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No. 13367 ID: 688e99 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 138390295479.gif - (45.98KB - 560x395 - Original Filename: punto-banco.gif )
Just had to chuckle about this. I just got autobanned, temporarily. And it took most of the period of the ban for me to realize why the word that got me banned, got me banned. I can guess why it's on a list. It's related to what I suspect is a common theme for ad-spammers. Also confusingly, it listed me being banned for "posting a link," though that's what made me finally realize what the word meant - that it's probably usually associated with spammers who post it with a link, if not as part of one.

Hint on the left.

Is there a list of words that generate an autoban somewhere? I was using it to refer to something else - it's also a brand of crystal, associated with a certain kind of liquor I was posting about on the food board. I don't like to step on toes, but first I like to know what and where those toes are.
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>> No. 13458 ID: 3df2a9
>>13390 The most common one we use is "Spamming".
>> No. 13459 ID: ed2332
I can picture, for CP spammers: "If your doorbell rings, it's your free pizza" or "Don't drop the soap." For doxing, maybe "Don't look now, but your address is posted on Lulz."
>> No. 13464 ID: 3df2a9
Now that is a state secret.
>> No. 14549 ID: cef1f9
Just had to deleteban a spammer out of this thread. There's irony for ya.

No. 13987 ID: 410eeb hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 13899425887.jpg - (258.06KB - 648x864 - Original Filename: OL484_13-01-17.jpg )
The other was at 300 posts, thought it was time for a new thread.

There really are no words, but it is nice to see some expressions and emotion in his comic.
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>> No. 14419 ID: 7257f3
Doesn't bother me. Open relationships, poly, whatever. Again, the only thing that'd be a problem with that is the way Naylor usually handles stuff, but in this case I actually have some hope. Some. To me, this seems to be handled, mostly at least, far better than his usual.

I'd expect an author who gets picked up by a publisher to be able to NOT put their own beliefs into every plot, but that's, to me, opposite in a sense. Backwards. That is, I expect an author who doesn't put their beliefs into every plot will stand a chance of being picked up by a publisher.

Loads of small-time artists and writers, however, DO put their own beliefs (and likes, and fetishes if sex is involved, and politics) into whatever stories they create. It's extremely common. Not that it's necessarily good... or necessarily bad. It just is.

It just happens that Naylor is one - and I'm sure there are many others - who typically tend to put a HEAVY political slant. Sticking to fetishes he likes, well, that's also extremely common, you draw either what you enjoy, what your customer base (large or small) buys or, if you're lucky, these paths intersect. In Naylor's case, his commissions don't always follow the same "this is my fetish! Look at it!" lines his own art does; he draws stuff he likes, and if people like reading/viewing it too, awesome.

Bottom line, I stand by what I've said. In my opinion, as someone rather deeply connected with the local LGBTQetc. community, he's keeping his fetishes involved, sure, but a lot of what I see in this plot is actually realistic for the subject matter. I don't know if he has experience, if he asked people, or if it's by coincidence, but a lot of the trans-related nerves, foibles and fears are pretty darned spot-on to what real people go through.
>> No. 14420 ID: cf7c30
My issue with the open relationship thing as applied to this particular story is that it always seems to be just an excuse to allow him to ship characters together without having to worry about real genuine conflict.
>> No. 14421 ID: 7818bb

Every writer puts their beliefs into their writing, even if just on a subconscious level — and, as FCH said, that doesn’t mean characters automatically serve as a mouthpiece for their creator’s beliefs.

That said: Naylor falls into the category of someone who uses characters as mouthpieces because we know enough about his personal beliefs and politics to see when he pulls that trick. His decision to do that ends up wrecking his comics’ narratives: since his mouthpiece character feels less like an actual character and more like a soapbox, Naylor's attempts to present a coherent narrative with actual character development and dramatic propulsion end up failing miserably.

Even when he doesn’t consciously create a soapbox character, his characters feel so flat and lifeless that a true narrative based around their lives can’t really form.

