x400 - Original Filename: alone.jpg )
>> This thread.
>> No. 5583 ID: 821ed5
Everyone dies alone. Even surrounded by people.
But it's not the destination that matters, it's the journey there. So make it one worth writing down.

No. 5019 ID: 42e68a hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 132789560357.jpg - (138.63KB - 648x864 - Original Filename: OL279_12-01-30.jpg )
338 posts and 47 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5637 ID: 3a86f5
>Still trying to determine the proper way to convey sex sounds in a comic, but hey

Yeah, I probably would've discarded "Slap" and "Swap" outright, but what the hell do I know.
>> No. 5652 ID: bcfc00
>Started off his 'career' as a porn comic artist
>Still doesn't know proper sound effects after 13 years.
>> No. 5655 ID: 9508c0
For once, I saw something and didn't think it was a cat. Instead, I was positive it was a dog. God damn it, Naylor.
>> No. 14115 ID: 8a0cb3
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No. 5277 ID: b532e4 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 13288471075.png - (37.13KB - 685x440 - Original Filename: StayclassyTAA.png )
I'm sure we're all familiar with TheAmazingAtheist, smug internet celebrity and professional neckbeard.

Here's the story behind the image in this post.

He's with the other neckbeards whining on Reddit when someone is upset by a poor choice of words on his part.
And TAA does the most reasonable thing he can think of, he threatens to rape her.

and when she revealed that she already was a rape victim, then he said she deserved it among other delightful things.
29 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5418 ID: 5447b5
Fuck it. I have hands. I can cover her mouth.
>> No. 5420 ID: 410065


When you say an eternity of painful torture....
>> No. 5459 ID: 5a81b0
Watching every single Full House episode over and over with no bathroom breaks. And your only other alternative being to play E. T. Yes, the Atari 2600 one.
>> No. 5462 ID: 410065

Well, that's not too bad. At least there will be some variety day to day.

No. 5323 ID: 0ed545 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 132891571049.png - (234.23KB - 776x832 - Original Filename: 1324524072_torachan_xmas3.png )
I suppose I'm writing this as a sort of apology, but I had intended to post this in the thread you had banned me in, but that thread is gone. So here goes nothing. Just to clarify, I'm at university.

I don't "believe" in the IPU or the FSM. I find that a silly idea and I find those who do, even ironically, to be haughty and arrogant to the point where they would make a pilot blush. My whole point was that the IPU was "created" as a counter argument to many "internet theologians'" argument that a questioning or atheistic person must disprove god, or he has to exist - ergo, the creation of a ridiculous satire that has no proof of nonexistence. But that's not the point, I guess.

I just wanted to say I'm sorry that I upset you. I don't feel slighted (any more than I would feel slighted if I was thrown out of someone's house for discussing a topic they didn't want discussed) But I am disappointed that the relationship that we had went from polite friendship to such aggressive hostility from both sides (and I am more than willing to admit that I did instigate conflict with you). I'd simply like to state that I wish to undo whatever slights or wrongs I've done by you. If it means anything I'd be more than willing to buy a small gift for you to show my sincerity.

If I'm "unbanned", thank you. If I'm not, I guess that's just how it goes, no?
>> No. 5337 ID: 2b54f5
>> No. 5340 ID: 260373

Quit it.
>> No. 5341 ID: 181ecc

Seriously dude, if you don't know of any other way to contribute to a thread, don't post in it at all.
>> No. 5377 ID: 7b7d0e
I may be blind, but I'm willing to say that he's been pretty good about keeping his foolishness to a minimum lately.

But even so:

Dude, you weren't even around when this story originally transpired. There's nothing you can say; moreover, there's nothing you even should say.

Anyway, long time no see Pzo.

No. 5048 ID: 260373 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
File 132797632426.jpg - (13.66KB - 200x300 - Original Filename: spoony-headshot2.jpg )
I. Hate. Review vloggers.

Despise them. I hate their spergy voices, their shallow critiques that always sit right in the comfortable valley between opinions ("Herp derp I hate Final Fantasy, which a lot of gamers love but at least other gamers don't love, but I make sure to rip into the games and characters Final Fantasy fans didn't like either the most!"), I hate their gimmicks and their characters and the fact that they construct elaborate mythologies out of REVIEWING SHIT ON THE INTERNET.

But what I hate most of all, what I really can't stand, is that my friends will not stop talking about these fuckers! I cannot go two days without hearing "Lol you gotta see the latest Nostalgia Critic you're gonna love it!" or some shit! No, no I am not going to love it! I've told you twelve times, I do not love it! I do not like them Sechs I am! I do not like Spooned Eggs and Spam! I hate this shit! But they keep quoting these fuckers at me! They keep linking me! They keep letting me know Spoony's opinions BECAUSE I JUST FUCKING HAD TO KNOW!

Die! Die, vloggers! Die in fires and acid and giant pits of salt!
70 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5225 ID: 42e68a
In regards to Wrytergirl's thread over in /com/:

>> No. 5228 ID: 887f14
Just a general sort of comment, but I do like AVGN, because while yelling and screaming, the guy seems to know his stuff and provides more in depth commentary on history of things, frequently obscure systems he's demonstrating.

My problem with a lot of reviewers is that they follow in the footsteps of AVGN, but all they took was the anger and none of the nerd. And while raging is fine, when it's your only gimmick, it wears thin pretty quick. Reviewers seem to get into this mind set of "mad automatically equals funny".

However, guys like Yahtzee get that angle right. He's said himself that people like the negative approach more, which is why he hardly praises games. But more importantly, people seem to forget they're not quite "real" reviews because nine times out of ten, they're intentionally destroying the game. I give Yahtzee a pass on the negativity because he's more creative when it comes to wording and isn't just I'M YELLING THAT'S FUNNY, RIGHT?!?!?! I mean, just look at the original review he did if Duke Nukem.

But that's just me. The Internet's big enough for varying opinions, despite what people think.
>> No. 5304 ID: 4833da
>as a slur
>on a board which gets into furious arguments over My Little Pony
>> No. 5307 ID: c6b4c7
They also use "furry" as a slur. Check out /dammit.
I just pretend everyone here is a soldier trying to relax. They're not gonna tone done their words for anyone, but they're actually pretty respectful if you show 'em respect first. At least, that's the impression I've been getting.

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