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No. 12695 ID: baf701 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 137905670148.jpg - (281.85KB - 648x864 - Original Filename: OL448_13-09-13.jpg )
The old thread was slowing down a lot. I hope it's ok I made a new one
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>> No. 13134 ID: 6a5054
I hope somebody commissions a pangolin or something else hard to draw.
>> No. 13142 ID: b6aab5
She looks like a fucking Gummi Bear.
>> No. 13151 ID: 48e689
A chocolate-covered gummi bear. Those are awesome.

Kudos to the commissioner for asking for something exotic. On one hand, I can't tell it's a lemming. On the other hand, even if it looked very much like an anthro lemming, I still doubt I could ID it.

I second the pangolin. I've seen well-drawn anthro pangolins.
>> No. 13253 ID: 1558bb

I'm not the best fitness fag out there, but ffffahaha.

What you're seeing is the embodiment of insecurity.
1, That's probably the only clean corner of his cat-turd infested shithole. From what I remember, he's horribly disorganized at best. outright rancid at worst. ~ In fact, he probably bought all those props -just- to appear in a photo.

2, Appearing in a photo that's clearly designed to make you look some how superior, to an audience who at best says "Stop talking about your personal beliefs, and draw more porn. Especially if it's gaaaaaaay". And at worst, is so barely literate that they can't hardly hammer out more than two sentences at a time. ~ In other words, being king of a hill of shit ... just means you've actually tried to climb up a hill made up entirely of shit.

(Now, normally I feel that making fun of someone's looks, is a cheap, and I don't do it. But that said, when one is unattractive -and- they flaunt it trying to be superior, well they're just asking for it.)

3a, Trying so hard to have above average posture, while sucking in the gut, and awkwardly flexing biceps to show off the positively lop-sided workouts ... Yeah. What I find most amusing, is he's picked a pose which does not flatter his weak jaw at all. And in fact makes him look like he's got an unusually small head. Plus the fact his forced posture also makes him look like he's silently trying to hold in a giant horse-dick sized constipation log.

3b, He looks like he's barely got any functional muscle at all. It's obvious he does nothing with those scrawny legs. And I'm seeing an incredible lack of triceps. If he ever does need to wrestle a bear/move the sofa to clean the cat-turds out form under it, yeah. Not gonna be easy for him.

This post is long. Click here to read the full post.

No. 9546 ID: 484dac hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 135157053270.jpg - (86.82KB - 1024x768 - Original Filename: whatfuck.jpg )
>Go to Multiplex comic in the morning
>Politely complain about the current story arc in the comic's comments
>Go to the site this evening
>See this

What do?
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>> No. 12800 ID: d3118b

Gordon pls go

But honestly, the issue I had was with being banned from the entire site. Like, having had access to the entire website revoked. In response to criticism.
>> No. 12810 ID: 37d33c

In response to calling his work crap and then acting like a whiny bitch on Twitter.

Let me criticize you in turn, with your methods.. You're a fucking retard. Please accept this criticism and become a better person. And learn what criticism means.
>> No. 12813 ID: 78bc66
>in response to criticism

But, it wasn't really criticism. It was just bitching.

I agree with >>12810, and I'll add, once again, that you're acting like an entitled baby, and exactly the kind of people that makes the fandom look bad.
>> No. 12815 ID: 37d33c

Criticism is when you provide some sort of a legitimate point about a thing you find negative and why it is a negative thing. And if you're feeling really wild, you might even provide an opinion on how to improve the said thing.
You, on the other hand, complained about how something is "crap", didn't provide any kind of arguments about why it is a negative thing, and in general complained about something being bad because it's not what you like. After that, you proceeded to bitch on Twitter and act like the victim, and tried to badmouth him without giving all the facts.

Here's an idea: try and apologize to him if you care enough about reading the comic to whine in two separate places. Tell the guy that you're sorry, and were mostly frustrated and unhappy with the direction the comic had taken, and couldn't come up with anything constructive. Maybe explain yourself a bit and communicate with the person instead of antagonizing them with "Y U do this" -antics. I can guarantee you'll get more results that way.

