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No. 6897 ID: 35079b hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133592909122.png - (73.41KB - 237x246 - Original Filename: hand.png )
Okay, so I hate Jailbird.

I think, even though her art is incredibly half assed and she gets way more attention and praise than she deserves, some of her stuff is enjoyable.

Anyhow, if she needs to pay a medical bill, why doesn't she do any commissions? I mean, even though she has a history of fucking comissioners over there are enough people who would cram their money up her ginormous vagoo.

But no, "commissions closed" and "Tell your friends please~~" to give me money you (your parents) worked hard for to help me pay this ominous "medical bill", of which no proof has ever been given.

And thus, 3000$ are harvested from a ridiculously cliché comic that looks like it took 30 minutes to make in total. I shouldn't be mad at her, I should be mad at the retards who pay her. I'm looking forward to the Allan-esque butthurt we will see when they find out she spent the money on a gigantic dildo.

(btw, she is a girl, isnt she?)
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>> No. 6932 ID: 260373

So it's really more like "smeg".
>> No. 6933 ID: 5ca8f2
How many hirtess can a hirtes give if a hirtes could give a hirtes while hirtesing a hirtes?

Sorry, had to do it
>> No. 6935 ID: 9322e3
mmmm yea we'll go with smeg
>> No. 6952 ID: 41edaa
This thread.

It is a hirtesing good thread.

No. 6615 ID: 91b13d hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133460367211.gif - (19.93KB - 300x148 - Original Filename: bronies.gif )
Ponies suck

Can we have a 30 day moratorium on pony pics plz?

And before Sechs bands me I just wanna say it was woth it
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>> No. 6810 ID: 60a8e7
I wouldn't care if pony people would just leave things alone and not cross ponies with everything.

Oh, also the people who state it's a fun, whimsical, well written show for all ages about friendship. Then beat off to or make a massive amount of pony porn.

(No one cares why you care.)
>> No. 6811 ID: 726023
>(No one cares why you care.)

Cared enough for a ban apparently.

(And you cared enough to upgrade a 90-day to a permaban, good job.)
>> No. 6887 ID: 856397
>(And you cared enough to upgrade a 90-day to a permaban, good job.)

Oh, you! :3

(No u.)
>> No. 6888 ID: b1e5db
Wow, you just don't give up, do you? You must be a masochist for bans.

No. 6816 ID: 1cc269 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133549368141.jpg - (7.60KB - 240x240 - Original Filename: 1177045203827.jpg )

I like how this is made out to be a defense thesis that needlessly blurs the line between oppressors and the oppressed.

As a victim, reading this just makes me hate the very concept and machinations of bullying. Bullies being the very picture of perfection who wants to "weed out abnormalities" by bashing people to death, and bully victims being utterly powerless and at the mercy of lazy and corrupt authority groups. Makes me sick.
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>> No. 6838 ID: 8e0d47
Ah, yes. This guy.

I used to be friends with the girl he went out with. She was pretty nice, until about a year into our friendship she turned into a complete nazi weirdo and went all the way to Russia to meet this guy. Now she just bitches about the government and how she hopes the BNP (British National Party -- hugely right-wing anti-everything wackjobs) will set the country right, or whatever.
>> No. 6842 ID: af0515
I was a pretty intense DevianTard a few years back, and I never heard of this guy.
>> No. 6843 ID: 233c9c
The only good thing being bullied did to me was make FPS games more fun.

Also, why does it seem like all the nazi fucks are from Russia?
>> No. 6844 ID: 5aa51a

Because Russia has a long history of racism that has gone mostly unchallenged.

Also,this moron is famous for bawling his widdle eyes out about "FREE SPEECH" when he gets ban-hammered.

Typical Nazi faggot. He wants the freedom to call for the death of everyone who isn't white and then he cries and screams like a fucking kid whenever a mod tells him to fuck off.

No. 6677 ID: a4f8e5 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 133477164861.png - (16.96KB - 271x84 - Original Filename: Video Game Music.png )
Game Over, RPGMusicDotOrg...youtube thumb

It was fun while it lasted.
Their website seems to still be up, but rendered useless without music.

No. 6519 ID: dda908 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133428098242.png - (193.39KB - 830x720 - Original Filename: rf Trixie oh a penny.png )
Ai got banned for posting on topic in my own thread for a day. Fine, mods should have a laugh every now and then. Ban expires, I post somewhere else. I get permabanned for "evading" a 1 day ban. WAT

Before I get permabanned again, here is to Sechs: Do you really think banning good folks like me for no reason will do any good for this place?

And then I got banned again.
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>> No. 6662 ID: 5efc10

Sage is foamy fanboy guy.
>> No. 6664 ID: 98c9d4

Bwahahaha. :D
>> No. 6666 ID: b6c5b9
File 13347009063.gif - (2.56KB - 198x204 - Original Filename: chan-style-sage_nyaah.gif )
>> No. 6667 ID: 260373
File 13347027808.png - (149.25KB - 333x250 - Original Filename: Foaming_mouth_guy.png )

Here, lemme get you your correct avatar.

