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No. 9627 ID: c15ffa hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 135206910871.jpg - (47.21KB - 400x351 - Original Filename: Roundabouts 2.jpg )



It's not like one in Britain, just wait your turn a-

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>> No. 9633 ID: 3178fc
Never had a problem with 'em.
>> No. 9638 ID: bdeb60
>> No. 9649 ID: be837e
Roundabouts are incredibly simple to navigate, and if properly laid out and constructed, much more efficient and safer than normal intersections.

The only drawback is that a certain percentage of morons can't handle the "complexity", but those people would be causing accidents and close calls anyway, because they don't belong behind the wheel.
>> No. 9651 ID: 5020b5
Wow. All I had to do was look at that, then click AshKing's link and confirm that, yup, I already knew how the flow of traffic is suppose to work.

Don't even have like 'one way' signs and things just in case people don't know what they are doing? I know that won't help EVERYONE but still...

No. 9254 ID: 398e56 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 134929827117.png - (18.52KB - 1552x133 - Original Filename: not-enough-penis.png )
Screenshot = an actual comment left on this submission: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8961523/
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>> No. 9659 ID: a346cb
Yes! He's turned the youngest character in his comic into an out right drug dealer who's drug now has various street names.

You could say the drug financially ruins the lives of its users but allows them to fuck all day. She's basically created a fat eating version of ecstasy or crack where the drug, if taken by someone fat eventually causes their bodies to eat up that fat (save in this case it's making them work out).

Is it possible to say that Thomas, now by default of not really ever giving big enough of a crap about anything to care, has now by default become the most likable character simply due to his stupid inaction?
>> No. 9660 ID: 5020b5
No, the most likeable character is Charlie, simply because she hasn't been given enough screen time to be completely ruined forever.

There's no such thing as a likable member of the Black family.
>> No. 9662 ID: b6aab5

I honestly don't even know what Naylor is denouncing here. Is this supposed to be a spoof of media hysteria, a commentary on the irresponsible practices of pharmaceutical companies, or is he just poking fun at how vain and image-obsessed our society has become? Someone help me out here. I seriously don't know what the message here is supposed to be, or if there even is one. This is like one of those completely indecipherable political cartoons referencing something that happened decades ago.
>> No. 9664 ID: 6e46aa
It's like if the cartoons in the New Yorker decided to make a serial.

No. 9603 ID: 3d9263 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 135197458020.jpg - (71.60KB - 640x802 - Original Filename: fuck-it-im-outta-here-bye-demotivational-poster-12.jpg )
Found this through another imageboard:


It's shit like this that makes me contemplate just giving up and joining those hardcore Linuxfags who refuse to use anything but open source software and claim commercial software is inherently evil and Richard Stallman is God and only suckers pay for stuff. I still think they're nutjobs, but goddamn if they're not making more and more sense every day.
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>> No. 9620 ID: c128ad
File 135203554649.gif - (13.06KB - 561x386 - Original Filename: implying i wouldnt download a car.gif )
>> No. 9621 ID: c128ad
File 135203565299.jpg - (117.24KB - 1094x560 - Original Filename: downloading a car.jpg )
>> No. 9624 ID: af0515

I'm not buying this either.

The thing is, I'm guessing the people who buy stuff from Razer know a thing or two about computers. I don't know why he thinks his customers wouldn't pick up on this...
>> No. 9634 ID: 3d9263
It's all fun and games until you discover your car was infected with a trojan as it drives off a cliff.

No. 9218 ID: a8ee22 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 134903853893.png - (1.80KB - 200x200 - Original Filename: skeledrag.png )
So, a few days ago, I was searching on e621 for pictures of Fiskal (the draccubus, or whatever his species is; cbee drew several pics of 'im) — but I couldn't find any pics at all.

Even FurAffinity yields nothing. I'm rather annoyed at this, and would like to know: is there any particular story behind the disapperance? :| And, more importantly: would anyone happen to have any of the pics? D:

Picture is unrelated, but have it anyway. It's an unfinished sprite for a giant dragon skeleton.
>> No. 9239 ID: e0a693
It's Fiscal, actually.

He asked for all art involving Fiscal to be deleted from e621.
>> No. 9241 ID: d4c1e6
Oh. For some reason, I remembered it having a 'k' instead of a 'c'.

And phooey. :( Oh well. …I'd ask if anyone knows where I could obtain (or re-obtain, perhaps) those pics, but I suppose I'll just leave it go. He was a cute little guy, though. >.>

No. 8814 ID: db1e58 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 134616976243.gif - (48.68KB - 601x737 - Original Filename: page7.gif )
Just opening up a new thread. #19 hit the bump limit and kept going for almost 25 posts.
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>> No. 14113 ID: 306eaf
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No. 8879 ID: c128ad hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 134651836935.jpg - (681.85KB - 1200x965 - Original Filename: 1343679721_tsampikos_adjunct.jpg )
I can't fucking stand these "Hey guys, I drew this pic already but I didn't quite put the details on another character or two, so you can pay me and then I'll add your characters to this picture for just about the same price as you getting a full blown commission where you get to decide the subject matter and everything about the pic!"