No. 12385 ID: c60e57 Locked hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 137629224154.jpg - (227.14KB - 648x864 - Original Filename: OL439_13-08-12.jpg )
Other than the infinite grey void (heck, even the house is melting with the void), it's not bad.
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>> No. 12749 ID: ead08d
I dunno, maybe both Better Days and Badly Drawn Kitties would have been better.
>> No. 12751 ID: cf7c30

Altruism is just as bad as Objectivism, honestly.
>> No. 12752 ID: ead08d
When you say "Altruism", are you talking about the philosophy of living for others, or the more common meaning of basic human kindness?
>> No. 12753 ID: 260373
There's a new thread and has been for over a week, FFS.

No. 6467 ID: 74c32a hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 133416414081.png - (3.89KB - 330x78 - Original Filename: yahoo_web_1_0.png )
Despite several oldschool hosting services dying off within the last several years, somehow Yahoo Groups is still alive. I recently romped through my old account and checked out several old groups. I miss the simplicity these places showcase in the vast social networking climate of today.

I'm bitching because Yahoo has several furry groups I only now just discovered, and would like to join to see what they offer, but the big problem with groups as old as these is that if the manager sets membership application to first be confirmed by them, and if they disappeared and their e-mail account expired, you are completely shit out of luck.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FurandSilk/ (not as important)

The first four above were made, I assume, by the same person. And have over 700-2000 members a piece. I'm hoping for one of two things:

-Someone that has an old Yahoo account registered with these places, and that I could barrow or take it over to gain access.
-If by some long shot, someone knows and has contact with the original creator. I'd consider taking over management duties for these groups.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6676 ID: 74c32a
>I was a member of Max Black Rabbit's back in the day...
That group is still online.

>spambots took over a lot of Yahoo Groups ages ago, and they may well have pushed relevant content out.
The message, file and link areas seem to be most affected. You just have to know what is spam and what isn't. No relevant content gets purged off; it is there you just have to look for it.

Surprisingly, I found I was recently approved to four out of the five groups. So the original manager of the first four is still active. I found another place that hopefully works out the same.

>> No. 6740 ID: 74c32a
So, Playmouse also has an active manager. After waiting for over a week, I was denied membership for some reason while four others made it in. What admins don't realize is that since Yahoo renovated (and ruined) its Porfile pages, there have been bugs that have not been fixed. Not only do the new profile pages look terrible and waste space, I can't un-hide my birthday. So I wrote it in my profile so managers can see I'm (far) over 18.

You can hardly explain this when joining an "approval" group, as Yahoo only stupidly allows 200 characters in the "explain why you want to join" box. Moreover, when I apply, I'm not sure what profile page the admin sees (two profiles? again a byproduct of Yahoo messing things up). If you click on my old alias name I post/join with, the profile page doesn't even load. Then I have a profile page under my real name, which has the birthday glitch.
>> No. 12648 ID: d86f7a
File 137866582921.jpg - (32.35KB - 634x478 - Original Filename: you suck dick Marissa Mayer.jpg )
In regards to what I talked about in the past, there was a setting in my profile Yahoo had defaulted to ‘off’ that made it private/not visible when clicked on within groups. The birthday glitch was fixed. I eventually got into the Playmouse group. Spoke with Yahoo’s customer service in regards to dead/locked out “admin must approve membership first” groups, missing or even dead mods and changing over the reigns of power, and a lot of other things concerning their old groups, and basically got nowhere. I figure I’ll just stick the following rant here about Yahoo in general:

Yahoo has managed so much clusterfucking within the last 12-24 months. A lot of it has to do with them “improving” things that did not need improvement, and forcing new layouts without notice to make everything look more modern and Web 2.0. Gone are the days of simplicity, these are the days of form over functionality.

-Long gone is the classic view in Yahoo! Mail replaced with newer layouts.

-In May of this year they redesigned Flickr from an easy to use system to an annoying impractical debacle which is slower to load because the thumbnails now are so massive. More and more websites, such as Youtube, opt for auto-loading/load-more instead of paginated pages. If you use an older computer this basically murders your processor.

