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No. 8223 ID: c35b4f hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 134312324816.jpg - (513.46KB - 1400x814 - Original Filename: ishiggydiggy.jpg )

I was thinking of posting this in /drama/, but since this is just a minor irritation I will post it here.
Why do some people still cling to the "if you think this artist is bad why don't you make something better?" arguement and think anyone with common sense will take them seriously? You don't need to be a master of some degree to see if someone's doing something wrong. Saying "let's see you try better" or "how dare you criticize me you talentless hack" is equal to artist putting himself on a position of some uppity noble and the critic on a position of dirty peasant, unworthy of even speaking to them.
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>> No. 8291 ID: a346cb
Yeah, I'm not going to critique a surgeon on how well they cut a person open and stitch them back up if I have no idea what they're doing in the first place.
>> No. 8324 ID: 1b9c0a

But you can still criticize them if they're doing an obviously bad job, being uncaring about the person they're performing the surgery on and disregarding their safety.
You may not posess a knowledge of some skill, but you can still notice if something's off about it.
>> No. 8333 ID: b6c5b9

>You may not posess a knowledge of some skill, but you can still notice if something's off about it.

This basically sums up the "I don't need to become a five-star chef to know when food tastes bad" counter-argument to the "if you don't like it, do it yourself" argument.
>> No. 8339 ID: e324f0

That argument's a mixed bag.

It's absolutely true for things that are mostly about personal taste. Art, music, food, that kind of thing.

It falls down in two places, first if you make the argument from personal taste, you pretty much have to accept everybody's taste. Taste is subjective yes, but taste cannot both be subjective and universal.

Second, if you want to actually talk about something, you need to know a bit about it. You don't need arcane and specialized knowledge but to extend the cooking metaphor, if your knowledge ingredients and techniques is limited to take out menus and instant noodles, you are not going to be able to tell me anything meaningful about a restaurant's food, or participate in a discussion of that restaurant.

I've seen a lot of discussion go to hell because people mistook their tastes for a universal standard, or because people who were only reacting on an 'I like this level' wound up in a technical discussion that they were not prepared to engage with.

No. 7607 ID: dd751f hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 133969910516.jpg - (604.21KB - 1275x825 - Original Filename: jn-thebattle.jpg )
>>All finished. This will be an illustration for my next project. But it's not a porny one, so I don't mind sharing it ahead of time.

OMG not porn? Something is wrong with this picture..
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>> No. 7992 ID: a200f6
That's who I meant
>> No. 7993 ID: a200f6
That's who I meant
>> No. 7994 ID: a346cb
Are they...outside? That second to last panel sorta looks like it could be grass, but if so, why would she have a massage table outside?
>> No. 7995 ID: 86deb7
Trust me - a really good massage can melt people

Used it on a good handful of girls, and they loved it... and I'm just an amature

I have no doubt that a massage pro could untie every knot in your body to the point that you fall apart like jenga tower that's tipped over

No. 7155 ID: db1e58 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 133755269377.jpg - (236.66KB - 680x1105 - Original Filename: 1337549723_fisk_jn-bottomlesslucy[1].jpg )
New Thread Time Again!

Oh, ladies, you have no idea. Or maybe you do. Mm.

Whatever. I rather like this; good proportions, nice pose, the feet look mostly normal, hands look okay, and really it's a fine derriere. Only thing that sticks out is the odd face, where it looks like her chin is stuck inside her neck.

Oh and the exhibitionist blah, but eh, we've done that already.
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>> No. 7608 ID: 383a4f
And as usual there isn't actually any lesbian activity - for all you know the ones she's not fondling are actually men, because lesbians don't actually perform cunnilingus - only Randian Man Gods are allowed that.
>> No. 7642 ID: b90519

I always thought he made subordinate male types give cunnilingus as a form of punishment or something :I

Aron namely has done the most in folios, then Pablo was made to do it as a subservient.
>> No. 7691 ID: 891067
Exactly. Man-gods NEVER preform oral, only receive it.
>> No. 7692 ID: 6d55f9
Unbeknownst to Naylor, I'm pretty sure most women would disagree.

No. 7353 ID: 9481db hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133849786090.jpg - (57.04KB - 544x600 - Original Filename: 544px-40965_477703835032_643740032_6880475_741655_.jpg )
I wouldn't have a problem with it if he didn't act like it was the worst thing ever to come out of the fandom. That and the holier then thou attitude.