It's obnoxiously lazy and it shows just how stupid furries are with money.
7 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 8902 ID: e9946b
I have a few now that I need to draw at some point. I don't know what it is, but they're just kind of fun to buy. It's this entertaining little empire built off the back of fursona trafficking. XD
>> No. 8918 ID: 9cfc32
still Randomman is pretty much beating everyone in the adoptable market...though all the adoptables they get their only purpose is to be food, but they have TONS of adoptables @_@
>> No. 8922 ID: 260373
Y'know, some people aren't creative.

If I were gonna pay for a commission, yeah I'd want it to be exactly a scene I came up with in my mind and then had committed to paper. (I'd probably frustrate an artist... either that or I'd be so worried about frustrating the artist I'd keep quiet and wouldn't be 100% satisfied with the final product.) I imagine a lot of other people are the same way.

But not everyone can form an exact image of what they want in their head. Not everyone can convey that image to someone else. I think that's one of the reasons that fill-in auctions and adoptables are popular... some people wouldn't be able to have a character they really liked or a custom image they really liked without them.

Being uncreative doesn't necessarily make you a bad person, and I don't really think these are any bigger a "waste" of money than any other art commission.
>> No. 8925 ID: 9cfc32
actually I somewhat use that to smack folks who go "whats the point of adoptables, arent you creative?" I would often go "yes I am creative...I just didnt thing of THAT design that person came up with."
though I do find it annoying when folks find it weird an artist would commission another artist than draw the pic themselves.

No. 8411 ID: db1e58 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 13439410302.jpg - (338.26KB - 623x1275 - Original Filename: 1343938415_fisk_jn-witchdoctor[1].jpg )
Last thread hit 300, so no bumpies no more there.

The cover art for the Cottonwine Field Notes is finished and the project only needs a few more final touches. This project is a third party analysis of events from Red Riding Hood, initiated as a study of Cottonwine, the potion used by the Wolves. This project will bridge the former Red Riding Hood comics, with a future series about the same character called Rise of the Wolf Queen, which I will begin next year.

I'm rather torn. The body proportions are actually for once somewhere near sound and sane. On the other hand, I'm sick to death of RRH and I really don't want to see anymore of the thrice-damned wolves anymore.


What's to be said that isn't obvious? And if you're in the market for specifics, chappy, you're in the wrong store as I've neither got them nor the proclivity to dish 'em out. That's for other boards.
323 posts and 49 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 8808 ID: 50a86c
I hope Jay's fans are currently bombarding him with e-mails requesting a Beth/Trixie pornfolio. I hopey are breaking their typing fingers trying to wire him the commission money cuz hey, it's not "out of character" for them, is it? Hell, I would pay for the whole shebang (pun not intended) solely to see Jay whine or bitch in protest at all his fans' sudden interest in two girls kissing. And whatever asspull he can give about why he won't draw it.
>> No. 8811 ID: a75b50
File 134616840879.jpg - (203.69KB - 768x315 - Original Filename: 1346167577_fisk_jn-straightgirlsprev.jpg )

Oops, looks like it was already a thing he planned.

Also yes, the title will be "Straight Girls (Kissing in the Shower)". Oh boy.
>> No. 8812 ID: f87a96

I love how the description for it claims he "plans ahead". Really? So Jay planned his entire Objectivist Dickwolves World from the get-go and therefore the whole "it's a story being told at a slumber party" framing device will fit in somewhere? I doubt it.
>> No. 8813 ID: db1e58

>Also yes, the title will be "Straight Girls (Kissing in the Shower)". Oh boy.

Judging from the description, he got the title from us or something like us.

I went back and forth with names for it, but after some of the haters frothed and foamed, I've definitely decided to stick with the working title: "Straight Girls (Kissing in the Shower)".

No. 7247 ID: 37b8f1 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
File 133801504855.jpg - (68.33KB - 454x640 - Original Filename: mybadself.jpg )
because I was crying.

(I think this is the right board for this, cause oh god do I have some complaints I'm holding back.)

Some of you may know and some may not, but for the last 3 years I’ve been fighting cancer, giant cell osteosarcoma. I was very lucky that UC Davis took me under their wing as a charity care patient, but they talked limb reconstruction but the cancer grew too fast and it maimed me. As you can see in the picture of myself the surgeons had to perform a right forequarter-amputation on me (the photo was taken with a mirror so it looks like my left side is gone). The surgeons took my arm, scapula, and most of my clavicle. They told me the tumor was 95% necrotic from chemo, the cancer didn’t enter my lymph system, and that my prognosis looked good, but I still had 7 months of chemo to do just to make sure.