I can actually think of a better way to have pulled off this arc. Aron meets Audrey for a few brief moments, but they both get pulled away from each other. Trixie mentions she knows Audrey and sets Audrey up for a massage from Aron. (You can even reveal Audrey’s ‘secret’ here, which sets up some dramatic irony for the audience.) Aron discovers Audrey's ‘secret’ after she comes in for the massage; while he doesn’t refuse to massage her or anything, he later confronts Trixie about holding back that info from him. Aron and Trixie end up resolving their conflict peacefully (however you want to do that, but preferably without any homophobic/transphobic overtones) and Aron asks Audrey out on a date. Aron eventually discovers that he likes her for her personality instead of her genitals and decides to keep dating her.

It ain’t a perfect structure by any means, but it’d probably suck less than what Naylor’s done up to this point — and it could open up the opportunity for a post-arc pornfolio to explore Aron’s views on sexuality (both his own and Audrey’s) and gender identity.
>> No. 14422 ID: f7ae64
>Naylor falls into the category of someone who uses characters as mouthpieces because we know enough about his personal beliefs and politics to see when he pulls that trick. His decision to do that ends up wrecking his comics’ narratives: since his mouthpiece character feels less like an actual character and more like a soapbox, Naylor's attempts to present a coherent narrative with actual character development and dramatic propulsion end up failing miserably.

I actually tested this the other day

Introduced my girlfriend to what this place was all about (She was curious about why I checked up on the discussions in here)

>I showed her the Muffin arc...

And without much prompting beyond that she found Naylor's form of storytelling just straight up horrible. I mean, we're told that they're 10yr olds that are supposed to be behaving like this.

I was actually a bit surprised of this - because, to be honest, you really have to stay focused at least until the end of the muffin arc to see where things are going wrong. Come to think of it, compared to Naylor's other narrative transgressions (Fisk being a Mary-Sue, the racism, how Naylor portrays women), then the muffin arc's badness isn't all that apparent to begin with... it creeps up on you - and since you have to slog through a LOT of text that is so tempting to skim over since its so boring and ranty most of the time, its not impossible to miss Angela's manipulation.

This post is long. Click here to read the full post.

No. 13468 ID: d5b282 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 138479880519.gif - (0.99MB - 480x247 - Original Filename: 1383080998961.gif )
In theory the principle is fine but again what defines "rape porn"? Are talking genuine stuff or simulated fetish stuff between consenting adults? And what will happen to sites like this or FA that have that simulated content on it? Does Cameron even have any computer literacy awareness?

Why did the politics forum get removed again?

Pic unrelated because I didn't want the subject to be too depressing.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14030 ID: 260373
>Why did the politics forum get removed again?

Because it wasn't being used, and when it was being used it was just to troll.
>> No. 14031 ID: 7257f3
I really couldn't care what people are looking for as long as the subject matter isn't photos or video of actual people being abused against their will. In which case, said person needs to get party vanned. If it's drawings, it's drawings, look at it all you want as long as I'm not required to see it, too.

As said by others, nobody who really wants genuine violent or abusive porn just fuckin' Googles it. They have some or other unlisted places to find other fucktards who like that shit and get it from them. Or, if we're lucky, some or other unlisted places to find FBI agents disguised as fucktards who come bust down their doors.
>> No. 14040 ID: affe06
So Shin knows about that 'Go away Cameron' google chrome extension right?

Forgot this thing was here, would of mentioned it back in December.
>> No. 14405 ID: 8ef52e
>what defines "rape porn"? Are talking genuine stuff or simulated fetish stuff between consenting adults?

Well, there's saying about hentai "rape": The girl doesn't want it at first then begins a descent into "mindbreak" (or other) and the end result is her completely giving in and loving it. It can be said this all has implied consent.

Whereas if the rape victim in hentai is still confused, crying, in agony, or otherwise not enjoying it in the end as throughout the ordeal, then that can be said to be portrayal of actual rape. Usually not shown in an erotic or porn context, though. Took me a long time to figure that out.

Having said this, I should note although both sexes like to fantasize about women secretly "wanting it", many portrayals fail to draw the line somewhere. Hence the levels of extreme hyperbole in her "resistance" in hentai, to the point of contradiction.

For example, Depravity. Throughout the 3 episodes the woman fights back in a manner inconsistent with even hardcore fantasy. Her level of fighting back is more akin to fighting back against a non consensual real threat: gouging out eyes, breaking her attackers' bones, biting one of their penises and making it shoot blood everywhere.