No. 6064 ID: db1e58 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 133210394356.jpg - (152.12KB - 648x864 - Original Filename: OL293_12-03-19[1].jpg )
Not bumping again, woo.

Psst. Here, enjoy a cop-out. Also so Abby's not infallible, huh.

(Saying it again: losing five pounds at the beginning of a programme is nothing much to be snide about.)
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>> No. 6683 ID: dd751f
I want someone to LINK this to Naylor....
Just to see his reaction...
>> No. 6690 ID: 891067
"Don't know if condemn for being a parasite and wasting tax payer dollars, or praise for efforts to restore sandworm."
>> No. 14133 ID: e2abdb
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No. 6413 ID: 38e0ea Locked hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133384401735.png - (183.06KB - 435x650 - Original Filename: mylittleracistfuckhead.png )
Post crazy fans, fanart and fanfic here.

Pic related, it's a whole lot of words on MLP:FiM and racist pseudo-science,at the same time, coming from an entire blog of nothing but the same.
33 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6510 ID: 4ba09d
I posted long things people either loved to read for the (hopeful) entertainment value, or saw as "words words words words SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Oh, and I posted with a liberal viewpoint on /use/, perhaps Sechs hated that. I know Rags did, he called me a few choice things occasionally. I never got banned on /use/, I think, because I stated my opinions but I wasn't a dick and I never called the mods assholes. Most of the bans I see here are for people who're openly being dipshits.

Anyway, Jake Kat out, new name in. I'll still be liberal in /use/, but I never insist I'm correct and I don't resort to namecalling, say nasty things at the mods, or do stuff to stir up shit. None of that is the slightest bit interesting to me, and people who DO that deserve to be kicked off.

(And nothing of value was lost.)
>> No. 6511 ID: 4402d8
File 133423285957.jpg - (43.39KB - 500x545 - Original Filename: spooner-didnt-sign-shit.jpg )
Sechs didn't bvan Jake Kat. I did, though Sechs maybe should have since he never answered her challenge in /use nor apologized.

>All bannable offenses are listed below. Read the list, remember it, and live by it, and you should be fine:

>Not heeding moderator warnings.
>The moderators not liking you.

Jake Kat annoys me so I banned him. If there was a mod who really wanted to defend him and undo the ban they're not stepping up.


>like a fucking lottery.
Pretty much. Maybe you don't quite understand the concept of a private image board.
>> No. 6513 ID: b6c5b9

This will be the last post I make on this subject; after this, either get back on subject, or I'll lock the thread.

TGFB has always been, and always will be, a privately-owned messageboard. We're not run by the government, so we don't have to give you a platform to speak your mind. Any time you make a post, you're opening yourself up to the whims of the moderators -- and if you say something that either Sechs, Rags, ID, or I don't approve of (for whatever reason), we reserve the right to smack you upside the head with the banhammer.

A permaban for a minor offense does strike me as going overboard with punishment -- and I'll use this moment to ask Sechs, Rags, and ID to avoid using permabans for every infraction in the future -- but we're the admins, and we make the rules around here. One of the rules says we'll ban you if we don't like you; if you don't approve of it, Lulz will be glad to host your bitching about how we run TGFB, but at least keep in mind what such bitching will accomplish (nothing).

I don't always agree with Sechs, and I don't particularly approve of PERMABANS EVERYWHERE -- but Sechs and I know how we want this site run, and for the most part, we're running it how we wanted to run it from the start.

We're not "the furry 4chan" (despite the board list saying otherwise), and we don't want a super-busy board. TGFB exists to give Sechs, myself, and people we're friendly with a stable website we can use to shoot the shit and share pictures we think others would want to see.

I wouldn't mind a few more drawfriends and writefriends around here, but beyond that singular desire, I don't want anything more for TGFB than what we have right now.
>> No. 6515 ID: 4402d8
File 133423334651.jpg - (128.17KB - 925x864 - Original Filename: mlp_rarity_by_skdaffle-d3kkh3e.jpg )

No you won't. I banned you and I intend to keep you banned until one of the other admins tells me to back off. Feel free to appeal to Sage's better nature, he's the nice one after all.

> I'll still be liberal in /use/,

What? You are liberal??? Impossible! You had me convinced that you were Mr. enlightened open minded independent with no biases at all.

Locking this thread with apologies to anon for fagging it up.

No. 2945 ID: 7ee390 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
File 131787238451.png - (134.97KB - 400x388 - Original Filename: Sad Frog Alpha fixed.png )

I don't give a flying fuck about your giant ass eating toilet paper and blaming me because I got Charmin instead of Scotts. I blow my fucking nose with 2-3 FUCKING squares and you claim it never lasts because it's LESS and women WIPE BOTH ENDS. Every fucking thing I do or say that has something in it that makes you think I need to argue with you, and then you claim I need to be on medication because I "don't remember."