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>> No. 7488 ID: d9c6e1
All I'm getting from this thread is "his jokes are terrible and offensive, but these rape jokes are okay because ponies".

I don't know, maybe he's gotten a bit more perspective and using a pastel toned cartoon aimed at young girls about friendship and happiness isn't exactly the right outlet for humor about sexual assault. Sure, the absurdity of it all might be funny momentarily, but it's still a line that I'm going to guess a lot of people don't like crossing.

Honestly, I don't care one way or another about the pony thing: like it, don't like it, whatever. But, I also think part of the point is that for all the idea that it's just a fun, enjoyable show is sort of shattered when there's things like princess horse fondler floating around and being embraced. Definitely a lot of reflection of furry fandom as a whole here.
>> No. 7489 ID: 260373
>All I'm getting from this thread is "his jokes are terrible and offensive, but these rape jokes are okay because ponies".

Then I would venture that you are mentally deficient in some manner. "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" is such a ridiculously basic principle to grasp that turning it into some "herpderp you jus liek ponies" thing would seem to indicate someone with the faculties of a special retard baby.

No one would give a shit if he was just off making his offensive jokes and leaving other peoples' offensive jokes alone. But because he had to climb up on his moral high puppet and go "YOU FUCKERS HAD BETTER CHECK YOUR RAPE CULTURE CISPRIVILEGE AND START PERSECUTING THE FUCK OUT OF PEOPLE WHO MAKE JOKES I DON'T LIKE!" we're calling him on his hypocrisy.
>> No. 7494 ID: b647e0
I need a trigger warning for Princess Molestia posts because I was once traumatized by a "wacky" misrepresentation of a pop culture character that exists solely to retell slight variations of the same joke literally hundreds of times. The only thing offensive about PM is how dull and pandering it is.

As far as ethics and morality are concerned, Neil Cicierega is a FAR more thoroughly offensive fictional character.
>> No. 7528 ID: 50e443

"Why bother?" popped up in my head a few times while writing it and well, I probably should have listened to it. Way to pull out "retard" too, that's just fantastic. You win forever. Stay classy.

(Stay banned.)

No. 7081 ID: b6c5b9 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
File 133712687859.jpg - (874.48KB - 1656x780 - Original Filename: 1337126421545.jpg )
What the fuck.
56 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7420 ID: f8ada6

I think they rarely set foot outside, they are too busy being offended and writing rants on the internet.
Even if they leave their homes they frequent places you would never go.
>> No. 7421 ID: 2a2f6b
I don't do, and don't know anyone who does, most of these. I don't know how common they actually are, but I imagine there really ARE a lot of dicks out there who hate on people for not just giving up and being whatever they appear to be on the outside. But I've NEVER heard "You're such a tranny..."
There IS one of them that I've done: ask others who know someone what pronouns they use. Because I'm embarrassed to ask directly.
I habitually give a name other than my real name. I like my real name, but no one can remember it. They drop the last letter, mangle it (my name is not Jason! C'mon, it starts with a "J," is five letters, and that's it!) or forget it entirely. So I give the first name of one of my furry characters, and people always remember it.
Now, using the wrong pronouns? I ask others, noted above. Where I live, if you see a female who looks like a tomboyish sort, there's a pretty equal chance (it seems) of them being trans, an intentionally butch lesbian, or simply an unassuming cisgendered girl who just happens to look boyish.
I know, understand and accept that there are WAY more people who don't stick to all aspects of their birth sex than people used to think (and still think). Some of 'em disagree with a few facets, some many, and some all of them; it's a great big sliding scale. Multiple sliding scales, one or more per facet. I just don't want to be considered a problem-waiting-to-happen just because I'm cis. (though technically I'm not white, Christian, hetero, I'm white, Christian, homo...)
>> No. 7422 ID: ddd8e1
As far as I'm concerned, a bitch is a bitch, and anybody who gets offended by any of this is a bitch.

>This may be a term that people within the community use and reclaim for themselves, but it should not be used as a joke or without consent
So "tranny" = "n*gger"? mmkay.