-At some point earlier this year they introduced a space filling Yahoo! browser navigation bar across *all* their platforms/sites which is distracting as all hell; it doesn’t go away ever when you scroll and takes up too much room.

-Then there was the whole fiasco when Yahoo bought Tumblr and right away fucked shit up with the adult content being unsearchable. There’s more details to that but I’m sure you know the score. They rectified the situation as far as I can tell but the damage has been done.

-A few years ago they upgraded Yahoo! Profiles which resulted in a buggy mess, defaults set to incorrect areas without users knowing, and missing profiles. They were in disarray in linking back to people using Yahoo! Groups

-Their biggest/recent fumble was Yahoo! Groups, the last simple and easy to use product they had. A holdover from the old web; it may have been basic but at least it still worked…and they screwed it up ten fold with the “Neo” redesign. They completely ripped away the classic look without warning and without an option to roll back, and people are bitching like crazy and Yahoo is basically saying “Shut up get used to it.” Their groups are now laggy and terrible to load on older machines, impossible to navigate, bad lightbox'd photo albums, have auto-loading features you can’t turn off that add to lag, big ads taking up space and a left pane you can’t remove with your list of groups on it, general poor design resulting in a lot of white and waste of page space, etc etc etc. They basically rendered them unusable. Add to that I think some groups were deleted in the process.
This post is long. Click here to read the full post.
>> No. 12650 ID: a6047b
>within the last 12-24 months.

Yahoo's been shooting themselves in the foot for a lot longer than that. Back in like 2006 or so when they shut down user made chat rooms. And then earlier this year killed all the remaining chat rooms. And they still have the worst case of ad bots in the world. Every day I get at least one spam bot trying to add me.

No. 11777 ID: f654e0 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 137225851311.png - (55.57KB - 320x354 - Original Filename: 1371838892778.png )
Why is it that it's never just one guy driving like a crazy asshole during your commute?

If there's one guy driving like a crazy asshole, you can bet there's gonna be another dozen doing the same damn thing before you reach your destination.
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12372 ID: 808d6d
Deer are seriously stupid. I've worked in an auto claims call center and most of the time they run INTO the car, forget frozen in the headlights. You're right about other animals though, most will run away.

What I want to know is...I paid higher insurance because I'm a guy, yet almost every single hit a parked car, drove into a house, ran off a cliff claim was a woman driver. Now I'm not saying women drivers are a bigger problem than guys, but it sure seems like we're on more equal footing than the insurance companies want us to believe.
>> No. 12374 ID: 579f34
It has to do with the assumption that men are aggressive drivers while women tend to be defensive. Accidents happen when you are too much of either, but aggressive drivers take more risks.
>> No. 12375 ID: 808d6d
I'd be interested to see the actual numbers on property damage between the genders. I have a feeling like it's closer than they let on.
>> No. 12377 ID: 4fde29
It's the tailgaters that scare me the most. It really is like an accident waiting to happen.

No. 11917 ID: 4729d7 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 137340184648.jpg - (412.64KB - 675x900 - Original Filename: FiskAC01.jpg )
This really needed its own topic.

Naylor has written a "How To" on adult comics.

305 posts and 32 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12378 ID: a6047b
An even worse possibility is Naylor really does believe that's how friends are suppose to act around one another. All those passive aggressive panels of Liz around hippy mother, that IS Naylor's idea of being good friends.
>> No. 12379 ID: b51c10
We've seen Liz around Sissy more than Summer.

Oh man. Can you imagine if it was Sissy at the couples retreat? Gangbang ahoy.
>> No. 12380 ID: a346cb
From what I hear, it is how he believes friends should act. They either agree with his way of thinking or they aren't friends. Of course, like finds like.
>> No. 12382 ID: 6a5054
Probably why he doesn't have any IRL friends.