Then you get all fucking guilt tripping because I end up snapping at you and yelling and you then use that to claim to people that I'm the worst fucking son you've ever had, comparing me to my brothers.

Let me tell you something. My fucking brother was stuck with a disgusting cretin and he's being shipped off to Afghanistan. My other brother is a scumbag who treats me like I'm a pile of dirt and hangs out with drunks and walks around like his fucking dick is covered in diamonds. You fucking put me lesser than these two and claim "OH WELL I RAISED TWO GOOD YOUNG BOYS AND MY OTHER SON IS A DISAPPOINTMENT."

Thanks for making me feel like shit Mom.

Let's have a "loving" Parents thread. I'm gonna go curl up.
69 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5988 ID: b1e5db
Now she asked my nephew to take three Wii remotes and a Wii console from the house. He let her take them. She hears me get mad over this and tells me to not have a cow as if I'm the bad guy.

Seriously, fuck my sister.
>> No. 5989 ID: ba3534

I remember my brother used to be such a mooch back at home. Would steal from the parents, aunts and uncles, and even me and my twin. Eventually woke up to find him rummaging through my room for beer money, and before he could turn over the bed for change I told him I had nothing. Not even the 20 bucks I was saving for his birthday. "So yeah, happy birthday jackass."

That woke him up.
>> No. 6009 ID: 169245
>{she already thinks a woman can get impregnated by multiple men by having sex early enough into a pregnancy and end up with like a white kid and a black kid etc., despite evidence that cats are the only mammal capable of this}.
Just wanted to point out that, while it is rare, it is possible for a woman to be impregnated by multiple men, they are called Fraternal twins, triplets, ect. Ditto for pretty much every other mammalian species.
>> No. 6434 ID: ba3534
Had to work for easter, so I had to skip on the family gathering. Instead I went to my friend's family gathering. They actually did something other than talk and talk and talk. Heck even the elderly got off their butts and played a match.

Black families are much more fun than white ones. :(

No. 6129 ID: 434edc hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133256851597.jpg - (34.88KB - 400x250 - Original Filename: i-dont-want-to-live-on-this-planet-anymore.jpg )

This is too insane not to share.

A sociopathic cunt shows up and says how the mentally retarded should die because he thinks they're useless and all the other reprehensible turds on that website flock to asspat him for 'telling the truth maaaan'.

All these shits need is a Swastika armband and a copy of Atlas Shrugged and they'll achieve the next level of being an asshole.

Bonus douchebag points for the person who thinks compassion is an illness.
9 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6275 ID: c842f7
I take it we do not want to open the can of worms that is "where life begins," correct? Because I am otherwise willing to argue that anything beyond the point of conception counts as "alive" and therefore deserving of its shot at living.
>> No. 6277 ID: 4402d8
File 133325052127.png - (356.40KB - 800x700 - Original Filename: 606.png )

Not outside of /use no.
>> No. 6278 ID: c842f7
Just thought I'd ask before I did something that would get me kicked to the curb.
>> No. 6279 ID: 50d7d8

I wasn't trying to start that argument, but I was just saying, certain mental disabilities cannot be know in-utero so you can't just expect every woman to abort every fetus with the chance it may have a mental disability.

Even if somehow you knew upon birth - who in the hell would go around killing infants? This isn't a barbaric era - again not all this is known right at such an early age.

But as far as the abortion thing goes, it's the mother's choice (and to some degree the father's ) and it isn't something someone should decide for them even if they knew all the problems the child would be born with/have later down the line.

No. 6139 ID: b6c5b9 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133262131772.png - (29.46KB - 638x797 - Original Filename: 1332620093054.png )
I want to make this absolutely clear: I'M ONLY POSTING THIS BECAUSE RAGS ASKED ME TO.

I didn't want to post this, but Rags is out of town and he can't upload anything on an iPad, so he asked me to upload this (and the next image) as a favor to him.

(This is the last time I do a favor such as this one for you, Rags.)
33 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6228 ID: e8b890
I didn't buy it. Came free when my dad bought a car after his was pretty much totaled. I'm just here using t because it offers some bit of privacy.

That didn't stop Ontario from using that as his excuse and trying to deflect criticism by spouting how he was pioneering how gender roles could be reversed or some other nonsense that had absolutely nothing to do with anything.
>> No. 6229 ID: 98c9d4
While text based communication can get lost in translation quite easily, I could feel the "asshole" vibe from Onta through the monitor.

No, I don't have any particular incidents in mind.
>> No. 6230 ID: e29fd1
Onta's kept a pretty low profile over the past few months. I have forgotten about most of the shenanigans he got up to like the whole stolen brushes thing.
>> No. 6261 ID: e8b890

The autocorrect on this thing is annoying.

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