>blah blah blah, birth names invalidate me as a unique individual!
What a crock of shit. I don't know if I'm old-fashioned or what, but there used to be a time where you took pride in your family's name, and at least try to respect the name they chose to gave you.
>> No. 7423 ID: d8fd7e
that annoys me...the many times a white person tell me I shouldnt say ni**er, or nigga as its bad...
I'm sorry I'm black and I have seen several times I have told a white person "let the damn past go...let it GO...look at what happen to the germans as they seem to always want to get away from their mistake but folks keep on bringing it up.

No. 7074 ID: 8010eb hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133703968014.png - (226.41KB - 500x440 - Original Filename: gay nazi.png )
I just recently discovered that there are, in fact, Gay Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist groups.
I was on another forum and one person brought it up, saying how absurd it would be for gay nazis to exist and this other guy posted a link to an article that showed that they indeed existed.

What I want to know is how the fuck do these people exist and not have their heads explode from cognitive dissonance?

Here's the article for those who are curious:

What do you guys think? This hirtes just baffles me.
12 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7299 ID: a477d5
>Whites are dying out and blacks are being polluted.

Is it just me or does this sentence come across as flying in the face of the rest of the argument? It sounds like they are bemoaning both that whites are "dying" and that blacks racial purity is being compromised?
>> No. 7300 ID: a6fac9

This was written by a gay neo-nazi, your argument is invalid.
>> No. 7301 ID: a477d5
I don't have an argument! I'm asking if that sounded funny to anyone else.
>> No. 7302 ID: 3bc299

It sounds pretty funny. Of course, neo-nazis are not very good at the whole 'logic' thing.

No. 7126 ID: 83ce71 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133738929045.jpg - (135.14KB - 428x643 - Original Filename: tumblr_lvk1hm3k5D1qap7gdo1_500.jpg )
I had a power outage for 24 hours ending right now.

I really hate the power monopoly.
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7141 ID: 98c9d4
I can't feel blessed that power outages out here rarely last a day, much less longer unless you live in the mountains during fires or some such.
>> No. 7142 ID: e8b890
I think it's has far more to do with your location, location, LOCATION!

That's what. You get for living in california.
>> No. 7144 ID: 447af8
I remember that heat wave in 2005, where the weather hit 128 Degrees. And sometime in the past two years where it hit 113 here in Culver City.
>> No. 7149 ID: 98c9d4

Yeah. Then we had that "no summer" year where it didn't seem to get much above 80 except for one week in August.

No. 6684 ID: 5020b5 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 133480594931.jpg - (50.77KB - 965x1076 - Original Filename: xanderlogo.jpg )
Old thread hit the bump limit. Let's start a new one with a new review.

Xander's Reviews: Better Days, Chapter 10youtube thumb

There's things I'd do different if I had to redo this part, but I think it works for the most part.
309 posts and 64 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7146 ID: 5020b5
Of course he'd love fan mail that blatantly kisses his ass.

And his 'words of wisdom' at the end, are you fucking kidding me?

>I do understand the entertainment value of sites that make fun of other things.

Of course you would, do I need to get the list of the number of things YOU have mocked with YOUR COMIC?

>They can be a great bit of frivolous humor to fill a bit of time and make us laugh at the efforts of others.

Wow, what an hirtes. So by your own logic, what we do with your work is perfectly ok!

>Unfortunately, by their nature, they do become depositories for grudges, speculation, and the accenting of faults. This is done sometimes to simply fuel the pleasure of sharing a mutual dislike for someone.

This post is long. Click here to read the full post.
>> No. 7147 ID: f3de71

The Condensed Version: Anything I produce is flawless, see how this fan agrees?

I hope Webster's puts Naylor's picture by the definition of 'Narcissism'
>> No. 7148 ID: 9322e3
goes back to when I pointed out that "all ya produce is cheating cheating and more cheating, it became boring naylor, that kind of plot becomes super easy to predict naylor" "everything you said is null cause you dont like my work" :V
>> No. 7157 ID: 5020b5
Ugh, why does he do hirtes like this? It's like the thing with Aaron working naked on a car or around hot engine parts. If you want to show them naked or half clothed or something, fine, but don't try to add some other context to the image or it makes no sense. Least of all with someone like Lucy who shows no interest in being a nudist or exibitionist. I guess he felt he milked Trixie prancing around naked too much.