Yet the scenario and the narrative somewhat implies she set this up, and you even have her internal dialogue admitting the molestation feels good but that she must not give in nor admit it on the outside. I think it was intended more as an erotic piece but it goes a bit too far in the rape fantasy.

My browser's being a jerk due to shitty internet or else I'd search a picture and post it up.

No. 12069 ID: c128ad hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 137419206532.jpg - (470.91KB - 607x1000 - Original Filename: 1372679163_ssninc_in_the_woods_three_post.jpg )
ITT: Characters or artists you hate

Normal mode: No Jay Naylor

I'll start:

This guy came back to my attention after I started clicking various links around FA.

ssninc/shane nelson

Jesus Christ, this is simply god awful.
130 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14331 ID: affe06

And when they grin like that. Seriously, I get the feeling shane grins back at them when he draws this stuff. There's appreciating your work, and then there is using your tablet as a reference to your dental status, followed by an application of your rape face.

Assuming he's using an LCD tablet anyways. Doubt anyone uses a CRT monitor these days.
>> No. 14343 ID: b43307
Yeah, he's always drawn plenty of petite and boyish women like Shayla, but those aren't women. Their body shape is that of a boy.
>> No. 14359 ID: ec7bc3
I've been the biggest diehard Gideon fan for years but lately I've lost a lot of faith in him. His commission strategy of blowing people off unless they stand right next to him at a convention and watch him finish the drawing, I could let that slide for only so long. The other sad truth is that all he's really drawing lately seems to be herms because it's what appeals to the greatest crowd.

It's why I don't like how Hardblush is slowly dying off compared to ponies and herm artwork. It's where the money is, and artists need to eat, so fuck all you long-term fans.
>> No. 14360 ID: 7257f3
File 139271782696.jpg - (149.88KB - 800x1181 - Original Filename: Yena-Boi.jpg )
And Gideon CAN draw some smexy stuff. This guy here, for example? *droooool* That's my kinda furry male. A bit of muscle, a bit of curve, a bit manly and a bit feminine but not too much of either.

No. 14326 ID: cf7cd0 hide quickreply [Reply]
File 139249486788.jpg - (14.89KB - 291x300 - Original Filename: th.jpg )
>> No. 14328 ID: 680dc0
Americans are the most selectively informed people in the OECD.

You could basically have a decent chat with some fellow who knows everything about the local wildlife and loves Toni Morrison and then the next minute he says climate change is a hoax invented by a cabal led by Soros.

Besides, sometimes the ignorance goes so deep it doesn't even hurt anyone. Like in Sherlock when everyone made fun of him not knowing the solar system - how is that relevant to him and his work?
>> No. 14329 ID: cf7c30
The guy in the video that says the sun revolves around the Earth was giving the lady the biggest troll smile.
>> No. 14330 ID: 260373
And Europe has the highest number of lunar landing deniers in the world. People are dumb, learn to live with it.
>> No. 14332 ID: b51c10
Sadly, eyup.

To quote Carlin: Think how stupid the average person is. Now realize half of everyone is stupider than that guy.

No. 13138 ID: 7d7158 Locked hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 13823360885.jpg - (264.43KB - 648x864 - Original Filename: OL459_13-10-21.jpg )
These comics stink. Like where the doody comes out.
297 posts and 61 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13627 ID: 260373
>I don't think you'll be banned for disagreeing

He will be if he's annoying shit about it, which he was.
>> No. 13629 ID: 69a680
>lots of nitpicking on details usually spotted only by fans

No, not really. The things pointed out here is shit that leaps right the fuck out at you as being flat-out wrong, terrible, horribly-drawn, lazy, inconsistent, creepy, offensive, etc. And his fans don't even see it.
>> No. 13643 ID: 28a021
The criticism would be different if people were just concentrating on his art and making stuff up about him personally, but Naylor brings it on himself by how he acts and how he's publicly treated people with zero remorse or regret about it.

Look at the reactions of some of his former friends who at some point disagreed with him about something only to have him totally turn on them. Hell he stole the character of one former friend and to this day doesn't regret it, using the excuse of "It's really a different character because we draw the character differently (Due to our skill level)."

Then look at how he publicly shames his former relationships be it in his comics itself or in long journal blogs (How do you think we know about his dick stretching?)