No. 11634 ID: 993ca3 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 137057219461.jpg - (240.61KB - 648x864 - Original Filename: OL420_13-06-07.jpg )
So far the story seems to be on course.
310 posts and 38 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12073 ID: bcede4
Something Positive comes to mind.
>> No. 12074 ID: 260373
>Something Positive
>Good at anything

"Allow me to make a deadpan remark that, if said in public, would be accepted as justification in any court for punching me in the face. Specifically, let me say what I thought up the day after the milder, real-world version of this conversation, which also probably occurred on the internet."
"Very well, allow one of my quirky female friends to violently assault you, proving my moral superiority."

If DC Simpson wasn't already Liberal Jay Naylor, ol' RandyDavan would be a close second place for the title.

As it is, it's basically the webcomic equivalent of the fake stories on the Not Always sites.
>> No. 12077 ID: bcede4
By the way, is it true Jay and Matt had sex?
>> No. 12078 ID: a6047b
Wouldn't happen to know of a way to contact them would you? New hangout one of them runs or anything? If nothing else a lot of us really would like to say 'hey, good job on getting under Naylor's skin.' I'm sure we'd get more past dirt on the guy as well, not that we really need anymore, but hey, I like to collect things, including information.

The sad part is, for a concept sketch, that has some of his better drawn feet than his normal finalized work.

Naylor describes it as 'they put their dicks in each other's mouths.'

No. 11242 ID: 669e9c hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 136659687378.jpg - (242.19KB - 648x864 - Original Filename: OL407_13-04-22.jpg )
Well, at least he expanded upon the trauma associated with Red’s rape.
353 posts and 61 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11630 ID: a72b57
A friend of mine just said this to me, and I need to repeat it here.

1. According to Ayn Rand and Objectivism, the weak are undeserving of love and support.

2. Objectivists are weak, as they lack the mental prowess to avoid succumbing to a non-functional political and moral philosophy that completely ignores the actual nature of societal development and was created by a hypocrite who was more interested in winning toadies than actually holding to what she claimed, and are insecure enough that they need to imagine themselves to be incredible supermen without whom society can't possibly function.

Conclusion: According to their own philosophy, Objectivists are undeserving of love or support.
>> No. 11631 ID: 1495bf
Very nice observation! Maybe somebody should point that out to Jay.
>> No. 11632 ID: 1495bf
Not sure if he'll yell at you or just ban you if you say that.
>> No. 11633 ID: 1495bf
Still worth a shot, though.

No. 5880 ID: 9dc254 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
File 133100054780.jpg - (14.02KB - 342x246 - Original Filename: 8d413e4d798d5b41e8ddf920fc86b40d.jpg )
Just a thread where are listed the infamous furries (scammers, drama queens, psychos, zoos, rapists & diddlers, abrasive and nasty folks etc.)

Attacking someone is not my intention. I just wanna know which furries are difficult, psyche-scarring and even dangerous in some way to deal with.
72 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11130 ID: 72d92f
If this is the same guy the tags lead me to believe it is, then he's a drama queen of the highest order. Everything I've read about him suggests that he suffers from some variety of genuine mental disorder, and he displays a Chris-chan-like obsession toward attacking things that he dislikes or disagrees with. He used to troll the Sly Cooper and Star Fox groups on Fanfiction.net (where he would write self-insert stories about his human self having sex with the female characters in those fandoms); last I heard, he was whining about a Kung-Fu Panda comic over on Paws.

Case in point: http://fuckyeahfuraffinity.tumblr.com/post/7197915060
>> No. 11201 ID: 69618d
That was painful to read. Guy's as off-his-rocker as it gets.
>> No. 11203 ID: 58c8cc

It's like reading the life and memoirs of an STD.
>> No. 11237 ID: b3935d
Good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I read that. It'd be all over my monitor.

No. 10853 ID: d3118b hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 13627083132.jpg - (58.16KB - 263x179 - Original Filename: fwoimpsquid2.jpg )
Old thread is autosaging. Time for a new one. We begin this thread with Handsome Charlie. Look deep into Handsome Charlie's eyes. Deeper. Deeeeeeper.
329 posts and 42 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
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