Of course it looks mostly like a solid image, it's the same fucking viewpoint he's drawn and given a hirtes about 50 times over by now.

This does remind me of something though. Knowing what a sexist pig he is, and his love for asses, I laugh at the thought that no doubt by now, Naylor has stared at someone's ass, gotten a look at them from behind, and thought about hirtes he'd like to do to them. Then they turned around and he realized he was just thinking about how he would like to fuck someone that could be his grandma.

No. 6790 ID: 71ee30 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 13353796383.jpg - (59.18KB - 480x360 - Original Filename: conspiracee.jpg )
The most surreal thing happened in class last week.

We were studying the Ancient Egyptian pyramids and discussing how they were built and my professor started saying that they were built by aliens and that countless other civilizations were also built by aliens.

That isn't even all.

When we were studying Ancient Babylon, she started going on this bizarre tangent about the CIA experimenting on mind control in New Mexico.

One of these days, she is going to come into class wearing a tinfoil hat and a copy of the Protocols of The Elders of Zion. I just know it.

So, have any of you guys had the "pleasure" of experiencing people like this?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6945 ID: 5efc10
I had a teacher named "Gay Starns" once that seemed to believe that homosexual people existed just to ruin the meaning of her name.

I don't think she literally believed that, but one rant she went on at random one time amounted to about the same thing. (Which was partly amusing because most of us kids thought she was secretly lezzing the fat little toad of a gym teacher.)

That's about the closest I've got to a teacher with a conspiracy theory story, I guess. I've had some really bad teachers and some really incompetent ones, but can't recall anything more like a conspiracy theory out of them.
>> No. 6950 ID: 8f9199
I had a history teacher in my junior year of High School. In retrospect he was kind of a Randophile. When we were learning about WWII I recall him saying that Karl Marx was worse than Hitler. He also made a lot of money on wall street and as a Model, so I have no idea why he was teaching in a public high school.
>> No. 7027 ID: 964392
My history teacher in middle school presented the 'Clinton Death List' as fact in class (this was in the late 90's, when he was still president).
>> No. 7071 ID: 8010eb

This reminds me...

In High School, I had a history teacher go on a bizarre tangent how the government was planning to use FEMA death camps to organise a Holocaust-esque mass killing of Christians.

When class let out, nearly everyone was talking about how nuts he was.

No. 6957 ID: 83ce71 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133637079184.jpg - (529.27KB - 1024x768 - Original Filename: Flags_Moscone_Center.jpg )
Hey con organizers -- how about holding a con here so I don't have to take fĂșcking I-80 to San Jose?!
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6979 ID: 90471f
Moscone Center would be a great alternative to SJ's CC. I've been in both the West and North (1st floor) halls, or at least I think those were the two, and they are MASSIVE. I don't know how well they would work for non-trade show events, but you certainly could fit a lot into one hall. It's probably more expensive SJ though, 'cus yah know San Francisco, but its got a few hotels close by, BART adjacent, and the Metreon (Or whatever is left of it).
>> No. 6981 ID: 8fccc6
The distance between the two cities aren't that far anyway. An hour's drive, or just use Caltrains, they have a route between them. Likely cost is a major factor in choosing San Jose over San Fran.
>> No. 6988 ID: 215a06
I'd say cost is certainly a factor, especially when you consider this. If FC can't afford to have the dealers room in SJ's CC*, then I don't think they can afford the MC with it's massive halls.

*If I recall, they were planning to have the dealers room in SJ's CC, however the cost ended up too high. It's also confirmed that the dealers room will still be in the hotel and not the CC for 2013.
>> No. 6990 ID: db1e58
Sometimes what looks like a distinctly great choice for a venue has hidden issues that muddle it up, like horrid parking options (I've seen cities demand $150/day, no in-out privileges, no guaranteed space count, take it or leave it), unmanageable demands from union labour, or ball-shatteringly high side costs.

I worked with a con that found a great convention centre, brand new, lots of space and very willing to work at reasonable rates. Then they dropped the bombshell: the minimum catering fee was $90,000, meaning if the attendees (1000 people or so) didn't buy at least $90,000 of food over the weekend, the con had to pay the difference, and $90K was just the ballpark--it might have been higher.

Finding locations isn't nearly as easy as it looks, especially if you're a niche con like a furry one.

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