And then look at how he treats his fans. The minute one doesn't agree with him her verbally insults them then blocks them. Hell, I dare you to bring up to him the fact his work is being ripped off by some site and see where that gets you.

No, Naylor has shown himself to be as egotistical as his characters and like them, you are only as useful to him as you personally amuse him at that given period of time or how useful you can be for him. If you're of no use to him personally you're of no use to him period.
>> No. 14233 ID: b1503a
I don't know what's with all the spam lately, but this thread seems to attract it particularly. I guess I need to start locking old Naylor threads when we're done with them, really.

No. 14053 ID: d28be5 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 139036265454.jpg - (290.69KB - 750x469 - Original Filename: candy-crush-saga-trademark.jpg )

6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14069 ID: ea68cb
We have two threads about this, should we just focus posts on the one in Fun And Games?
>> No. 14070 ID: affe06

I second this. We bitch about games all the time over there. Here we bitch about the less virtual things in life.
>> No. 14071 ID: 451100

To be fair this one was first.
>> No. 14094 ID: cc85e4
Even though my thread came later, it's already bigger and thus I own the rights to a thread on this topic.
/King logic

But seriously, I just didn't think to look in boards other than /fun/, since that's the most relevant board for it, so I didn't see this one until just now.

No. 14013 ID: bb8314 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 139009679551.jpg - (75.63KB - 500x206 - Original Filename: tumblr_mx8w7cEYpB1qexjbwo4_500.jpg )

Why the fuck is this shit suddenly a thing again for all the asshurt armchair slacktivists? Wasn't there an article awhile back when it first came up that explained this?
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14016 ID: ab05dd
Pretty sure it's more "American media is manipulative and American news keeps you from knowing all the shit that actually matters in the world."

Also, what the flying fuck @ that one that says "Why anxiety is good for you" or whatever.
>> No. 14017 ID: f45aa9
No, Time Magazine are scared little sissies who think that if Americans see a middle eastern man with a gun on the cover of their magazine, they won't buy it.
>> No. 14018 ID: 62b388
Considering Time's material they can't think very highly of their audience.
>> No. 14020 ID: 1d3fdf

They call it "market focus" and determines which sells better in which market.

No. 13630 ID: c60e57 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
File 138631269767.jpg - (260.43KB - 648x864 - Original Filename: OL472_13-12-06.jpg )
Not much to say about this really. And it's kinda funny too.

Naylor should just do one-offs like this and he would be actually decent.
302 posts and 52 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13985 ID: 410eeb
Aye, but in black and white you can barely tell the difference.
>> No. 14112 ID: f607c9
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No. 13206 ID: 48e689 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
File 138281178413.jpg - (45.32KB - 933x622 - Original Filename: mustache.jpg )
Can anybody please explain the ubiquitous mustache? I see these EVERYWHERE, mostly on tee-shirts, sometimes with attempts at wittiness like "I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later!" I see, easily, a hundred times more mustache icons than I do actual mustaches.

I can only assume it's supposed to be a soprt of iconic symbol of masculinity, what with the current growing interests in old-fashioned shaving, bourbon and rye cocktails, and other Olde Tyme Manly things. Aside from that, is there another reason why it's everywhere?

Is just the appearance of this symbol supposed to instantly suggest pride in manliness? Or that the wearer appreciates old-fashioned men? Is there a joke here, like the now-tired gags about "mustache rides"? Is there more to it that I'm not getting?

Or is it just, hur hur hur, look. Mustache. Hur hur hur. Mustache! Check it out. Mustache. Am I cool yet? Mustache. Mustache. Because that's how it comes across.

I'd say, "Dammit, hipsters!" but hipsters seem to prefer beards. Really big, bushy ones. I've seen the "beard season" shirts, but that's an icon for some sort of 'grow a beard for charity' thing.
18 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13250 ID: a1f808
This is from a time when they make TV shows out of twitter feeds. Are you really surprised?
>> No. 13254 ID: a1f808
It depends.
>> No. 13257 ID: 6a23df
Not necessarily.

If I want to watch it, I can find it online. Probably close to 97% of TV and 80% of movies don't interest me.
>> No. 13314 ID: a6047b
This. So this. I will never need satellite or anything similar, just give me a good internet connection and I'm set.

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