Then 9 months after I finished chemo the cancer came back; in my lungs. So it was back to chemo for 5 months to shrink the tumors down so they could be operated on. The very day before I was to have surgery the administration of UC Davis put their foot down and said I would no longer be a patient at their hospital. Apparently charity care has a limit, about $750,000 even though I would definitely die without care. They knew I couldn’t pay them and knew that medicare wasn’t helping me and that I would have to wait the default amount of time of 2 years from being declared disabled (not 2 years from diagnosis, bastards), to finally receive it, but they showed me the door and gave me the boot anyway.

So I go 4 months without chemo trying without success to find a doctor and by the end of it my chest hurts so bad I have to get a special pain doctor to prescribe the large amount of oxycodone and ms-contin I need to deal with the pain because the tumors grew back, but by sheer luck a doctor in Vegas called to tell my mother and I about a doctor in Santa Monica who heard about me and wanted me at his center. So we go, I get accepted and finally have medicare. I get treatment and 2 of the tumors shrink, one calcified, another disappeared, and my pain abates beause of the chemotherapy.

Then two weeks ago I coughed up a chunk of tumor. Last week I coughed up 3-4 tablespoons of blood and rushed to the ER. My pain got worse and a CT scan revealed that although one tumor still shrunk, one grew larger and I have a new lesion on my lungs.

Fortunately being a place that specializes in sarcomas they had an immediate game plan and new treatments and drugs for me to start next week.

It just that all the hurt and disappointment and pain and mental anguish have come crashing down on me and I’ve been reliving everything horrible that’s happened since July 09 when I got out of bed and POP! CRACK! my arm breaks for no immediately discernable reason. Cue the screaming.
This post is long. Click here to read the full post.
53 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7872 ID: 37b8f1

I hover my hand over the f-j keys and type by feel. I can do 30-40 words a minute according to typing speed software, it's just reaching for the modifier that keys slow me down.

For short sentences like this on I peck it out on an on screen keyboard.

>> No. 7885 ID: 54097f
Holy hell dude, that reeks of awesome. Well, not the cancer and having one hand and the broken bones and all, but... I'll just... Yeah.
>> No. 8541 ID: 517d3f
Since its been a while, I was just curious as to how you're doing now, Katen
>> No. 8664 ID: 51e5c5
File 134544429758.jpg - (3.47KB - 126x99 - Original Filename: Manly tears.jpg )
Dude, you take that part of you that want's to live and shout it from the fucking rooftops! Do it! Go to school, draw a comic, grab life by the fucking balls and tell it you're going to get everything out of it that it can give you! If you don't, it'll crush you. I got no idea what it's like for you but if I were in your shoes it's what I hope I'd be able to do.

No. 8483 ID: 5daab0 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 134409140346.jpg - (74.60KB - 1680x1050 - Original Filename: d3beta.jpg )
I apologize if this is the wrong board but I'm having a LOT of trouble accessing the site. It's like it's being DDOS'd or something. Is this happening to anyone else?
>> No. 8485 ID: b7c9cd
Same. I was pinging the site and not having any issues but for some reason accessing it wouldnt work.

It seems to have stopped now whatever it was.
>> No. 8488 ID: 5daab0
For the record, it was happening for the latter part of yesterday up until this morning.
>> No. 8489 ID: b6c5b9
Dunno what happened; Snipa said something kept the server busy for a while, but he didn't know exactly what.

Seems to have gone away, though.

No. 7996 ID: db1e58 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 134184279065.jpg - (138.04KB - 648x864 - Original Filename: tumblr_m6w89a2xiI1r3pwvzo1_1280[1].jpg )
I believe #17 hit the bumplimit, so here's the (pointlessly) uncensored version of today's page.
305 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 8409 ID: db1e58
File 134390966893.jpg - (45.87KB - 367x564 - Original Filename: jn-FunkV[1].jpg )

He did that way back in Lance Cannon, with the two hyenas who wanted to have a kid and ended up worshiping his horse dingus.


Ganny's fair infamous for having a libido stronger than his common sense while being "stuck" with a girl who doesn't share that problem. Having seen Spunky reduced to tears more than once because he's sleeping around...but that's another post entirely.


Indeed, used to hang about the Giants Club some. He was a nice enough guy at the time, but you could kind of see his attitudes shift before the "extremist" picture and one of what appears to be Bennie taking a rocket to the skull came out. The rest, everyone here knows.
>> No. 8410 ID: a346cb
You can't just drop that line and walk away from it. Dish with the dirt. In tears?
>> No. 8809 ID: 73b50f
Parole (working title) - There's not much I want to reveal about this one right now, other than to say it will make heads explode and I can't wait to feel the wave of wailing and gnashing of teeth wash over me like a tsunami of awesome. And y'all thought she was dead.(Rachel)
>> No. 8810 ID: c128ad
File 134616785197.jpg - (33.53KB - 288x499 - Original Filename: Why.jpg )

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